Ericsson Aims to Turn Vonage Into a 5G App Pioneer

Following a lengthy acquisition period, Ericsson will unify Vonage's toolkit for 5G CX application development

Ericsson Aims to Turn Vonage Into a 5G App Pioneer
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Published: December 1, 2022

Rory Greener

Rory Greener

Last month, cloud communications firm Ericsson revealed plans to migrate 5G developer tools into its customer experience (CX) platform, stemming from Ericsson’s acquisition of Vonage.

Ericsson completed its acquisition earlier this year following approval from the US Committee on Foreign Investments. The firm initially revealed the purchase in November 2021 for $6.2 billion.

The move enables Ericsson to expand its global wireless enterprise communications service. Vonage’s software development suite allows Ericson enterprise clients to leverage 5G networks for internal communications and CX.

Vonage’s suite lowers the barrier to entry for 5G solutions development. The firm’s toolkit contains a unified dashboard that helps IT experts manage 5G networks across a company.

Moreover, the acquisition enables Ericsson developers to access additional tools for creating a rich, 5G-ready CX platform. The tools also help CX developers leverage UCaaS, CCaaS, and conversational AI opportunities.

A Unified Ericsson, Vonage 5G CX Platform

Ericsson clients can accelerate digital transformation operations with the integrated Vonage developer infrastructure. With a combination of Open APIs and efficient 5G network slicing, Ericsson enables its user base to create and distribute feature-rich CX applications from a unified hub.

In a statement, Savinay Berry, the EVP of Product and Engineering at Vonage, said:

Having a function that allows quality of service that can be embedded into a cloud gaming environment will make it easier. Cloud gamers want the real-time experience of gaming.

Vonage’s efficient 5G network slicing makes it easier for enterprise clients to quickly scale a CX experience for target use cases.

Berry also noted that his firm currently has 120,000 enterprise customers. He also added that many customers show interest in “sharing video feeds at scale during live events.”

Integrated 5G Communications and Networking

According to Berry, Ericsson’s unified Vonage 5G development suite is still in its early stages.

The firm is partnering with enterprise clients as part of an early access program designed to create 5G-integrated CX services. The early enterprise partners will gain access to tools and support in developing applications that showcase the newfound power of Ericsson’s platform.

Berry said Ericsson would unveil its early enterprise applications in the coming quarters. The applications come as the firm aims to become the leader in next-generation wireless networks and communication opportunities.

In Ericsson’s 2022 Mobility Report, the firm detailed that in 2028, 5G subscriptions could increase to 5 billion users. The report also forecasted that in 2028, 5G could make up 88 percent of all mobile subscriptions in Western Europe.

Increased Presence of 5G

The increased presence of 4G and 5G leads to the next generation of communications. The emerging technology transfers data faster and allows the streaming of big data assets like real-time 3D (RT3D) content to mobile devices.

For enterprises, enhanced 5G networks enable companies to deliver CX information faster and more efficiently to users at scale. Enterprise clients can leverage high-speed 5G networks to drive customer engagement with innovative marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, ever-evolving communication networks allow telecommunication companies to reach more customers without a customer’s location or device presenting roadblocks.

Improved network communications can also assist with internal enterprise communication and collaboration. By leveraging internal 5G networks, companies can quickly deliver vital information and communicate via video on a reliable and secure infrastructure.

Moreover, 4G and 5G networks can assist in operating IoT applications, immersive solutions, and remote guidance services which integrate various file types.

Networking opportunities are ever-growing thanks to innovative 5G solutions providers like Ericsson and Vonage. With increasing interest in 5G for enterprises and consumers alike, the time is now to enter the next stage of communication.



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