Zendesk Announces New CRM and Employee Experience Capabilities

The vendor hopes to usher in a new era of conversational CRM

Zendesk Announces New CRM and Employee Experience Capabilities
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Last Edited: June 1, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Zendesk has added sophisticated conversational AI features to its CRM solutions, enabling companies to automate customer interactions on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

These new features allow users to build and train custom bots while feeding them third-party data and enabling complex workflows that resolve a whole host of common customer queries.

Such an offering supports Zendesk in its goal to meet the needs of modern customers, who prioritize speed, ease, and convenience.

Building on this point, Mikkel Svane, CEO and Founder of Zendesk, said:

“The last few years have made it obvious that digital is the front door, convenience is paramount and relationships are anchored in conversations.

Zendesk is helping businesses embrace this new generation of conversational customer relationship management and turn customer service into an engine for growth.

Enhancing conversational AI is only one CRM focus that will enable Zendesk to meet this vision. At its flagship Relate conference, the vendor showcased many more of its latest intelligent, real-time data-powered services for customer engagement.

Eye-catching additions include new omnichannel routing, conversational data orchestration, and an analytics feature. The latter is especially convenient for companies wishing to improve their custom reports, assess historical CX trends, and optimize staffing plans.

Finally, in terms of CRM innovation, a WhatsApp channel is now available on Zendesk Sell, allowing sales teams to message customers. They may then manage, track, and report on these interactions within the platform.

Early adopter Orlando Gadea, Global VP of CX Transformation at Stanley Black and Decker, shared his experiences harnessing the latest Zendesk CRM solution. He said:

Before Zendesk, we had a fragmented network of support systems across the world. Today, we run everything under one platform, centralized to provide the best consistent, quality experiences to all our customers on any channel they prefer.

In addition to CRM innovations, enhancements to the Zendesk Suite aim to offer employees the same personalized, data-driven experiences that many customers now receive.

Indeed, new service packages and support from Zendesk aim to simplify and automate workflows, surface employee performance trends, and connect cross-functional teams.

Ensuring companies can achieve these outcomes quickly is central to the Zendesk philosophy, with Svanne pinpointing fast time to results as the next CX megatrend.

By striving towards this goal, Zendesk designs each of its solutions – new and existing – to ensure ease of use for developers and employees alike.



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