CallMiner Strengthens Its Workforce Intelligence Capabilities

The new launch aims to improve overall contact centre performance

CallMiner Strengthens Its Workforce Intelligence Capabilities
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Published: June 21, 2022

Sandra Radlovački

Sandra Radlovački

CallMiner has announced a new set of workforce intelligence capabilities for improved contact centre performance.

The new set of workforce intelligence capabilities aims to improve:

  • Quality assurance and performance management
  • Agent assistance and experience
  • Contact centre operations

Scott Kendrick, VP of Strategy at CallMiner, said: “For today’s customer-centric organizations, it’s critical to deliver the best experiences possible at every touchpoint – and the best way to achieve this is with high performing and highly engaged agents.

“This is easier said than done considering the high number of remote agents in today’s workforce, rising agent attrition rates and competition in the labor market. Combining this with the increasing complexity of interactions being handled by agents as routine contacts move to self-service or bots, has created the perfect storm.”

To combat this storm, CallMiner has added call and screen recording to its portfolio, enabling supervisors to enhance quality assurance and performance management. They may also assess the efficiency of agents while using conversational analytics to identify specific activities such as long silences.

With this launch, CallMiner offers quality forms and smart audit lists to streamline both manual and hybrid QA processes.

Other performance management features include coach-to-agent workflows, closed-loop performance insights, and direct agent feedback.

“The combined workforce intelligence capabilities within the CallMiner platform make it easier for organizations to retain agents for increased tenure, elevate new agent performance faster, and empower their contact center supervisors, agents, and teams with the right tools to drive positive business and customer outcomes,”, added Kendrick.

CallMiner also launched new agent assist solutions to reduce time spent on after-call work (ACW) and help agents prioritise customer service over post-interaction administrative tasks. Such solutions also provide real-time guidance and next-best action, particularly helpful when dealing with complex customer queries.

In addition, supervisors may access a new employee well-being solution that understands employee sentiment and shares insights into how agents are being treated by customers.

Finally, the new set of workforce capabilities brings a combination of analytics and automation that helps agents track customer engagement across channels, supporting enhanced, streamlined contact handling.

Organisations can also measure acoustic signals for silence and tone while also identifying the root cause for repeat contacts.

Last fall, CallMiner released major advancements across its Conversation Analytics Platform with a focus on agility and flexibility.


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