HORISEN Adds ChatGPT to Its Business Messenger Platform

The omnichannel platform for customer comms and messaging campaigns gets an upgrade

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Published: May 16, 2023

James Stephen

HORISEN has added a ChatGPT integration to its omnichannel Business Messenger platform, designed for customer communications and messaging campaigns.

The company believes the ChatGPT Bot API will level up its HORISEN Business Messenger by enhancing the Easy Dialog chatting tool for multiple customer communications channels.

Describing itself as an “award-winning messaging technology product house,” HORISEN has added itself to a growing list of communications platform providers to adopt OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Fabrizio Salanitri, CEO of HORISEN, said:

As we constantly listen to the needs of our customers and the market, we quickly realized how much integration with OpenAI ChatGPT could benefit business messaging.

“With fast response time and swift and precise answers to customer queries, it makes it possible for the company’s staff to focus on their daily business and more complex tasks.

“That is exactly what we do with our solutions. Our priority is that our customers focus on growing their business while we manage their messaging software.

“That is why our Business Messenger and ChatGPT are the match made in heaven.”

ChatGPT expands the Business Messenger feature set with artificial intelligence-generated content.

The AI technology is also capable of understanding natural language inquiries without needing contextual information about the user or previously input instructions.

Companies are, therefore, able to deploy the ChatGPT integration as a chatbot to answer customer questions and provide improved, human-like interactions, which heightens customer experiences and reduces the workload for contact center agents.

HORISEN sees “limitless possibilities” for improved customer communications across channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Viber, Telegram, Google Business Chat, RCS, and more.

ChatGPT set the record for the fastest-growing user base by reaching 100 million monthly active users within two months of its launch.

The messaging industry was no exception, with the potential of this AI technology rapidly becoming viewed as a highly valuable tool, especially for those businesses looking to cut costs while maintaining high-quality customer service.

Last month, Five9 launched its first ChatGPT-Powered contact center offerings: AI Insights and AI Summaries.

AI Insights combines ChatGPT-3 with real-time transcription to automatically interpret customer conversations and group them into categories.

AI Summaries supplements its agent-assist solutions by auto-summarizing interaction transcripts and publishing them in the CRM.

Salesforce has gotten stuck into AI development recently with the launch of Slack GPT and a collaboration with Accenture on generative AI.

Nuance has also utilized ChatGPT by adding it to its conversational AI platform, Nuance Mix.

You can expect many more ChatGPT integrations to come following the release of the GPT-3.5-turbo API, which allows ChatGPT to provide a business-optimized AI service, including AI-generated content for CX use cases.

There are concerns that contact center agents may leak sensitive customer information to large language models, such as ChatGPT.

The risk of agents inputting this information to generate a customer response is high.

In fact, ChatGPT could use the customer data input from one company and reuse it when responding to user inputs from a separate business.

There is hope that these risks can be reasonably mitigated and companies like JPMorgan which has chosen to restrict its workers’ use of LLMs due to compliance concerns.



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