RingCentral Contact Centre vs Vonage Contact Centre 

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Choosing the best CCaaS solution 

RingCentral Vonage Reviews
RingCentral Contact Centre vs Vonage Contact Centre 

Which contact centre is right for your business? 

There are plenty of options out there for today’s digitally transforming teams. Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one environment for CX and UCaaS, or a scalable omnichannel service, there are plenty of brands to choose from.  

RingCentral and Vonage are two of the better-known names in customer experience and communication technology. Both companies offer a flexible environment for cloud-based customer management, in the form of CCaaS tools. Vonage and RingCentral also provide a host of additional tools designed to make today’s teams more productive and efficient. 

Today, we’ll be comparing the feature sets of RingCentral and Vonage contact centres, to help you make a better decision for your business. 

RingCentral CCaaS Features 

RingCentral’s all-in-one cloud contact centre promises companies a fast and convenient way to digitally transform customer service. Everything you need to speed up and improve service across multiple channels comes packaged in an easy-to-use environment. You can link your contact centre technology to your UCaaS environment, and even access features like AI enhancements and skills-based routing for better changes in customer satisfaction. 

Simple, smart, and effective, the RingCentral CCaaS environment combines agent management, omnichannel routing, real-time insights, and more into a comprehensive solution for success. Features of RingCentral CCaaS include: 

  • Skills-based routing  
  • Agent management and schedule management 
  • Real-time insights into all customer journeys 
  • Workforce management with incentives 
  • Service quality analytics 
  • Speech and text analytics with voice recording 
  • Feedback forms and agent scoring 
  • Sentiment analysis  
  • Real-time reports and visual graphs 
  • Pre-built reports for common KPIs 
  • Extensive business intelligence data 
  • CRM integrations with Salesforce, ServiceNow, and more 
  • Self-service support with automated IVR 
  • Omni-channel communication across all channels 
  • Supervisor tools for coaching, silent monitoring, and barge-in 
  • Integrated corporate directory 
  • Automated virtual hold 
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants 
  • Campaign management and outbound diallers 

With a comprehensive set of inbound and outbound contact centre features, RingCentral covers everything businesses need to run an effective contact centre in any environment. You can track agent performance, even when they’re working remotely, co-browse with customers to improve service, and deliver self-service bot experiences. Administration tools make it easy to scale for seasonal changes in demand and track important information for compliance and security purposes.  

As an additional benefit, companies also get access to the reliability and global scalability of the RingCentral ecosystem, which comes with global-local numbers, 99.999% uptime, and extensive encryption for peace of mind. 

Vonage CCaaS Features 

Another extensive solution for cloud contact centre operations, Vonage Contact Centre, or VCC is an all-around solution for better service and sales. You can design comprehensive workflows with VCC to ensure the productivity of your team and integrate the tools you already use to track customer experience, like Salesforce. The cloud-native solution scales to suit your changing needs, with a free and easy setup experience from the Vonage team.  

From AI insights to help you better understand your customers and offer self-service solutions, to local numbers around the world, Vonage has plenty to offer. You can even automatically log calls and recordings to collect crucial contextual data about a client. Features of the Vonage contact centre include: 

  • Self-service chatbots and agent assistance 
  • Local numbers worldwide 
  • CRM screen pops and automatic logging of calls 
  • Omni-channel support for all video, voice, and digital channels 
  • Agent assistance with bots and knowledgebase technology 
  • Migration options with extra support from the Vonage team 
  • Intelligent dynamic routing technology 
  • Click-to-dial and auto-dial within your CRM 
  • Customisable agent dashboards 
  • Supervisor barge-in and whisper function 
  • Transcribing and recording for compliance 
  • Customer call tagging and notifications 
  • ISO, GDPR, HIPAA and other compliance certifications 
  • Integrations with tools like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 
  • Extensive tracking and custom reporting 
  • User directory and common calling controls 
  • One-click log-in and presence features 

A valuable solution for empowering the modern workforce, the Vonage CCaaS environment promises excellent productivity and efficiency. You can access features like supervisor barge-in and whisper to help assist agents during difficult conversations. There’s logging, tagging, and transcribing features for compliance, and extensive security measures for peace of mind. 

Vonage also gives you the extra benefit of knowing you’re offering your users an exceptional experience. There’s no need for any complex legacy systems when you can combine your complete communication and customer service ecosystem in one place. 

RingCentral vs Vonage: Which is Best? 

Both RingCentral and Vonage contact centre solutions have a lot to offer the modern contact centre environment. These highly scalable and flexible tools feature things like workforce management and engagement tools aligned with analytics to help drive business transformation. You also get excellent global dependability and a top-level approach to security and compliance from both brands. 

RingCentral’s simple and smart approach to the contact centre is perfect for companies keen to evolve their environment at speed. You can integrate with a huge range of APIs, build an extensive ecosystem for customer journey tracking, and provide agents with information at the moment. The RingCentral solution can also come with UCaaS integrations for shared directory features, collaboration tools, and PBX access.  

The Vonage contact centre is a reliable tool, with tons of integrations for things like Microsoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow and many others. The customised real-time metric dashboards are fantastic for giving the right people access to crucial information. You can even set up automations to address concerns with speed and delight your customers with quick problem resolutions. 

Choosing Your Contact Centre 

Both built on the cloud for excellent scalability, RingCentral and Vonage are two of the most popular solutions for contact centre functionality.  

RingCentral’s contact centre environment is ideal for the remote or hybrid workforce, with extensive performance management tools, scheduling, and systems for supervisor assistance. Companies can even build dedicated environments for each of their agents. 

From a performance management perspective, Vonage has excellent contact centre gamification tools, and conversational analytics to help you understand the sentiment behind calls. There’s also two-way screen sharing, webchat, and Vonage “cadence” for outbound calls. 

Which tool will you choose?  



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