Cyara Acquires CentraCX, Gains VoC Capabilities

The vendor becomes the first tech provider to combine CX assurance and VoC solutions

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Published: June 20, 2023

James Stephen

Cyara has announced its acquisition of CentraCX, which will add advanced Voice of the Customer (VoC) capabilities to the company’s portfolio.

CentraCX is a SaaS-based VoC solution that is specifically designed for contact centers and integrated with Genesys Cloud CX.

Describing itself as a “leading AI-led Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Platform provider”, Cyara says the new customer insights will help to enhance customer satisfaction, agent engagement, and brand reputation.

Moreover, the added capabilities make Cyara the first tech provider to offer a combination of customer feedback and CX assurance solutions.

Alok Kulkarni, CEO and Co-founder of Cyara, said: “Today, with rapidly changing technology and ever-increasing customer expectations, delivering a great CX means continuously transforming.

“This requires the ability to both design a great CX and to deliver it with speed and quality.

With the acquisition of CentraCX, we are uniquely able to offer an AI-enabled CX transformation platform that informs CX design with customer insights and feedback and enables delivery of those designs with speed and quality through automated testing and monitoring.”

CentraCX’s insights provide direction for company CX strategies. By combining it with Cyara’s CX assurance expertise, businesses harness new data to improve CX initiatives and customer satisfaction.

The newly acquired solution can analyze feedback, allowing for results tailored to the needs of different organizations and stakeholders across the business, enabling managers to use the data to manage their teams more effectively.

Indeed, CentraCX collects data from various channels, including SMS, voice, email, and web.

Tribal Analytics sets CentraCX apart through its ability to put customer opinion at the heart of decision-making. It combines customer feedback with the agent’s view, creating a system that results in tangible change.

Furthermore, it adds a framework supporting a program of continual improvement, according to Cyara.

Benefits of Cyara’s Updated Offering

Cyara’s latest acquisition bolsters the company’s overall offering as part of its innovation strategy for improved CX via insights, automation, and AI. This also includes:

  • Journey optimization to enhance CX design through customer feedback.
  • CX transformation to automate testing within an Agile/DevOps framework.
  • Conversational AI testing, with access to Cyara’s large-language model (LLM) for accelerated training.
  • Load testing to see whether the contact center can endure high-stress events and ensure customers can contact from anywhere in the world.
  • Network data monitoring to make sure home networks, ISPs, and system configurations deliver quality customer experiences.
  • Multi-channel communication testing to ensure customers can easily switch between channels and the contact center maintains the context.

Cyara, which boasts a 96 percent retention rate, is now available on Genesys AppFoundry.

Last month, Cyara acquired integrated OpenAI’s GPT-3 to improve the quality and development of conversational AI.

GPT-3 will speed up the creation of training and testing data for Cyara Botium, the company’s conversational AI testing and assurance solution.

Before this, the CX assurance leader also acquired Spearline to cement its leadership in the space.

In July 2022, Cyara launched new chatbot testing features, which included AI-powered data and test generation, extended performance testing, and an interactive voice response channel and voice testing.

Shortly before this, in May 2022, Cyara acquired Botium, a no-code test automation toolset provider, to bolster its digital CX assurance capabilities.

The acquisition brought with it 1,500 customers and 185,000 open-source users to carry out over one million chatbot tests.



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