The Top Contact Center Endpoint and Device Vendors for 2024

Leading Vendors of Contact Center Endpoints

The Top Contact Center Endpoint and Device Vendors for 2024 - CX Today Market Map
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Published: April 1, 2024

Rebekah Carter

Contact center endpoint and device vendors ensure companies have the hardware they need to deliver consistently exceptional experiences to customers. After all, living up to customer expectations in today’s landscape requires more than just an investment in the right software. 

Endpoints and devices, from tablets and smartphones to desk phone systems, cameras, and more are crucial to elevating the contact center experience. Fortunately, business leaders have a wide range of solution providers to choose from, and endpoint technology is growing more advanced all the time. 

To help you find the best endpoints and devices for your business needs, we assessed the market to create this comprehensive market map.  

The article provides a snapshot of the vendors featured in our Contact Center Endpoints & Devices Marketplace.

  • Jabra 
  • Avaya 
  • Microsoft 
  • Poly 
  • Cisco Webex 
  • Logitech 
  • EPOS 
  • AudioCodes 
  • Lenovo 
  • Yealink 


Leading audio visual company Jabra produces a wide range of communication endpoints, ranging from speakerphones and cameras, to headsets, conference cameras, and accessories. The company offers a dedicated collection of headsets specifically designed for the contact center (the Engage Series), which offer features like intelligent noise cancellation and 13 hours of battery life. 

As well as providing access to a wide range of hardware options, Jabra also ensures companies can make the most of their investments, with Jabra Professional services for deploying tools, to an all-in-one software environment for managing devices. Plus, the company’s endpoints integrate with many of the top CCaaS platforms in the industry. 

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Specializing in the creation of communications hardware and software, Avaya produces solutions for both UCaaS and CCaaS requirements. The Avaya contact center endpoint and device solutions serve a range of business needs, supporting everything from video conferencing to collaborative work. Avaya even produces a range of dedicated smartphones and desk phones for CX teams. 

Avaya’s endpoints are designed to combine comfort and versatility with durability. Users can explore both stereo and mono-style headsets, with features like active noise cancelling and echo reduction. Plus, companies can tap into microphone systems, and plug-and-play video bars.  

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Microsoft is best-known in the communications industry for its innovative UCaaS platform, Microsoft Teams, which can be implemented alongside various contact center technologies. Although companies can leverage a wide range of devices for use with Teams software, Microsoft also creates its own range of headsets, cameras, and similar solutions for contact center teams. 

These solutions are certified for Microsoft Teams, and include useful features, like a flip-to-mute microphone on the Microsoft Modern wireless headset. Companies can also access a range of other accessories from Microsoft, from speakerphones, to audio docks and presentation tools.  

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Poly (previously Polycom and Plantronics), produces a wide selection of powerful tools for the communications landscape. Solutions range from the Poly Studio P5 video conferencing solution, to the EncorePro series of wired headset, Companies can also explore a comprehensive collection of SAVI wireless headsets for comfortable and mobile communications.  

Business leaders can choose between USB and DECT solutions, wireless earbuds, and a huge selection of accessories. Plus, Poly’s technologies come with a wide range of innovative features, such as noise cancelling technologies, and adjustable microphones. There’s even Poly software available to help with managing devices.  

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Cisco Webex 

Webex from Cisco delivers both software and hardware in the communications industry. The company’s range of contact center endpoint offerings include everything from mobile endpoints to the Cisco Desk, Board, and Room series of collaboration devices. Companies can access IP phones with and without MPP firmware, as well as wireless phone options.  

The Webex headset portfolio provides a variety of connection options to choose from, with wired and wireless solutions offering both DECT and Bluetooth connectivity. Users can also control all of their headsets and endpoints using Cisco software, which comes with access to remote monitoring tools which provide proactive diagnostics and insights. 

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Global technology company, Logitech is well-known throughout the contact center landscape for its innovative range of devices and accessories. For communication purposes, companies can access a wide selection of webcams and speakerphones, as well as lightweight wireless and wired headsets.  

The wide variety of headset options available from Logitech cover everything from over-the-ear noise cancelling headsets with built in microphones, like the Zone Vibe wireless, to convenient Bluetooth earbuds. Companies can even access all-in-one personal video kits, with cameras and headphones included. Plus, there are plenty of accessories on offer too, such as docking stations. 

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Committed to delivering high-end audio solutions for enterprise teams, EPOS produces powerful contact center endpoint solutions for a wide range of business use cases. Options range from comprehensive meeting room solutions and video conferencing bars for collaborative customer service, to speakerphones and headsets.  

The headsets offered by EPOS combine innovative features like active noise cancelling, with crystal-clear audio and built-in microphone technology. Plus, companies can choose from a wide selection of wired, wireless, and DECT solutions for different office spaces. There are even specialist wireless headsets that come with their own docking stations.  

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Creating dedicated communication endpoints and solutions for Microsoft Teams, Zoom Phone, and the contact center, AudioCodes is a well-known vendor in the AV industry. For the contact center, AudioCodes offers both software and hardware solutions tuned to a variety of business needs. The available headset from the brands also include features like presence and status indicators.  

Companies can use AudioCodes solutions with the software provided by the company, or “bring their own carrier” and CCaaS solutions into their ecosystem. AudioCodes can also assist business leaders with implementing the right contact center strategy, through consultation services.  

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Global technology vendor, Lenovo, produces a huge range of tools and endpoints for businesses and consumers alike. The organization’s portfolio covers everything from desktops and laptops to business work stations, servers, and storage solutions, and more. For the contact center, Lenovo produces innovative wired and wireless headsets, with built-in microphones.  

The company’s tools are plug-and-play ready, requiring minimal setup and configuration. Plus, companies can access direct integrations with platforms like Microsoft Teams. Many of Lenovo’s headsets feature innovative capabilities, such as flip to mute microphones, and noise cancellation.  

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Specializing in endpoints and devices for unified communications and the contact center, Yealink produces a wide range of hardware options for businesses. Solutions range from comprehensive headsets and speaker systems, to webcams and IP phones. There’s even the option to leverage powerful cameras for video conferencing capabilities.  

Yealink’s technology portfolio includes intelligent room devices, Bluetooth and DECT wireless headsets, wired headsets, and even Microsoft Teams and Zoom certified devices. The company also produces software solutions for the remote management of endpoints. Some of the vendor’s solutions even leverage artificial intelligence.  

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