MiaRec AI Prompt Designer: Revolutionizing AI Prompt Customization and Testing

How do you extract all the insights you need from your contact center data?

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MiaRec AI Prompt Designer Revolutionizing AI Prompt Customization and Testing - CX Today News
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Published: June 19, 2024

Robbie Pleasant

Many organizations use AI to summarize calls, analyze sentiment, and gain new insights, but your average AI-powered tool only provides basic, canned information.

While this can still be useful, contact centers often have more specific needs – especially if they require precise information for tracking use cases, categorizing calls, or improving agent training.

The answer lies in customizable AI prompts, where you can create specific instructions for your conversational intelligence platform. We can see this in action through tools like MiaRec’s AI Prompt Designer, which allows contact centers to create, test, and refine customizable AI prompts against their real call data. 

Customizing AI Prompts

When contact centers extract insights from their calls, they’ll look for different elements. For example, a healthcare contact center might want to extract the patient name and date of their next doctor appointment from every call, while a retail contact center will want to extract delivery address and product(s) ordered. This means that AI tools are not a one-size-fits-all solution, and there needs to be some level of customization.

A flexible prompt system is essential here, as it allows contact centers greater control over the insights extracted from their call data. With MiaRec’s AI Prompt Designer, contact centers can customize AI prompts via natural language – all they have to do is write up a prompt, such as “provide a summary of the call that includes answers to these questions…” or “tell me why the customer wanted to cancel their order” and let the Prompt Designer carry out the request. Depending on the responses provided, you can adjust the prompt until you’re satisfied with the results the AI is providing. 

This allows contact centers to tailor AI prompts to their needs, rather than rely on basic, generic prompts, ensuring they’re getting the exact insights they’re looking for. These customized prompts can be used for a wide array of purposes, including:

Extracting Insights

When contact centers use AI to extract insights from their calls, the primary goal is to aggregate the data to identify trends, patterns, or potential issues. However, this aggregation is only possible if the AI prompts are well-defined and consistent. By specifying how they want the AI to format responses, contact centers can ensure consistency, making it easier to compile and analyze the data. Without clear instructions, the AI may produce varied responses to the same query, hindering the ability to aggregate and analyze the data effectively

AI Prompt Designer enables contact center supervisors to control exactly what information is extracted from their calls and how that information is presented (numbered lists, bullet points, etc). For instance, they can request the AI to summarize the reason for calls, any products discussed, and key points brought up during the calls. Prompt Designer can then provide a summary focusing on that specific information, making it easy to find all the details the supervisors need.

Customizing these prompts allows contact centers to take control over exactly what information they’re extracting and gain actionable insights from every call.

Sentiment Analysis

Contact centers can also utilize AI prompts to perform sentiment analysis on calls. With MiaRec’s AI Prompt Designer, managers can create prompts that instruct the AI to evaluate the emotional tone of conversations. The AI can then classify calls based on overall sentiment—such as positive, negative, or neutral—assign a sentiment score, and provide an explanation for the classification.

This essentially allows supervisors to understand customer sentiment on every call, rather than rely on post-call surveys or what few calls they can manually score. They can even gain new insights into the customer and call, such as why the call received the score it did, what negative phrases the customer used, and if the call was successfully resolved.

Since the prompts are customizable, supervisors can design them to be as specific as they need, whether they want general overviews or exact quotes. This provides new levels of control over their sentiment analysis.

Agent Coaching

AI-powered insights are excellent tools for agent evaluations. Contact center supervisors can use MiaRec’s AI Prompt Designer to create agent coaching prompts, which analyze calls and transcripts to identify areas for improvement and provide actionable feedback.

Supervisors can design prompts with specific scorecard questions, such as “Did the agent answer with their name and our company?” and “Was the customer’s issue resolved properly?” They can also create prompts to identify weak points in conversations and suggest improvements.

The AI Prompt Designer allows supervisors to refine and test these prompts in a sandbox environment using real call data. Once the prompts are optimized and deliver the desired insights, they can be deployed into production. This process ensures that the AI prompts are effective and reliable, enabling continuous and automated evaluation of agent performance. By using the prompt designer to build and refine prompts before putting them into production, supervisors can maintain high standards in agent coaching and ensure consistent, actionable feedback across all interactions.

Importance of Customization with AI

In today’s world, where precise and actionable insights are essential, MiaRec’s AI Prompt Designer stands out as a transformative tool for contact centers. With its unparalleled customization and thorough testing capabilities, it enables businesses to fully leverage generative AI. Whether it’s extracting detailed insights, performing accurate sentiment analysis, or enhancing agent coaching, the AI Prompt Designer offers a robust, flexible, and user-friendly solution.

With MiaRec’s innovative tool, contact centers can move beyond generic responses and achieve a new level of operational excellence. This means driving better customer experiences and making more informed decisions. The future of conversation intelligence is here, and it’s designed to meet the unique needs of every business.

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