Acqueon and Cresta Team Up to Create a “New Tier of Customer Engagement Technology”

Acqueon Guidance powered by Cresta promises to improve retention and drive revenue growth

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Published: March 27, 2024

Rhys Fisher

Acqueon and Cresta have pooled their resources to launch a solution with the power to unlock “a new tier of AI-enabled customer engagement technology.”

The tool combines Acqueon and Cresta’s respective expertise in real-time revenue execution and GenAI-powered conversational intelligence to help B2C enterprises optimize customer interactions and generate more revenue.

The unified solution – Acqueon Guidance powered by Cresta – also promises to deliver impactful recovery outcomes and strengthen customer service and retention by utilizing omnichannel outbound engagement.

The pair of tech companies believe that their new solution will provide users with the capabilities to be proactive with their customer engagements – contacting them at the customers’ convenience and via their preferred channels.

In discussing the launch of Acqueon Guidance powered by Cresta, Ping Wu – CEO of Cresta – commented on the potential of the new solution:

“Customers are holding businesses to higher standards than ever before, and it’s essential that we ensure that every customer touchpoint is productive and positive.

The power of Cresta and Acqueon’s solutions will unlock a new tier of AI-enabled customer engagement technology that helps businesses drive deeper connections with core customers, ultimately improving retention and driving revenue growth.

Let’s take a closer look at the tech and see whether it lives up to its “new tier” billing.

A Tech Team-Up

As self-professed “pioneers” of the Revenue Execution Platform market space, the new solution draws upon both companies’ existing tech stacks.

For Acqueon, the tool builds on its existing open data platform, Acqueon Campaigns.

By leveraging the platform’s experience orchestration and customer engagement features, businesses can craft AI-driven customer journeys and streamline communication workflows to maximize human resources.

Cresta, on the other hand, deploys its generative AI platform – Cresta for Sales – which helps to ensure that “every interaction is excellent.”

By using real-time intelligence, Cresta’s tech can identify the behaviors of top-performing sales and service representatives – providing them with up-to-date support and guidance to help them deliver optimal performances during each interaction.

This approach maximizes interaction effectiveness, enhancing overall business performance and efficiency and helping to drive revenue growth.

Speaking about how the companies’ tech solutions complement each other, Ashish Koul, CEO of Acqueon, said:

Building on our previous solutions for agent guidance, Acqueon Guidance powered by Cresta ushers in a new era of customer engagement and delivers a holistic solution to transform how businesses approach customer interactions that drive revenue results.

Stronger Together

Like gin and tonic, red wine and steak, and Simon and Garfunkel – as good as some things are on their own, sometimes they just work better together.

While both systems utilize no-code tools to help prioritize rapid deployment and management of system operations, the partnership enhances this by enabling data sharing between the platforms.

Together, the overall effectiveness of the solution is improved, and the customer experience is simplified.

Both companies also promise that the collaborative solution enables organizations to enhance customer engagement, personalize experiences, and alleviate the development workload on IT and analyst teams by utilizing the combined no-code approach.

In providing further insights into the new solution, Koul again emphasized the power of the partnership between Acqueon and Cresta, commenting:

“Understanding the right timing, channel, and message are essential to getting the most out of customer interactions.

Acqueon and Cresta together can provide enterprises with AI technology that will unlock new ways to engage with consumers to dramatically improve the enterprise’s revenue generation and revenue recovery results.

A New Regime at Cresta

The partnership with Acqueon is the latest update in a busy period for Cresta.

In May of last year, the company revealed that it would be using its GenAI capabilities to integrate Medallia’s experience insights and sentiment data as part of a new collaboration with the CX and EX specialist.

Moreover, in the same month, former Google AI executive Ping Wu was announced as Cresta’s new CEO.

Wu co-founded Google’s Contact Center AI Solution in 2017, where he oversaw the development of various Conversational AI products.

In his new role at Cresta, Wu led the introduction of several new solutions and enhancements to the Cresta Real-Time Intelligence Platform in March, aimed at assisting companies in increasing revenue and customer retention.

These include Cresta Sales for Revenue Growth, Cresta Post-Call, and enhancements to the Cresta Intelligent Automation solution.

Cresta’s impressive list of achievements under Wu’s stewardship led to the company being crowned the Rising Star in the People & Transformation category of the 2024 CX Awards.



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