Zoom Launches New EU Privacy Features

Alongside SURF, the video conferencing giant gains fresh security considerations

Zoom Launches New EU Privacy Features
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Published: June 8, 2023

Rory Greener

Rory Greener

This Week, major video conferencing firm Zoom announced security updates to ensure its EU clients with improved privacy controls.

Zoom launched its new privacy features with project partners SURF, experts in ICT education and research, to ensure the best outcomes for the service following a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA).

Jet de Ranitz, CEO and Chairperson of SURF’s Board of Directors, noted the collaboration led to a successful implementation of privacy considerations.

The CEO and Chairperson also added:

With Zoom’s new privacy features and recent modifications, the company has showcased a commitment to European privacy standards. We are very happy with the outcome and the positive benefits for European users.

Zoom users can access the new privacy features via the service’s web portal under the Privacy tab.

What’s New in Zoom’s Privacy Update?

Zoom’s new privacy updates present a wealth of new options that empower businesses with a newfound sense of ownership over their security.

In a modern-day where video cornering is as common as an email, ensuring customers are safe when dialing-in is crucial to any successful communications product.

Lynn Haaland, Chief Compliance, Ethics, & Privacy Officer and Deputy General Counsel at Zoom, added:

These new tools offer our European customers more control over where their data is processed and stored, along with the option to delete personal data. Institutions can choose us knowing that they’ve selected a vendor that’s committed to protecting their data.

Of its many new privacy features, Zoom is now introducing European Economic Area (EEA) data storage features allowing for locally archiving selected Meetings, Webinars, and Team Chat data.

Additionally, Zoom will only allow local data storage methods for US teams under “exceptional” use cases and circumstances.

Moreover, Zoom now has a dedicated EU support team to provide the region’s customers with direct technical support.

Zoom also added a tool for IT administrators to manage data subject requests, allowing team members to access and remove personal data.

The platform’s new Marketing Preference Center lets Zoom users opt in or out of Zoom marketing communications.

The vendor will also include an audit log tracker, which creates a record of administrators on behalf of users and improves data retention visibility.

Zoom new security features prove that the firm is undergoing an evolution to bolster the efficiency of video conferencing privacy.



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