Zoho Desk Review: Omni-Channel Service 

Zoho Desk’s Omni-channel Approach to Delighting Customers 

Zoho Desk Review Omni-Channel Service 

Last Edited: October 25, 2021

Rebekah Carter

Attracting, delighting, and retaining customers are all crucial to running a successful business. As new companies continue to pop up around the globe and consumers have more choice than ever, brands are under an increasing amount of pressure. Fail to deliver a consistent level of service through every channel and interaction, and you risk losing your valuable clients.  

Fortunately, the right technology can help. Zoho, a market leader in customer service and productivity tools, offers “Zoho Desk” for omni-channel customer support. Recognised by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for 2021 CRM Customer Engagement Centres, Zoho Desk currently supports more than 50,000 businesses worldwide.  

The streamlined technology helps companies to enhance agent productivity, ensure customer happiness, and build loyalty over time. The context-aware self-help desk ensures brands can continue to deliver the same meaningful experience from one channel to the next. Let’s take a closer look at what Zoho Desk can do. 

Zoho Desk Review: Features 

Zoho Desk is an all-in-one ecosystem for omni-channel customer service and employee support. Designed to support businesses in an environment where clients are connecting with brands through multiple channels every day, Zoho Desk empowers the modern workforce. With this helpdesk technology, businesses can deliver the meaningful interactions customers are looking for across every channel, and even support self-service experiences. 

Combining artificial intelligence insights with workflow automation and agent productivity tools, Zoho Desk unlocks new levels of business performance across all verticals and business sizes. What’s more, like many of Zoho’s tools, the Desk environment is constantly evolving with new features. Here are some of the capabilities you can expect right now: 

  • Web and mobile app for omni-channel communication 
  • Workflow automation with cross-functional service processes 
  • Insights into accountability and process bottlenecks 
  • Omni-channel conversations across email, phone, chat, website, and phone 
  • Track all conversations in the same environment
  • Follow-up activity task assignments 
  • Integrations with tools like Slack, Trello, and Microsoft Teams 
  • Rest API connectivity and SDKs 
  • Self-service support with knowledge bases, user communities and AI bots 
  • Intelligent insights into support tickets and customer sentiment 
  • Intelligent triaging of support tickets via Zia  

Zoho Desk is an intelligent and immersive solution for customer service and support. Enabling teams with access to things like sentiment insight and ticket routing, the Zoho Desk environment transforms productivity. Companies can build their ticketing system within Desk to suit their individual needs, set up automations, and manage workflows regardless of where conversations are coming from. 

Zoho Desk Review: Benefits 

Zoho Desk combines the various strands of customer conversations and interactions in your business in an all-in-one environment for amazing service and support. The omni-channel ticketing system means you don’t have to jump between different channels to engage with customers and track what they said in previous conversations. This also means companies can offer more consistent and contextual experiences to their target audience with fewer repetitive conversations. 

On top of omni-channel ticketing, Zoho Desk also offers advanced features like AI insights and intelligent routing, workflow automation planning, and access to self-service, so your customers can solve more of their problems themselves. Some of the most significant benefits of Zoho Desk include: 

  • True omni-channel interactions: Being able to monitor and manage your customer conversations across multiple channels saves time. It also means you can provide a more consistent and contextual experience. With omni-channel ticket management and routing, companies can also use information about a customer to determine where to send requests and support issues, to enable quicker time to resolution
  • Workflow automation: Whether you’re managing a traditional or hybrid team, workflow automation can help to make your workforce more efficient. Using Zoho Desk, companies can easily assemble workflows in a drag-and-drop builder, helping to train new hires and guide existing employees. There are even places where you can automate certain tasks entirely, to take the pressure off your team
  • Comprehensive integrations: Zoho Desk is flexible enough to enable connections with the tools your team already uses. You can access native integrations with leading tools like Microsoft Teams and Google Docs. There’s also the opportunity to build custom solutions with custom functions using APIs and SDK technology. The ultra-open environment is perfect for a scaling business
  • Support customers with self-service: Offering self-service as part of your omni-channel approach to customer support is one of the best ways to stay ahead of the curve. Today’s customers are increasingly demanding more self-service options, and providing knowledgebases, FAQs, and bots through Zoho Desk fills that need. Plus, self-service options can help to take the pressure off your human agents
  • Artificial intelligence enhancements: With Zia, the Zoho AI solution, already built into your Desk environment, you’ll be able to discover all the benefits of an intelligent ecosystem. The Zia solution can easily direct service requests to the right agents based on context and help with detecting customer service and satisfaction levels

Who Needs Zoho Desk? 

Overall, the Zoho Desk environment improves agent productivity at scale by transforming how employees work to manage the customer journey. Companies can build 24/7 support teams without having to pay for global employees. Plus, it’s easy to manage support processes with seamless automated workflows too.  

Zoho Desk streamlines your workforce and provides access to deeper insights on your customer journey so that you can deliver more meaningful support. With the extra benefits of AI analytics and a robust community, any business can thrive with Zoho Desk.  

Zoho Desk Review: Verdict 

For the modern age of omni-channel customer service, Zoho Desk makes it easy to track customer requests and conversations anywhere. You can use intelligence to route tickets to the right people, gain a more comprehensive view of the customer journey, and deliver more relevant experiences. There’s even a host of partners available to work with you on your Zoho experience, so you can design the automated workflow that’s best for you.  

In a world where great experiences are non-negotiable, companies everywhere can benefit from a solution like Zoho Desk.  



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