Twilio Reveals GenAI-Powered Tools at SIGNAL Event

Generative AI implemented across Engage, Flex and Segment

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Published: August 23, 2023

Tom Wright

Predictive and Generative AI Innovations Unveiled by Twilio to Enhance Customer Engagement

Twilio has introduced a range of generative AI solutions aimed at harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence for customer experience.

The company’s latest offerings – dubbed CustomerAI and first revealed in June – include predictive and generative AI tools, coupled with advancements in Twilio’ Segment’s composible data platform.

Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio, said: “The tectonic shift in technology that we’ve seen this past year rivals the scale and magnitude of the invention of the Internet. AI has truly captured the hearts and minds of builders across the globe.

“I believe the real value unlock for AI will be pairing large language models with first-party data sets – which is where Twilio is most differentiated.

“With CustomerAI, artificial intelligence becomes customer-aware, empowering businesses to drive data-driven personal interactions at every touchpoint.”

The announcements from Twilio’s SIGNAL 2023 event include:

CustomerAI Predictions and Voice Intelligence for Enhanced Customer Insights

Twilio’s CustomerAI Predictions allows marketers to effortlessly create highly targeted audiences, trigger personalised customer journeys, and customise multichannel experiences based on factors such as customer lifetime value, purchase intent, and churn likelihood. This functionality is integrated with Segment to provide unified real-time data essential for robust AI model training.

Twilio’s Voice Intelligence tool uses transcription and language analysis to extract insights from speech. It can identify trends and compliance risks, and manage regulatory requirements for Twilio Flex and Voice customers through automated redaction of personal information.

Beta testers have reported improved lead attribution management margins as a result of using Voice Intelligence, Twilio said.

Generative AI Tools Enhancing Customer Engagement

Generative AI, soon available within Twilio Engage and Segment, promises efficiency gains and better results.

Twilio Engage will feature CustomerAI Generative email design, enabling marketers to quickly transform simple text prompts into HTML, streamlining campaign creation.

Additionally, CustomerAI Generative Journeys will simplify the process of designing customer journeys, allowing marketers to outline campaign type, audience definition, and preferred channels, with Twilio Engage automatically constructing the journey through generative AI.

Twilio is also launching generative AI tools for Flex, in partnership with Google Cloud. This includes CustomerAI Agent Assist, which offers tailored recommendations for contact centre agents during customer interactions, as well as AI-generated summaries for efficient call wrap-up.

Meanwhile, Segment Unify, revealed in March, is set for general availability and will seamlessly incorporate Segment’s customer profile data for real-time agent access, enhancing personalised interactions and driving customer value.




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