Bank Of Ireland Announces €34Mn Customer Service Upgrade

The investment intends to improve Bank of Ireland's telephony and other systems to boost CX

Bank Of Ireland Announces €34Mn Customer Service Upgrade
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Published: May 6, 2024

Kieran Devlin

Kieran Devlin

Bank of Ireland has announced a €34 million investment in its customer service infrastructure.

In upgrading its telephony and CRM systems, Bank of Ireland’s tech investment intends to produce quicker resolution of customer calls, improved self-service options (such as changing account addresses, ordering duplicate statements, and requesting new cards), increased availability of transactions 24/7 via phone, and enhanced customer security measures.

“This is the largest single investment in enhanced systems and technology for our frontline colleagues in branches and contact centres that the Bank has ever made,” said Susan Russell, CEO of Bank of Ireland Retail Ireland. “We receive more than 11,000 calls on average each day, and when customers call us, they want speed, expertise and security.”

This investment equips colleagues with the latest technology to provide better and faster resolution of calls, and colleagues will now have a ‘single view’ of the customer at the touch of a button, providing them with instant access to all their information without having to talk to another part of the bank. This investment will make things faster and better for customers and for colleagues, it’s a win-win.”

The investment involves equipping 2,800 colleagues in Bank of Ireland branches and contact centres with rapid access to a “single view of customer” data, facilitating faster call resolutions.

Additionally, voice biometrics will enhance customer authentication, bolstering fraud protection and reducing call waiting times. Streamlined phone-based transactions will also be enabled around the clock, featuring improved customer verification methods and simplified menu structures.

With this latest announcement, Bank of Ireland’s total expenditure on a range of customer service enhancements is set to reach close to €150 million by the end of 2025.

In January, the Bank of Ireland unveiled plans for an investment exceeding €60 million in various branch enhancements, marking the bank’s most significant single investment in ATMs in the last decade. Additionally, in February, the bank announced a €50 million expenditure on customer fraud prevention and protection, which includes investments in new technology.

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