Atento Upgrades AI-Powered CRM Ecosystem To Boost CX

The updated ecosystem reflects the Atento's ambition to become a leader in Business Transformation Outsourcing

Atento Upgrades CRM Ecosystem With AI To Boost CX
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Published: February 13, 2024

Kieran Devlin

Kieran Devlin

Atento has upgraded its CRM and BPO ecosystem with new capabilities, including AI features, to enhance the customer experience.

By integrating its digital features into one unified ecosystem, Atento said it improves the “agility and efficiency” of CX journeys.

The development of proprietary solutions, bolstered by AI, automation, and data analysis, underpinned this project. Strategic partnerships were forged to optimise outcomes, enriching the company’s portfolio with key collaborators such as Google, Microsoft, Meta, Crowdstrike, and others.

Eduardo Aguirre, CIO of Atento, commented:

Our portfolio is continually evolving to shape the future of customer experience, merging the finest technology with a human touch to ensure optimal business results. This work is carried out through the development of our own technologies and with strategic partnerships, which ensure specialization and greater efficiency in delivery.”

The investment reflects the company’s ambition to become a leader in Business Transformation Outsourcing.

The Features and Benefits of Atento’s New Ecosystem

Atento AI Studio, the vendor’s generative AI platform leverages the capabilities of specialists including data engineers, data scientists, prompt engineers and computational linguistics to provide practical CX solutions, such as empowering agents and digital assistants with AI-powered conversation, sentiment analysis for more human interactions and insight production, voice bots, and Intelligent IVRs.

Also notable are cognitive AI assets, particularly AI biometrics and facial recognition technology, to enhance security measures.

Atento states that it’s focusing on solutions “grounded in proprietary technologies that enhance efficiency and agility across back-office process”, citing its ecosystem’s DAP — Automatic Process Distributor. This facilitates agile task assignment in alignment with specific business rules, thereby optimising operational efficiency and productivity.

Atento’s automation deliver system also encompasses iBPM, a cloud-based solution built on a microservices architecture that enables modern business process management with flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, the evolution of digital agents, equipped with advanced conflict resolution features, bolsters tasks like collection processes.

Atento adds that it continues to invest in analytics offerings. These tools encompass predictive models, big data analytics, sentiment analysis, and the interpretation of audio data to extract valuable insights in the form of speech analytics. Leveraging a proprietary data ocean platform, they offer critical insights to optimise business potential.

This technology is also utilised in Employee Journey solutions via the monitoring of team productivity. It is integrated into platforms like Qualistore, a proprietary tool offering gamified communication, content, and training, where agents can monitor their performance, quality, and metrics, encouraging a proactive approach to boosting general performance and business outcomes.

Its application in people analytics methodologies facilitates predictive feature sets, such as anticipating agent attrition, allowing managers to be informed about proactive talent management and retention strategies.

What Have Been Some of 2024’s Biggest CRM Stories So Far?

Last week, Salesforce named Brad Arkin as its new Chief Trust Officer, with the CRM leader intending to tackle customer misgivings in an AI-first world. With over 20 years of experience in product and enterprise security, Arkin will address one of the biggest issues undermining the implementation of AI – the trust gap.

Meanwhile, ServiceNow posted another impressive series of earnings results, with subscription revenues rising 25.5 percent year-over-year, taking its quarterly revenues to $2.365BN. This meant the vendor’s stock had risen 73 percent over the past year.

Gina Mastantuono, Chief Financial Officer at ServiceNow, credited its remarkable growth partly to the emergence of generative AI: “GenAI products drove the largest net new ACV (annual contract value) contribution in the first full quarter of any of our new product family releases ever.”

Lastly, at the end of January, Microsoft’s latest earnings highlighted that, despite many Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Service customers now using Microsoft’s flagship AI Copilot, that uptake isn’t reflected in new CRM bookings. Curiously, they’re declining, which is surprising following the compelling release of Sales Copilot and the waves of excitement around the virtual assistant Microsoft had fostered throughout 2023 and into 2024.

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