Puzzel Debuts New CCaaS Packages

Sandra Radlovački

The release aims to provide more flexibility in choosing and using digital customer engagement tools

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Puzzel Debuts New CCaaS Packages

Puzzel has released new contact centre product packages that will provide more flexibility and choice in developing digital customer service experiences.

The two packages – Discover and Embrace – include a host of AI-powered tools that will add depth to Puzzel’s cloud contact centre offering.

Indeed, AI is one of the dominant trends in the CCaaS space, but organisations often misalign the technology with real customer needs. The new packages aim to positively transform the status quo.

As Jonathan Allan, Chief Marketing Officer, Puzzel, recently told CX Today:

“A lot of companies don’t think about the customer journey before they start to decide on the technology they’re going to use.

“We are trying to make the customer journey as easy and as seamless as possible for people to go through and technology can help with that.”

The packages may also improve channel management and enhance proactive self-service journeys while reducing costs through automation.

Such automation includes the opportunity to leverage chatbots – alongside other digital engagement tools – to optimise contact centre performance and increase sales.

Alberta Bosco, Product Marketing Director at Puzzel, says: “The new packages have been created with specific use cases in mind. We know that there are a number of specific challenges organisations are facing and these packages provide solutions to their most common problems.

“The split between digital packages and more traditional contact centre packages gives customers the option to focus on one thing at the time, solving one problem completely before moving to the next. We know how hard it is to bring about change in any organisation.

“We believe that giving leaders the ability to make one change at a time will help them bring people being on board more easily and remove friction from the process.”

Puzzel has also updated its existing CCaaS packages – Resolve, Impress, and Power – to improve channel management and enable operations to optimise their omnichannel strategies.

These packages are also geared towards supporting agents during live interactions. For example, Power provides both agents and managers with tools for scheduling and performance management.

Elsewhere, to inspire and empower businesses in the contact centre industry, CX leaders from across the UK and Europe will gather at Puzzel’s annual customer service conference Get Connected, which takes place on September 20.


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