Content Guru Storm Cloud Contact Centre Review: WFO Integrations

Contact Guru’s Storm solution for customer service 

Content Guru Storm Cloud Contact Centre Review
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Last Edited: September 14, 2021

Rebekah Carter

The perfect contact centre is an essential investment in any business environment. 

Today, customers have higher expectations than ever before when it comes to the experiences they get from their favourite brands. Digitally empowered consumers demand the best from every business, which means you need to deliver speedy, relevant, and effective solutions to problems.  

The right contact centre technology helps companies to support their employees with the kind of sensational service they expect. At the same time, these tools also help companies with increasing revenue through outbound campaigns and sales. Today, we’re going to be looking at one of the market-leading cloud customer engagement and experience solutions. 

The storm cloud contact centre from ContentGuru is an innovative solution for customer experience with a user-friendly interface and a host of helpful features. 

Content Guru Storm Contact Centre Features 

A comprehensive solution for customer engagement and experience, storm cloud contact centre from Content Guru is already supporting some of the world’s largest organisations, offering a fantastic combination of ease-of-use and measurable performance enhancements.  

Ready to work in the ever-evolving landscape for customer service and experience, the Content Guru solution integrates with a host of third-party databases, making it easier to overlay your existing infrastructure with powerful cloud-based capabilities for customer satisfaction. An omnichannel approach to customer service, storm powers single, blended queues for customer interactions, with advanced routing, reporting, and intelligence tools. Features include: 

  • Comprehensive omni-channel communications blended across all channels 
  • Storm CONTACT to match inquiries to the best available agent 
  • Intelligent routing based on factors like skill level and personality 
  • Unified single interface for optimising agent efficiency 
  • Integration with countless third-party systems 
  • Integration with secure payment systems for quick transactions 
  • Easy-to-use and intelligent interface for agents 
  • Advanced reporting features with performance and quality monitoring 
  • Full intelligent automation tools with brain 
  • Supervised conversations with barge-in solutions 
  • AI agent assistants and bots for extra support 
  • CRM for contact centre integrations 
  • Access to workforce optimization integrations 

Contact Guru offers a comprehensive range of tools for enhancing the contact centre with storm, including access to specific solutions for certain sectors, like health and social care, or logistics. The storm environment can integrate seamlessly with all of the top tools companies already use, as well as additional services from Content Guru, like brain for intelligent automation, or workforce optimisation and engagement solutions. 

Content Guru Storm Contact Centre Benefits 

Promising convenience and simplicity from start to finish, storm is a comprehensive all-in-one environment for agent management and customer support. The solution comes with everything teams need to support their clients in a range of omnichannel environments. You can integrate with your CRM and other third-party systems, and access extra tools for improving team performance, like the storm CONTACT WFM solution for agent management. 

With tools for quality management, and insightful analytics already built into the storm contact centre environment, Content Guru customers can quickly and easily scale an intelligent and dynamic digital contact centre. There are even tools for automation intended to reduce the pressure on your team members. Benefits include: 

  • Effortless omni-channel experiences: The storm contact centre from Content Guru promises an easy way to enhance the customer experience with effortless omnichannel interactions. Your teams can operate across any channel with the same consistent level of functionality, including intelligent routing and reporting. A single blended queue across all ecosystems makes it easier to see a complete view of the customer journey
  • Advanced routing: Routing features from storm reduce the time your customers spend on hold by ensuring they’re always routed to the right agent. The intelligent solution can match customers with agents based on customer status, personality, query complexity, and specific agent skills. The storm solution also instantly screen pops information about the customer to the agent so they can deliver a more personalised experience
  • Reporting: Comprehensive real-time and historical reporting from storm gives companies the power to constantly evolving. The customisable reporting supervisor dashboard offers access to enhanced monitoring capabilities and end-to-end insights into every interaction. With storm, companies can effortlessly observe the quality of service in the contact centre and steer service performance in the right direction
  • Integrations and add-ons: Content Guru built storm to integrate with any third-party system, thanks to an open structure. There are hundreds of integrations available, with a wide variety of platforms including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Verint WFM and many others. You can also access add-ons within the Content Guru ecosystem, like the CONTACT WFM for workforce management too  
  • Intelligent automation: Improve the functionality of your team quickly and effectively with the brain intelligent automation toolkit. The solution seamlessly integrates into the communication estate of any business to deliver deeper insights into customer conversations. Companies can use brain technology to develop a better knowledge of their customer’s needs and expectations while reducing the risk of churn

Who Needs Content Guru Storm Contact Centre? 

Promising simple and effective omnichannel communications for any business, Content Guru’s storm solution is a versatile and highly customisable solution for today’s brands. The solution can adapt according to the individual needs of companies in different verticals, giving them the extra support, they need to handle specialised interactions.  

Content Guru works with hundreds of existing integrations, so you can add in the tools you already use, and there’s access to intelligent automation features and workforce management tools too. The solution is ready to scale and adapt to suit virtually any kind of business in today’s flexible world.  

Content Guru Storm Contact Centre Verdict 

Ready for the new age of experience, where companies need to ensure service remains consistent across all channels; the storm contact centre is a powerful and flexible contact centre environment. You can integrate with all the tools you already use, set up intelligent routing strategies, and access in-depth insights into your customers with AI and reporting.  

Access to extra features like brain from Content Guru even ensures companies can continue to transform their operations with automations and intelligent insights.  



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