Zoom Debuts a Workforce Engagement Management Suite

A new QM platform pairs with its previously launched WFM solution to form the Zoom Workforce Engagement Suite

Zoom Debuts a Workforce Engagement Management Suite
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Published: September 18, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Zoom has launched a quality management (QM) solution, now generally available to its contact center customers.

The solution couples up with its recently released Workforce Management (WFM) platform to form Zoom’s Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) suite.

The suite fully integrates with the Zoom Contact Center, with the vendor promising an “easy-to-use, intuitive, and reliable” platform.

Doubling down on this, Kentis Gopalla, Head of Workforce Engagement Management and Product Ecosystem for Zoom Contact Center, stated:

Zoom Workforce Engagement Management suite removes the need for multiple vendors to help customer experience and support leaders streamline contact center operations and transform their customer experience, all on one platform.

That WFM solution provides a selection of tools that cover the four cornerstones of contact center resource planning: forecasting, scheduling, intraday management, and review.

The QM solution is equally well-rounded. Indeed, it offers the foundational scorecard building, reporting, and calibration functionality.

AI then overlays those core elements to bring new, more eye-catching capabilities to life.

Eye-Catching Features Within Zoom’s Quality Management Solution

Perhaps the most exciting feature within the QM platform is an auto-scoring tool that automatically assesses every customer conversation.

Alongside the automated scores, it presents a set of “good questions”, “next steps”, and an “interaction summary” to help analysts get the gist of every conversation at a glance.

In doing so, it spotlights more agent improvement and positive recognition opportunities.

Alongside those auto-scores, the solution presents insights from every interaction into customer sentiment, engagement, the talk-listen ratio, agent patience, filler words, and more.

Some of those metrics are evident in the screenshot below.

A screenshot of Zoom’s Quality Management Platform

These insights may then inform manual call listening activities so that analysts, supervisors, and coaches can focus on the interactions likely to present the best learning opportunities.

Moreover, coaches can use a performance management tab within the solution to strip away those learnings, tailor their coaching programs for individuals and teams, and ensure they’re enhancing contact center performance across the board.

They can even monitor the impact of those sessions through the auto-scoring function to ensure they are making a difference while uncovering what type of coaching works well for specific individuals and teams.

Elsewhere, the embedded speech analytics – which enables the auto-scoring capability – also keeps tabs on particular trends that may impact team performance.

For example, the system can monitor new, emerging customer queries. Supervisors may then ensure that the knowledge materials and coaching are available to guarantee agents are confident in handling potentially tricky contacts.

Other WEM Options for Zoom Contact Center Users

Zoom’s initial steps into the WEM market are impressive. Indeed, it offers capabilities – such as auto-scoring – which many CCaaS stalwarts don’t.

Yet, like most of its rival CCaaS providers, Zoom’s WEM suite is not as deep as those of specialist solutions providers.

For those that need further capabilities – including gamification, learning management, and coaching-assistance tools – the Zoom Contact Center also integrates with the likes of Verint, Elevēo, and Observe.ai.

Nevertheless, Zoom has many more sophisticated AI features in its IQ solution, which it may build into its WEM suite to further advance the suite.

Moreover, those that choose to utilize Zoom’s WEM suite and upgrade from spreadsheets can expect considerable contact center efficiency, agent engagement, and reporting benefits.

By using the QM and WFM solutions in tandem, brands can maximize these.

For example, planners can access the QM solution to see when an individual agent’s performance typically peaks and offer them more shifts at those times.

Alternatively, they can see how long it takes before an agent’s performance drops. That information could support a break-time optimization initiative.

By harnessing the complete WEM suite, Zoom Contact Center customers can easily engage in such initiatives.

Momentum for Zoom In CCaaS

Zoom has competed in the contact center space for little more than 18 months, yet it has moved quickly to power up its platform.

Despite this, the video pioneer has recently announced new Virtual AgentGenAI assistant, and conversational analytics solutions.

Now, Zoom has released a WEM to further stake its claim in the CCaaS space.

That pace of innovation is crucial, as – for many – Zoom is still that business tool they must hop on to have meetings. It’s not necessarily considered a mission-critical platform.

Moreover, contact centers are complex environments – which are not accustomed to Zoom’s style of easy-to-use solutions. As such, businesses may overlook the vendor.

Yet, this announcement – alongside its rapid pace of innovation – will help the vendor challenge that narrative and showcase its credentials to build and deploy essential contact center tools.

Already, many businesses have accepted this, with the business securing 350 contact center customers in year one – before its expansion beyond the confines of North America.

Interestingly, these are not existing video and UC customers either – with 40 percent of its contact center revenue stemming from net new customers.

That shows that these enterprise customer wins are not only built on pre-existing positive relationships. Zoom is competing against CCaaS stalwarts and drawing these customers in.

The launch of a native WEM suite – an increasing requirement from contact centers sick of spreadsheets and wishing to converge their system – will further assist Zoom in its mission.



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