The Top RPA Vendors for 2024

Robotic Process Automation Vendors in 2024

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Published: January 22, 2024

Rebekah Carter

Automation has rapidly emerged as one of the most valuable tools for any business environment. Capable of improving efficiency, boosting productivity, and reducing errors, the right automation solutions can give any brand a competitive edge.  

In the customer experience landscape, where companies are constantly competing to deliver faster, more convenient service, automation can be a fantastic way to boost the performance of teams. Of course, there are various different types of automation to explore, from automated chatbots and analytics, to Robotic Process Automation.  

The RPA market, forecast to reach a value of $30,850 million by 2030, promises to be an excellent tool for helping companies to streamline operations and unlock new opportunities. The question is, where do brands start looking for the right RPA partners? Today, we’re looking at some of the top vendors in the RPA market for CX leaders:

  • UiPath
  • Automation Anywhere
  • AkaBot
  • SC&C Blue Prism
  • Appian
  • Robocorp
  • Aiwozo
  • Rocketbot
  • APIfy
  • Laiye
  • Pegasystems
  • SAP
  • NICE
  • Microsoft
  • Salesforce
  • WorkFusion
  • Cyclone Robotics
  • Nintex
  • IBM
  • Samsung SDS
  • Fortra


Named a leader in the Forrester Wave report for RPA solutions in 2023, UiPath empowers businesses to digitally transform with a comprehensive automation platform. Within the UiPath ecosystem, companies can find tools for process mining, virtual assistants, and action management. The company also has its own selection of powerful automated robots on offer.  

Companies can choose between an attended robot designed to augment existing employees, automation cloud robots with SaaS capabilities, and unattended robots capable of automating long-running and task-heavy workflows. There are also test robots available to help companies examine the results of their RPA investments in different use cases.  

→ Explore UiPath

Automation Anywhere

Committed to helping companies discover the benefits of automation in a variety of forms, Automation Anywhere offers a variety of digital solutions. The company serves clients with process discovery tools, bot development, and a 360-degree automation platform. The RPA workspace provided by Automation Anywhere is custom-made to help companies design new solutions and accelerate digital transformation initiatives. 

The 100% web-based platform ensures brands can start automating instantly without the need for extensive coding knowledge. The system can work with a variety of existing tools and applications, and even comes with pre-built governance, commands, extensibility options, and remote orchestration tools. Plus, brands benefit from multi-layered security.  

→ Explore Automation Anywhere


Specializing in hyper automation and RPA solutions, AkaBot promises to assist brands in overcoming their transformation challenges. With a straightforward environment, businesses can iterate and test new solutions within as little as one week and start implementing automation anywhere. Akabot even offers a range of solutions for different use cases and needs.  

For instance, the AkaBot Studio allows brands to build their own RPA workflows quickly, without excessive coding knowledge, while AkaBot Agent provides support for virtual assistant creation. AkaBot Center even allows brands to monitor, control, and manage all of their RPA bots in one unified environment without the need for on-premises engineers.   

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SC&C Blue Prism 

Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader, SC&C Blue Prism helps companies to discover the benefits of intelligent automation solutions powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. The comprehensive product portfolio offered by the brand includes a creation platform where users can capture data and embed process intelligence into RPA solutions.  

A convenient UX builder assists with the development of custom workflows, while the Unify ecosystem of tools (Chorus and Director) empowers brands to monitor, orchestrate, and optimize workflows. SC&C’s platform even provides brands with the tools they need to maintain, monitor, and optimize robotic process automation tools remotely via the cloud.  

→ Explore SC&C Blue Prism


Software and automation solution providers Appian ensures businesses from all industries can unlock the opportunities of automation with a dedicated platform. The platform combines data fabric solutions for unifying data across ecosystems with intelligent process automation, process mining tools, and solutions for the total experience.  

With Appian, businesses can automate virtually any process, leveraging pre-set rules or custom workflows for every use case. Additionally, the low-code, drag-and-drop building technology ensures brands can take advantage of the citizen developers in their ecosystem. Appian bots and RPA solutions can also be deployed across a range of OS and cloud environments.  

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Prioritizing flexibility and scalability, Robocorp has built a streamlined environment where companies can access pre-built example robots and solution blueprints for Robotic Process Automation. Business leaders can browse through a range of offerings, from email authorization tools to solutions for comparing CRM account data.  

With Robocorp’s open-source platform, companies can utilize the agility of the cloud, leveraging solutions for multi-channel automation which work across any platform. The highly secured solutions are offered via consumption-based pricing for budget-conscious brands, and organizations can also choose to leverage extra support from experienced engineers.  

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Aiwozo empowers companies to explore the potential of automation with a comprehensive enterprise suite of tools. The portfolio of solutions breaks robotic process automation down into a number of stages, beginning with the discovery of crucial data for building business use cases. Companies can then leverage the Aiwozo studio and Docubot to build automated workflows with an easy-to-use interface which eliminates the need for extensive code.  

Within the platform, businesses can also centrally govern and manage all bots and processes in one place and unlock helpful insights collected about each automation. Plus, there are solutions available from the company for building both attended and unattended bots designed for multiple channels and use cases.  

→ Explore Aiwozo


Acknowledged by a number of market-leading analysts, Rocketbot provides companies with an agile and flexible platform for process execution and automation. Developed in Python, the platform supports mass usage requirements, with high levels of customization for companies across a range of industries, from insurance to e-commerce. 

The full toolkit of solutions from Rocketbot includes an all-in-one studio, where teams can build robots without limitations and integrate them with other tools. There’s an orchestrator for setting up workflows and tracking useful analytics. Moreover, teams can leverage real-time monitoring services to keep a close eye on bot performance.  

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Offering solutions focused on web scraping, data extraction, and robotic process automation, APIfy helps brands make the most of data. The company’s flexible automation solutions empower teams to automate and develop processes with open-source, flexible tools. Companies can design solutions with their preferred languages and libraries and transform code into automated serverless micro apps. 

With no requirement for any config, APIfy ensures new technologies can be rapidly deployed in the cloud. Plus, test sandbox environments allow users to check the functionality of their tools. As an added bonus, brands can also connect their RPA solutions to hundreds of apps, using ready-made integrations, webhooks, or APIs.  

→ Explore APIfy


Recognized by the Gartner Magic Quadrant for conversational AI solutions, Laiye supports companies in leveraging work execution systems and intelligent automation technology. Within a comprehensive platform of tools, businesses will find solutions for process recording, creating conversational bots, processing documents and more.  

The Laiye platform combines the power of AI, analytics, and automation into one environment to streamline workflows and introduce new methods for digital transformation. The technology covers everything businesses need to move into the RPA space, including discovery, building, execution, management, and collaboration tools. Plus, Laiye supports flexible process deployment across a variety of cloud and on-premises landscapes.  

→ Explore Laiye


American software company Pegasystems, or Pega produces various tools and solutions for automation use cases. The Robotic Process Automation platform developed by the brand helps businesses to automate repetitive work, bridge gaps between technical systems, and speed up processes. Companies can choose between developing attended and unattended bots with auto-balancing capabilities and AI-powered decisions.  

Solutions in the platform support companies in developing their own chatbots and virtual assistants, email tools, and x-ray vision services for text analysis. Plus, companies can leverage custom support and guidance from Pega to help with implementing and unlocking their new tools.  

→ Explore Pegasystems


Software as a service vendor SAP supports RPA strategies with the SAP Build Process Automation platform. This toolkit enables companies to automate workflow processes and tasks without writing any code from scratch. Users can simply drag and drop triggers into place, and leverage built-in AI to bring their RPA bots to life.  

The toolkit comes with pre-built workflows to help businesses jump into action faster, as well as connectors for non-SAP and SAP systems. An agile back-end environment also promotes team collaboration and cohesion during building projects. The solution has been recognized by Gartner, placing SAP as a Visionary in the Magic Quadrant for RPA in 2022.  

→ Explore SAP


Focus on the CX and EX landscapes, NICE produces software solutions and platforms designed to empower teams in a range of industries. The company also helps brands to unlock the capabilities of attended automation solutions with a comprehensive RPA toolkit. The Nice RPA solution (NEVA) allows companies to easily automate a range of CX tasks inside and outside of the contact center.  

Teams can take advantage of automation discovery tools to boost their chances of automation suggestions and leverage pre-built templates and workflows. The easy-to-use platform also supports the creation of unattended automation, with low-code solutions for citizen developers. NICE also partners with a range of developers for teams who need extra support.  

→ Explore NICE


Microsoft produces a host of different technology solutions for business leaders and contact centers in the digital age. For companies interested in RPA technology, Microsoft offers an opportunity to build apps, integrations and workflows in the Power Automate platform. Using this ecosystem, brands can reduce repetitive tasks, connect legacy and modern tools, and leverage simple workflows.  

Microsoft’s automation tools support unattended and attended RPA capabilities, as well as hosted Robotic Process Automation within the Microsoft infrastructure. Teams can also access pre-built examples and samples to guide the development process. What’s more, there are numerous resources available on the Microsoft website for business leaders too.  

→ Explore Microsoft


Best known for its CRM platform, Salesforce invests in various digital innovations and tools to support sales and service professionals. In 2021, the company added new RPA capabilities and AI solutions to its existing Einstein Automate platform. With MuleSoft RPA, companies can build bots that work on any system or application, connecting disparate technologies.  

Salesforce also offers support for digital process automation with a drag-and-drop platform where companies can build branded experiences with custom rules and logic. Salesforce’s technologies support low-code and no-code teams and enable brands to unify teams across various environments in one platform. Companies can even access the Salesforce Flow platform to bring data from any image, app, or document into automation workflows.  

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Recognized by multiple analytics and market research companies for their RPA solutions, WorkFusion helps businesses to pull more information and value from their technology ecosystems. With its intelligent automation platform, WorkFusion allows businesses to bring teams together on the creation of simple and complex workflows to boost efficiency.  

The unified platform comes with pre-built steps and workflows to assist with automating core progresses, as well as an integration-ready formula for connecting disparate tools. Plus, companies can also take advantage of pre-trained models for complex unstructured documents. WorkFusion also supports human-in-the-loop development with tools for reviewing progress and app efficiency.  

→ Explore WorkFusion

Cyclone Robotics 

Robotic Process Automation software developers, Cyclone Robotics, assist companies in collecting and utilizing business data. The portfolio of solutions offered by the brand includes platforms and tools for enterprise digital transformation and departmental automation. Plus, there’s a citizen automation platform available with an out-of-the-box workflow marketplace and a drag-and-drop builder.  

Cyclone Robotics promises to support companies across a variety of different industries, from logistics, to government and banking. With the RPA platforms, business leaders can develop secure and reliable insights into their data and reduce repetitive tasks with cross-system and cross-platform deployment options.  

→ Explore Cyclone Robotics


Forrester Wave RPA leader, Nintex delivers an all-in-one process automation platform to companies from a variety of industries. Within the platform, businesses will find solutions for visual mapping, planning, and managing processes from start to finish. The intelligent tools make it easy to identify which processes are best suited for automation, and the builder ensures companies can start making connections without code.  

Nintex RPA solutions can integrate with a range of business apps using pre-built connectors. Plus, they collect data both historically and in real-time, so teams can monitor the results of their initiatives. Nintex also supports numerous deployment options, with RPA tools built to work both on the cloud and in the on-premises environment.  

→ Explore Nintex


Technology vendors IBM offer RPA solutions as part of a full kit of digital transformation and software tools. With IBM’s support, businesses can create RPA bots and workflows powered by artificial intelligence. With technology based in the cloud, IBM ensures companies can scale their workflows according to changing use cases and needs.  

The platform features a low-code, simple licensing environment with numerous deployment options. Companies can also choose between building unattended and attended bots, intelligent chatbots, scheduling systems and more. The authoring tools built into the ecosystem also include a variety of pre-built commands to help businesses jump into action quickly.  

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Samsung SDS 

The Samsung SDS team provide access to RPA solutions in the form of the Brity platform for enterprise resource management. Users of the solution can design automation processes using GUI-based drag-and-drop components. Beginners can also take advantage of connectors for a variety of desktop and web-based programs to help unify workflows.  

Samsung’s built-in workflow orchestrator also gives companies access to an environment where they can manage all of their bots and tools in one space. The platform supports scheduling, monitoring, and remote updating. What’s more, developers and data analysts can take advantage of event recorders and replays to track the performance of their new tools.  

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Cybersecurity vendors Fortra promise to help companies improve compliance and productivity with their “Automate” software solution. The Automate service provides access to scalable and versatile automation capabilities, whether companies are looking for an RPA solution for a single department or a full enterprise-wide center of excellence initiative.  

Fortra’s solution supports no-code automation, allowing teams to quickly build bots and workflows with form-based development tools and pre-designed actions. Plus, there’s a built-in recording system which allows companies to rapidly accelerate the optimization and distribution of automation tools. Fortra even promises a simple pricing structure for both unattended and attended bots.

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