13 of the Best Vonage Contact Center Features

Vonage contact center features that drive CX success

13 of the Best Vonage Contact Center Features for CX - CX Today News
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Published: November 14, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Are you wondering which Vonage contact center features will have the biggest impact on your CX scores, and employee productivity? You’re in the right place.

As a world leader in the CCaaS and UCaaS landscape, Vonage is one of the key vendors supporting companies worldwide in their quest to deliver unforgettable customer experiences. The brand’s flexible, microservices-based architecture is ideal for businesses seeking complete control over their contact center transformation strategy.

Today, we will share some of the most valuable Vonage contact center features worth exploring if you invest in the Vonage CCaaS ecosystem.

13 Amazing Vonage Contact Center Features

Vonage offers a comprehensive omnichannel contact center solution to businesses of all sizes. The flexible solution can support communications across any channel, from voice to video. It integrates seamlessly with various tools, from UCaaS platforms like Teams to Salesforce.

With Vonage, companies can access everything from intuitive modular APIs to solutions for improving employee engagement and productivity. Here are some key features and capabilities worth exploring as you build your Vonage-powered contact center.

1. Vonage AI Studio

Offered as an add-on to the Vonage CCaaS and UCaaS solutions, the Vonage AI Studio is a low-code conversational AI design tool. It empowers developers and non-developers in any business to create and deploy unique customer engagement experiences powered by natural language processing.

This easy-to-use builder requires no coding knowledge, allowing businesses to create automated communication flows across voice and messaging channels. You simply drag and drop the triggers you need into the right places in the workflow.

This addition to the Vonage contact center also features Vonage’s in-house Natural Language Understanding technology and integrations with messaging apps like WhatsApp. There are various production-ready templates for post-call surveys, delivery updates, appointment scheduling, and customer care.

2. Vonage Conversational Commerce

Another excellent solution for companies looking to build on their Vonage contact center experience, Vonage Conversational Commerce, powered by Jumper.ai, features numerous unique capabilities. With the toolkit, companies can build frictionless customer experiences with AI-driven bots, automated marketing campaigns, and reporting and analytical tools.

The solution includes a native mobile app for iOS and Android, allowing agents to communicate with consumers and access CRM data and customer information from anywhere. There’s also an AI-powered widget that will enable businesses to embed instant messaging capabilities into their websites.

In 2023, Vonage also updated the instant messaging capabilities of its toolkit to support channels like SMS and Google Business Messenger, as well as various social applications.

3. The Vonage Contact Center Agent Dashboard

Highly customizable and intuitive, the Vonage Contact Center agent dashboard is among the most impressive in the CCaaS space. Promising an exceptional omnichannel agent experience, the solution includes everything from a configurable contact pad to click-to-dial capabilities.

Agents can leverage screen pops from connected CRMs to access instant information about a client. There are also integrated call logging and recording features to help with automating repetitive tasks. Plus, agents can transfer, park, and start conference calls in seconds.

Within the dashboard, agents can also see if another employee has assigned them a task, or transfer a conversation to a team member. They can leave voicemails automatically, call from within a CRM using the Vonage softphone, and more.

4. Vonage Virtual Assistant

The Vonage contact center virtual assistant is just one of the many AI solutions created by the communication company in recent years. This assistant can be configured to suit different business use cases, handling high-frequency and automatable calls.

It delivers enhanced self-service interactions to consumers, with built-in contact center AI to analyze intent, clarity, and customer sentiment. It can even provide the results of a conversation to an agent when transferring a call to a live human being.

Built on the same microservices-based architecture as the Vonage contact center, this handy tool is easy to deploy in any environment and reduces average handling times.

5. Dynamic Routing and IVR

The state-of-the-art IVR and dynamic routing capabilities built into the Vonage contact center make it easy for businesses to deliver a streamlined, personalized experience on any channel. The platform comes with a handy “IVR tree” builder, which allows companies to decide how to route customers based on intent and agent skillsets.

You can route customers based on their historical CRM information or direct them to agents based on their priority level. There’s even the option to encourage customers to self-serve, with access to bots that can answer common questions quickly.

Vonage even allows users to add IVR and routing capabilities to their existing applications and tools through dedicated API solutions.

6. Vonage Contact Center Conversation Analyzer

Speech analytics technology is quickly becoming an essential part of any CX stack. The Vonage conversation analyzer, a dedicated speech analytics tool, helps minimize the guesswork in call monitoring and data analysis.

This technology doesn’t just draw data from contact center conversations; it can also pull information from your CRM and BI tools. This helps companies rapidly discover new insights to help with quality management, coaching, compliance, and more.

There’s also built-in sentiment analysis to show how your customer’s attitude towards your company and agents changed during the call. You can even click on parts of the call with negative and positive sentiment reports to learn more about the issue.

7. Vonage Dashboards and Analytics

Alongside offering insights via its conversation analyzer, Vonage allows companies to monitor various metrics with real-time dashboards and reporting tools. The comprehensive analytics center provides KPIs overviews on all your contact center channels in one convenient place.

Agents and supervisors can unlock CX analytics capabilities with real-time dashboards. These dashboards can even notify business leaders automatically when agents aren’t reaching their targets. Plus, there are tons of customizable reports for historical insights, too.

Companies can use Vonage contact center tools to analyze everything from common customer service trends to channel performance and new areas of opportunity.

8. Team Monitoring and Quality Management

The team monitoring tools built into the Vonage contact center give supervisors and leaders an easy way to track real-time performance and act on emerging trends. You can see how your employees perform regarding crucial CX metrics and KPIs.

The solution can even integrate with your team’s dashboards and wallboards. Plus, it works alongside a host of Vonage quality management tools.

These features give you a comprehensive view of everything from call quality to dropped connections. There’s also the option for supervisors to flag parts of a conversation, take notes, and annotate call recordings in real time.

9. Vonage Workforce Management and Engagement

Workforce Management technologies are growing increasingly important in today’s world of hybrid and remote work. Although the Vonage contact center doesn’t offer native WFM solutions, the company partners with various market leaders to create a streamlined experience.

Vonage can natively connect with the WFM technology offered by Calabrio, Verint, and Injinxo. Additionally, it can combine these tools with insights from your CRM solution.

To boost workforce engagement, Vonage integrates its contact center with Salesforce tools for gamification. Companies can create interactive real-time leaderboards and broadcast breaking updates to teams. You can even reward teams with badges and points.

10. Vonage Contact Center Coaching Solutions

Speaking of keeping employees productive and engaged, Vonage offers a variety of ways for supervisors and managers to support their teams. Managers can listen to agents during inbound and outbound calls and “whisper” information.

A “three-way mode” is available in the platform, allowing supervisors to join a call and share insights during training sessions. Supervisors can even use a “secret” mode to listen in without interrupting the caller or the agent.

Vonage’s agent coaching tools also allow companies to record every aspect of a conversation, with transcription via speech-to-text. You can tag and upload calls to a CRM and analyze them with Vonage’s built-in AI tools.

11. Call and Screen Recording

Crucial for compliance, business insights, and training purposes, call and screen recording features in the Vonage contact center offer a host of benefits to companies. Businesses can record all inbound and outbound calls automatically, configuring settings for account or individual calls.

All those recordings are stored in the Vonage cloud to save you money on storage. Plus, they can be linked to CRM objects for instant visibility. The Vonage recording tools don’t just capture voice data; they also record multiple screens, applications, and web pages.

These tools are tightly connected with the Conversation Analyze, Vonage’s contact center speech analytics tool, for simple access to immersive insights.

12. Unique Visual Engagement Tools

While many contact centers support omnichannel interactions, a few still don’t offer access to video capabilities. Fortunately, Vonage recognizes the power of video as one of the fastest-growing customer service solutions.

With the Vonage contact center, companies and consumers can interact face-to-face via video and even share their screens. You can deploy a video or screen-sharing session from any channel at the click of a button and record every conversation instantly for up to 30 days.

Video sessions can even be branded with your custom colors and logos. Plus, they work alongside the Vonage analytics, reporting, and AI tools.

13. Comprehensive Integration Options

We’ve already mentioned Vonage’s WFM integrations here. However, it’s worth noting the company also offers integrations for a wide range of other tools and resources. The Vonage Contact Center for Salesforce provides a native contact center experience within your CRM. There’s also a similar solution available for Zendesk, ServiceNow, and Microsoft Dynamics.

Additionally, Vonage can offer a certified contact center for Microsoft Teams for businesses looking to combine their UC and CC solutions.

There’s even the option to connect your Vonage Contact Center with the Vonage Business Communications UC platform. This offers companies a single, intuitive interface where all employees can collaborate, communicate, and connect with subject matter experts in real-time.

The Top Features of the Vonage Contact Center

For companies investing in the future of CX, the Vonage contact center offers a range of powerful features, improving both customer and employee experiences. With Vonage, companies gain access to a highly customizable, modular range of tools they can adapt to suit their specific needs.

Whether embracing conversational commerce and creating your dedicated chatbots or building a comprehensive omnichannel contact center, Vonage offers something for every brand.

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