Salesforce Debuts Unified Conversations Service for WhatsApp

New integration enables businesses to leverage enhanced WhatApp channels to enhance marketing promotions

Salesforce Debuts Unified Conversations service for WhatsApp
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Published: April 12, 2024

Rory Greener

Rory Greener

This week, AI CRM platform provider Salesforce debuted the general availability of its Unified Conversations service for WhatsApp.

The integration enables businesses to leverage WhatsApp to enhance marketing promotions or service requests and create a dynamic two-way conversation.

Moreover, the Unified Conversations service for WhatsApp consolidates separate conversation threads into a single channel, allowing customers to access personalised opt-in marketing promotions and individuals in one chat.

Steve Hammond, EVP and GM of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, added:

With more than two billion people using WhatsApp today, Salesforce’s new Unified Conversations for WhatsApp enables brands to connect with their customers where they are and have a single, connected, and trusted experience.

Hammond also noted how the Unified Conversations for WhatsApp service “helps brands break down barriers across their company and build stronger relationships throughout their customer journey. ”

Unified Conversations service for WhatsApp can create “natural handoffs from marketing to service teams by driving the right personalized engagement, no matter where they are in the customer journey, at the right time and in the right context,” Hammond noted.

Powered by Salesforce Data Cloud

Salesforce Data Cloud powers the firm’s new Whatapps CX service, enabling clients to leverage pre-existing Salesforce customer data across all platforms, services, and interactions and creating a unified platform that allows marketers to deliver optimized experiences.

Roberto Maia, Chief Information Officer, YDUQS, also added:

WhatsApp is the preferred messaging app for our students across Brazil. We look forward to learning more about Unified Conversation and how we can engage and service them better through WhatsApp and converting leads faster with this new feature.

Moreover, the data cloud provides marketing teams with suggested best subsequent actions and follow-up support for the progress of a customer conversation. The service also includes security and region enhancements, which include personalized trip offers.

Matheus Girardi, Chief Marketing and Customer Officer, Agibank, noted:

Our customers rely on WhatsApp as a primary way to engage with us. By unifying our data in Salesforce to deliver experiences in WhatsApp, we’ve been able to improve our user experience to personalize loan proposals, resolve concerns, and support customers. Salesforce’s earlier marketing integration with WhatsApp helped us triple digital sales and we are eager to do more.

Agibank is leveraging Salesforce data within Whatapps across 900 hubs to create single-channel personalized loan proposals, resolve concerns faster, and better support customers.

Salesforce AI and Cloud Solutions Success

Earlier this month, Salesforce announced new AI-powered features for MuleSoft that aim to pull more data into the Salesforce environment, improve developer productivity, and simplify workflows, including the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) capability, which rapidly extracts and organizes data from documents such as PDFs and images.

IDP integrates with Salesforce Flow, enabling data to pass across Salesforce Clouds, MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, and MuleSoft RPA, improving cross-app insights, streamlining processes, and training AI models embedded across the Einstein 1 Platform.

IDP has ready-made templates for handling purchase orders, reviewing invoices, and reducing setup time. Users may review AI-generated outputs to ensure accuracy.

Again this month, Salesforce also augmented IDP with Einstein AI to extract data using only natural language commands, eliminating the need for AI model training. With this Einstein AI-enabled capability, customers can format responses, classify documents, and trigger actions using written prompts alone, thus reducing the burden for developers in implementing AI.

Salesforce is targeting governmental customer service improvements with the Public Sector Einstein 1 for the Service launch. The inclusion of Salesforce’s Data Cloud system allows users to consolidate data from various sources, including benefits, education, and healthcare, in a standardized data model.

Salesforce’s newest solution utilizes trusted conversational and generative AI (GenAI) to improve agent efficiency. It promises public-sector organizations the ability to swiftly generate case reports, record real-time call transcriptions, and document and format case interactions—all through a single unified solution.

As Salesforce scales its AI and cloud-based services, the firm is set to continue to lead in the space with innovative new solutions and success stories.



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