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Published: October 10, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Zoom Workforce Management is the latest solution introduced by Zoom to enhance the company’s position in the growing CCaaS landscape. Working alongside Zoom’s contact center tools, Revenue Accelerator solutions, and AI innovations, the technology promises to enhance team performance.

With Zoom Workforce Management, companies can determine the exact number of employees they need to operate the contact center at any time with intelligent forecasting. Plus, you’ll receive behind-the-scenes insights into scheduling optimization, workload management, team productivity, and how your strategy enhances customer experience.

This new feature accompanies a range of upgrades to the Zoom portfolio announced at this year’s Zoomtopia event, from the Zoom AI Companion to Zoom’s new “Docs” solution.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Zoom WFM solution.

What is Zoom Workforce Management?

Zoom Workforce Management is an all-in-one analytics, engagement, and scheduling suite created to empower employees and supervisors in the modern contact center. This solution removes the need to work with multiple vendors to optimize human resources. Companies can access the fully integrated solution within the Zoom contact center instantly.

Zoom says this software was built to complement its existing omnichannel customer service tools and work alongside its AI-powered virtual assistants. With this technology, companies can streamline internal communications, manage agent needs, predict agent workload, and unlock employee and customer experience upgrades.

The Workforce Management Suite focuses on three key areas: forecasting, scheduling, and intraday management. Like many of Zoom’s innovative tools, the software also leverages AI and machine learning tools. Users can pull data directly from their Zoom contact center for accurate call handling and volume insights.

Plus, you can also use your contact center data to create recurring schedules for teams that can be easily adjusted within the Zoom platform. Zoom even offers dedicated modules for tracking team activity, managing work shifts, scheduling groups, etc.

Speaking of tracking team activity, adherence metrics are available, offering a quick overview of agents who are out of adherence in increments between 1 and 5 minutes.

Zoom WFM Features

The Zoom Workforce Management suite aims to help companies ensure their contact centers are equipped with the right number of agents at the correct times. Zoom notes the solution is integrated directly with the Zoom Contact Center. This ensures you can pull crucial data from your contact center to assist with planning and accurate forecasting.

Plus, the integration means companies can benefit from a unified platform for managing challenges across customer satisfaction, agent experience, and retention.

Features include:

  • Workforce management: Pull critical planning data from the Zoom contact center to accurately predict demand, assess agent workloads, and create advanced schedules.
  • Artificial intelligence: Proprietary AI and machine learning models help users automatically predict future trends for staffing and scheduling. Plus, you can automate forecasting, scheduling, and intraday management to suit your needs.
  • Customizable metrics: Users can customize forecasts to suit their needs and track KPIs like service level agreement and average speed to answer.
  • Drag and Drag-and-drop UI: Design your own schedule with a unique interface. You can also create new schedules using pre-existing templates.
  • Quality management: Extract insights into call quality and critical takeaways from transcribed, recorded, and summarized interactions powered by Zoom AI.
  • Interaction scoring: Score every interaction based on post-call analytics, capture interaction information, and pinpoint critical moments with a single screen.

The Benefits of Zoom Workforce Management

Zoom Workforce Management combines quality assurance, scheduling, and powerful analytics to help contact centers maximize their human resources. The easy-to-use platform, combined with Zoom’s omnichannel contact center, ensures businesses can improve employee experience and customer satisfaction rates at the same time.

With Zoom Workforce Management, companies benefit from:

  • Powerful AI insights: Proprietary machine learning and AI algorithms make it easy to draw insights from various environments. You can also use data from your contact center to guide your scheduling strategy. Plus, users can pull information from transcribed, recorded, and summarized interactions.
  • Employee experience: Using forecasting capabilities, companies can predict agent workloads to reduce the risk of burnout. Agents can gain ownership over their schedules, quickly request vacation time, and access data from their recordings. Plus, supervisors benefit from guidance on areas where employees need more training.
  • Quality management: Ensure you can stay on top of performance in real-time with valuable insights into call quality and average handling times. You can even create custom reports and track real-time adherence on a granular level.
  • A unified interface: Direct integration with the Zoom contact center ensures companies don’t rely on multiple vendors and software solutions. You can easily combine your contact center and WFM tools and customize your experience to suit your needs.
  • Automation: Use dedicated modules to track all shifts, activities, and scheduling groups in a single application. Then, easily automate calculations, status maps for agents, and scheduling processes with the help of Zoom AI.

Zoom WFM: Pricing and Availability

Zoom Workforce Management is available in all the same places as Zoom’s contact center. Notably, you will need a Zoom contact center plan to unlock the full benefits of the solution. The Zoom contact center prices vary depending on your desired features and the number of agents in your team.

There are also various add-ons to consider with the Zoom contact center, such as Zoom’s virtual service phone number, toll-free numbers, cloud contact center storage, and the Zoom virtual agent. Similar to the contact center service, Zoom WFM is priced per user.

To access the service, you’ll need to contact a member of the Zoom sales team and request a quote for your specific needs.

Zoom Workforce Management: The Verdict

The Zoom Workforce Management suite represents an exciting step forward in Zoom’s contact center roadmap. In recent months, Zoom has doubled its innovation strategy, introducing new virtual agents, generative AI assistants, and conversational analytics tools.

Zoom WFM will allow companies to unlock new benefits from their existing Zoom investments. However, it’s worth noting the suite is still in its early stages.

So far, Zoom hasn’t introduced some more advanced capabilities that other WEM vendors offer. For instance, there are no learning management or coaching tools or gamification features. However, it’s worth noting that Zoom works with various solutions that offer these features.

Additionally, Zoom users can still integrate third-party WFM solutions into their Zoom contact center through the company’s robust app market.

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