SAP Acquires Askdata

Charlie Mitchell

The acquisition aims to empower casual users - across the enterprise - to make data-driven decisions quickly and independently

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SAP Acquires Askdata

SAP has acquired Askdata to allow its clients to make data-driven insights more accessible throughout their companies.

Already a market leader in cloud database management systems – according to Gartner – SAP expands its capabilities further with an innovative AI solution, which aims to change the nature of business reporting.

Indeed, Askdata is a company that states: “Sometimes dashboards are not enough,” offering tools that empower users to harness insights through a natural language search alone.

Think of the app as an internal search engine, presenting visual findings. It then allows users to dig deeper into the results and share their findings with colleagues.

Delighted to add the solution to its considerable data & analytics capabilities, Irfan Khan, President and Chief Product Officer of SAP HANA Database & Analytics, stated:

The ability to cater to a wide range of user profiles will be the primary driver of data and analytics adoption. Askdata provides SAP with a path to lead this transition to the benefit of our customers.

Undoubtedly, the solution’s reach proved compelling to SAP, which provides many solutions across the CX stack.

After all, the Askdata platform spans many functions, including service, sales, marketing, HR, and more – offering unique spaces for assessing social channels and the supply chain too.

Users may also create feeds, send messages, and attach data visualizations to spread critical customer, employee, or business information across the enterprise. Its Microsoft Teams integration further facilitates this.

Yet, SAP is striving to push the boat out further. As Matthias Kraemer, Head of SAP HD&A – Planning & Analytics, writes in a recent blog post:

We can… extend the business value with more sophisticated use cases including business content which brings together SAP and non-SAP data into one complete real-time picture of the current state of your business.

Kraemer suggests that the vendor will also harness APIs for composable analytics applications, building these into the SAP Analytics Cloud designer to achieve the necessary data flow.

By doing so to create this complete, real-time picture, SAP takes another step forwards in supporting business process transformation.

Such a goal is central to many of its latest moves, especially after its recent SAP Signavio enhancements.



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