Zoom Debuts New Capabilities to Enhance Customer Service Experiences

Charlie Mitchell

The Zoom Contact Center continues its rapid evolution with six new features

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Zoom Debuts New Capabilities to Enhance Customer Service Experiences

Zoom has added six new capabilities to its CCaaS solution, which aims to “customize, inform, and streamline” service experiences.

Many of these additions center around video, a fundamental differentiator of the Zoom offering.

First, agents may escalate chat conversations to video, helping accelerate the resolution of complex queries. The feature may also allow agents to offer a deeper level of service and create genuine human connections with customers.

Further video innovations relate to the waiting experience. Indeed, users of the Zoom Contact Center can customize the waiting room, adding messages, imagery, and links to relevant web pages.

In addition, users may include an estimated wait time – based on metrics such as average handling time – to set clear expectations for customers.

Such use cases will likely continue coming to the fore. After all, upon the launch of the CCaaS platform, Heidi Elmore, Head of Product Marketing at Zoom, exclusively told CX Today:

Video is our bread and butter. We love it, and we want to enable those rich, high-touch scenarios.

However, Elmore also made it clear that the vendor had aspirations of developing deep a CCaaS solution that will soon challenge market leaders – its recent Solvvy acquisition also suggests so.

As such, the vendor has further solidified its offering with the capability for agents and customers to share documents, images, and other resources to add vital context to customer communication.

In addition, agents can set their display name across all channels helping to create more immersive experiences with customers – perhaps a theme of this latest set of innovations.

Another example of this is the enhancements made to The Zoom Contact Center flow editor. The tool now allows agents to share knowledge bases articles and resources with customers, translating the content into the customer’s native language – based on their phone number.

These additions will strengthen Zoom’s core offering. And while the CCaaS solution is a little basic currently, the video communications pioneer is still new to the game and showing lots of promise – according to Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst, ZK Research.

Indeed, Kerravala recently told CX Today:

Perhaps the most interesting vendor in the [CCaaS] space is Zoom. People tend to like Zoom, and they have done a really good job of this “land and expand” strategy.

Some of this appeal is likely due to its customer-led innovation strategy, best exemplified by Zoom recently evolving its product categorization to meet emerging business demands better. This effort peaked with the launch of Zoom ONE.

Elsewhere, Zoom has also released a new workforce optimization tool and a conversational analytics-driven sales solution.



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