Contact Lens for Amazon Connect Review: Sensitive Data Redaction 

Rebekah Carter

Machine learning powers real-time analytics 

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Contact Lens for Amazon Connect Review: Sensitive Data Redaction 

Knowledge is power in the contact centre. The more you know about your customers and the journey they take when interacting with your business, the more you can accomplish. A better insight into your customer journeys translates into more personalised, meaningful interactions and happier customers. Unfortunately, collecting the right information isn’t always easy. 

Amazon, one of the market leaders in cloud-based technology, now promises business leaders a more convenient way to collect audience insights. Designed for the Amazon Connect contact centre, the “Contact Lens” solution is powered by machine learning. Contact Lens allows companies to dive deeper into the trends and sentiment in customer conversations, to identify crucial product and company feedback. You can also track things like compliance and security. 

Let’s explore what companies can really do with Amazon Connect Contact Lens. 

Contact Lens for Amazon Connect Review: Features 

The Contact Lens feature for Amazon Connect opens the door to a new level of customer understanding. You can track compliance in contact centre conversations, collect information to train agents, and build strategies on what you learn. 

Supervisors can conduct full-text searches on all transcripts to troubleshoot customer issues fast. Additionally, real-time capabilities mean you can get alerts about issues that might emerge during conversations. Some of the features of Amazon Contact Lens for Amazon Connect include: 

  • Multiple language options 
  • Sensitive data redaction 
  • Real-time API access 
  • Content encrypted in transit and at rest 
  • Correlation with other Amazon Connect features 
  • Amazon data storage options 
  • Custom visualisations for data 
  • Comprehensive documentation and guidance 
  • Automated contact categories 
  • ML-powered intent tracking 
  • Call recordings and transcripts 
  • User-defined permission groups 
  • Real-time reviews of sentiment 
  • Real-time alerts and supervisor notifications 
  • Advanced conversational search 
  • Detailed sentiment analysis with NLP 
  • Easy-to-use visual dashboard 

The Amazon Contact Lens functionality is just one of the many impressive features available for Amazon Connect. This solution works alongside all of the other leading features from Amazon Connect, including omni-channel routing, agent experience, and customisable reports for insights into business and customer interactions. There’s also access to a range of integrations in case you need to connect your contact centre and analytics to other tools. 

Contact Lens for Amazon Connect Review: Benefits 

Built to give companies a more immersive behind-the-scenes look at the contact centre, Amazon Contact Lens for Connect ensures you can keep your finger on the pulse of audience conversations. With a few clicks, business leaders can use machine learning to understand what kind of steps guide their clients through their purchasing journey, from start to finish. 

Aside from giving you a better understanding of your target audience, Contact Lens for Amazon Connect also enables better employee management, particularly in today’s hybrid world. You can collect information to train remote agents, make sure your employees are staying compliant, and even set up instant notifications in case something goes wrong.  

Benefits of Amazon Contact Lens include: 

  • Extensive analytics: Contact Lens allows companies to use natural language processing and speech-to-text to develop a deeper understanding of their audience. You can analyse everything from customer sentiment to call transcripts and conversation elements to understand and detect issues in every interaction. You’ll also be able to track whether your agents are performing according to expectations
  • Conversational search: Amazon makes tracking specific information easy. You can conduct full-text searches when amid calls, using keywords, agent and customer sentiment scores, and even non-talk time to identify important information. You’ll even be able to track valuable information about which words are most common in calls so that you can improve agent training strategies
  • Real-time alerts: Real-time alerts help companies to avoid losing their customer’s trust and loyalty. You’ll be able to set your own rules to flag customer experience issues with categories based on phrase and keyword matching. For instance, if a customer says they want to cancel a subscription in a call, Amazon can immediately alert a supervisor to ensure agents get the help they need to preserve the relationship
  • Transcripts with data redaction: The Amazon Contact Lens solution allows agents to pass real-time transcripts to the next professional to take the call, so clients don’t have to repeat themselves. Contact Lens will also automatically detect and redact sensitive information like names, social security numbers and addresses from transcripts and recordings. You’ll be able to control who has access to redacted and non-redacted information
  • Contact categorisation: For better compliance and conversation management, companies can create and define contact categories based on specific criteria. The machine-learning optimized categorization engine understands spoken phrases, context, and intent, to help you move the right people into the correct categories. You can even use category labels to create scorecards showing which agents adhere to standard sign-off and greeting requirements

Already, various high-level companies are using Contact Lens with Amazon Connect to improve their knowledge of their audience and boost relationships with customers. An intelligent environment for audience intent and sentiment insight can make it easier for businesses of all sizes to avoid losing the loyalty of their target audience with personalised and engaging experiences. 

Contact Lens for Amazon Connect: Verdict 

As customer experience continues to stand at the top of the list for the most important differentiating factors in any business environment, tools like Amazon Connect Contact Lens reign supreme. An excellent addition to the flexible and scalable Amazon Connect environment, Contact Lens shows you everything you need to know about your target audience. 

Immersive and extensive analytical insights mean you can track each stage of the customer journey while collecting information about context, intent, and sentiment. There’s also access to real-time alerts so you can immediately get your agents the assistance they need in a difficult situation. With content categorisation, data redaction, and machine learning all built-in, Contact Lens effectively makes the contact centre more intelligent.  



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