Zendesk Invests in Alliants’ Guest Experience Platform

Charlie Mitchell

Alliants aims to further enhance its digital concierge services with the investment

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Zendesk Invests in Alliants’ Guest Experience Platform

Zendesk has invested in Alliants to help the guest experience platform provider bring its solution to a bigger, global audience.

The Alliants platform aims to empower hospitality businesses with the tools to connect and collaborate with guests.

One of these tools is its digital concierge, built on Zendesk Sunshine, which automates guest conversations. As such, guests no longer have to queue at desks to get what they desire. Instead, they can connect to the company through their desired messaging app in real-time, increasing customer convenience.

Alongside this capability, Alliants provides guests with the tools to create the ideal travel itinerary. With the investment from Zendesk, the vendor will accelerate the delivery of such tools to a customer base that spans the globe.

Discussing this further, Tristan Gadsby, CEO & Founder of Alliants, commented:

Our shared mission with Zendesk is to put conversations at the heart of the customer experience and help companies fulfill their goals, just like we have for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Nobu Hospitality, DHL, and other global brands synonymous with delivering exceptional experiences.

By managing guest requests within the platform, the companies that Gadsby highlights can make data-driven decisions to design unique guest experiences better. The technology makes experience recommendations to aid this process.

Consider the Four Seasons as an example. The business has seamlessly curated every moment of a guest experience – from start to finish – in one place. From ordering an in-room meal and requesting a morning newspaper to reserving a spa treatment and booking local trips, it is all possible through the Alliants digital concierge.

Alliants will more tightly integrate with Zendesk and develop further innovations to enhance these solutions, including messaging insights.

Shedding more light on future collaboration, Adrian McDermott, Chief Technology Officer at Zendesk, added: “Alliants’ commitment to delivering superior messaging solutions is closely aligned with our mission of making it easier for companies and customers to create connections.

Together, Zendesk and Alliants will help our customers stay in touch, better understand and more effectively serve their customers in the way that’s most organic and convenient for them.

The “superior” messaging solutions – to which McDermott refers – offer automatic translation in 100+ languages to cater to the widespread user base.

Such partnerships and integrations with high-profile brands are becoming coming thick and fast for Zendesk following the termination of its $4.1BN Momentive deal. Its recent integrations with Act-On Software and Forethought are excellent examples of this.



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