CallMiner Announces Major Advancements with Fall Release

Sandra Radlovački

New features include customisable solutions, cloud-based integrations, and expanded conversation types

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CallMiner Announces Major Advancements with Fall Release

CallMiner announced major advancements across the CallMiner Conversation Analytics Platform with its Fall Release.

The Fall Release focuses on agility and flexibility and enables organisations to analyse and uncover insights from more customer conversations, driving enterprise-wide business improvement.

As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation, the shift to remote business operations has changed how managers engage with their customer service representatives (CSRs), how CSRs communicate with customers, the channels in which customers use to connect with organisations. Enhancements to the CallMiner platform help organisations navigate this new environment while staying agile and gaining intelligence from conversations they’re already having.

Bruce McMahon, VP of Product, CallMiner, said: “CallMiner’s Fall Release affirms our commitment to delivering the most innovative and comprehensive products on the market.”

“Our new integrations with Contact Center as a Service providers enable our customers to more easily embrace real-time capabilities, like agent guidance and alerting. We’ve also introduced a new Solutions Catalogue filled with pre-built queries, scores and metrics that can be quickly browsed, activated and combined to rapidly return conversational insights that uniquely suit business needs. We’re excited to introduce these platform enhancements and empower organizations to drive greater business improvement from their conversation analytics programs than ever before.”

Key updates in the Fall Release include:

  • Cloud-based integrations to support real-time guidance: Expanded integrations with Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) vendors, including Five9 VoiceStream and LiveVox Shadow Audio, enable organisations to seamlessly capture real-time audio and feed that data into the CallMiner platform to power real-time alerts, insights and agent guidance quickly and effectively
  • Customisable solutions and tools to deliver insights fast: The new CallMiner Solutions Catalogue make it easier to discover, license, activate and combine composable, out-of-the-box solutions that suit an organisation’s needs with a single subscription fee
  • Expanded conversation types to improve business performance: By automatically capturing and analysing customer conversations from popular meeting platforms, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom, organizations can drive insights beyond traditional contact center interactions, such as product-related interactions, customer success calls and more.

Jeff Gallino, CTO and founder, CallMiner, said:

“Changing market dynamics have only strengthened what CallMiner has always known – that organizations are having an increasing number of conversations with their customers across a range of channels, and that those interactions contain the insights needed to drive better customer experience, operational efficiency and business improvement.”

“By continuing to innovate on and improve our platform, we’re empowering our customers to do just that. Our Fall Release makes it possible for organizations to get greater value from existing investments, achieve the flexibility to navigate an evolving industry, and unlock the intelligence contained in customer interactions at scale.”



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