Most Popular WFO Technology Reviews 2022

Reviews of powerful tools for workforce optimisation

Most Popular WFO Technology Reviews 2022

Published: September 27, 2022

Rebekah Carter

Workforce optimisation software offers companies helpful kits of tools designed to engage, empower, and enhance the performance of their teams. With the right WFO technology, business leaders can gain a better understanding of their internal workflows, the bottlenecks influencing customer service, and even how they can improve company outcomes.

As the connection between employee experience and customer experience grows increasingly clear for innovative organisations, demand for WFO technology is increasing. We’re even beginning to see these solutions embedded directly into CCaaS technology.

The question is, where do you start searching for the right WFO investment? Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the most popular WFO technology reviews we’ve covered in the last couple of years, to give you a convenient starting point.

1. Content Guru storm

Content Guru’s “storm” contact centre solution is a flexible environment for customer service, built by one of the key innovators in the CX world. Designed for an ever-evolving landscape, where customer demands and expectations are constantly changing, Content Guru’s technology works with a huge range of third-party tools and services.

One of the most compelling features of “storm” is its ability to integrate with a huge selection of workforce management and optimisation tools. Within the storm ecosystem, companies can gain access to a unified interface for tracking and understanding agent efficiency. There are advanced reporting features, with performance and quality monitoring, and even AI assistants for agents.

In our Content Guru storm review, we look at all the key capabilities of this CCaaS technology, as well as its close integration with the “CONTACT WFM” tech for workforce enhancements. Check out this review if you want to learn more about what “storm” can offer modern brands.

2. Cisco Webex Contact Centre

One of the better-known companies in the customer experience and communication landscape, Cisco offers a wide portfolio of tools to suit virtually every need. The Cisco Webex contact centre is the organisation’s approach to state-of-the-art flexible technology for contact centre agents. It’s also one of the handful of fantastic contact centres with WFO technology built-in.

The Cisco Webex contact centre has everything you’d expect from a cloud CX solution, including an easy to deploy and scale ecosystem in the cloud, omnichannel support for customer service, and 360-degree customer journey tracking. The WFO suite embedded into the technology comes with capabilities like agent scheduling, quality management, and reporting.

This end-to-end review of the Cisco Webex contact centre will tell you everything you need to know about the benefits and features of the CCaaS investment. We also include a quick look at the WFO tools included within the kit.

3. Calabrio ONE

More than just your standard contact centre technology, Calabrio ONE offers companies a comprehensive kit for managing employees and customer journeys. The cloud-powered suite combines everything modern companies need to stay ahead of the curve with customer service, with in-depth analytics and business intelligence tools.

Calabrio ONE’s fantastic focus on meaningful insights means it comes packaged with tools you wouldn’t get from every contact centre. This solution comes with call recording and quality management tools, as well as feedback loops for engaging your agents. Built-in workforce management and optimisation tools also allow for advanced forecasting, scheduling, and even intelligent automations.

Our Calabrio ONE review offers a close view of all the tools and technologies included in the ONE ecosystem, including a host of cloud-based AI and machine learning features. If you’re looking for meaningful insights, this could be the tool for you.

4. RingCentral Contact Centre

RingCentral has effectively made a name for itself as a pioneer in the cloud communications landscape over the last couple of years. The company offers a huge selection of valuable tools to business leaders, from the RingCentral MVP system for messaging video and phone, to a state-of-the-art contact centre solution.

RingCentral’s cloud contact centre is an omnichannel service designed to help you better-serve your customers, wherever they are. With a host of value-added features, like intelligent IVR, and in-depth analytics, RingCentral ensures you can learn from every interaction with your target audience. The solution even integrates with leading CRM tools and other services.

In our RingCentral contact centre review, we look at all the capabilities of this flexible environment, including it’s built-in workforce optimisation and performance management features. There’s even a “My Agent Experience” environment intended to help empower agents wherever they are.

5. NICE Workforce Optimisation

As one of the top-performing companies in the CX industry today, NICE has introduced a huge selection of powerful tools for modern businesses. The company specialises in everything from in-depth analytics, to contact centre insights, and workforce management.

NICE Adaptive WFO (Workforce Optimisation), is the all-in-one technology offered by NICE to improve employee engagement and performance. The tool analyses agent behaviour and how teams handle calls to provide a clearer insight into how your team operates. There’s a cross-channel interaction recording facility, and workforce management built-in for handling schedules.

In our overview of the NICE Workforce Optimisation technology, we take a closer look at the functionality NICE has to offer for today’s teams, investing in a new age of agent efficiency and performance. We look at all the top benefits of the tool, and why it may be beneficial to your business.

6. Verint WFM

While Verint’s technology is defined as a “Workforce Management” tool, it can help significantly with optimisation as well. Notably, WFM solutions often focus more heavily on concepts like scheduling and time management than the standard WFO solutions. However, there can be some overlap between certain software offerings.

Verint WFM is an all-in-one tool offered by Verint to assist with flexible schedule and shift changes, task and assignment tracking, and automated activity-based scheduling. However, it can also offer some useful insights into the workforce and your team’s engagement levels, which could help you with your workforce optimization strategy.

In our Verint WFM review, we’ll look at all the features and benefits of this unique technology, including how valuable it can be for the age of hybrid work, and its API-first infrastructure, ideal for adding your own integrations.


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