Which Workforce Optimisation Solutions Save Agents Time?

Rebekah Carter

Creating an optimised, efficient workforce

Which Workforce Optimisation Solutions Save Agents Time?

Workforce Optimisation tools are quickly emerging as an essential part of the business technology stack. Particularly now, in a landscape where employees are working in distributed environments, leaders need a way to empower, optimise, and support the workforce.

The right WFO solutions can give you a better insight into your company’s performance, help you prepare for spikes in demand, and even reduce expenses. However, this technology is also a valuable solution if you want to cut time on wasted time and inefficiencies for staff. Through software integrations, omni-channel support, and AI enhancements, your workforce management, and optimisation tool helps teams to unlock their true potential.

A Single, Intelligent Environment for Productivity

Workforce optimisation tools bring employees together wherever they are to encourage better business outcomes, improved efficiencies, and greater results. Most of the time, these tools come ready to integrate with your contact centre system, allowing for intelligent routing and staff schedule management. When it comes to delivering valuable time savings, some of the most important features of a WFO tool are:

  • Real-time analytics: Real-time analytics show your employees where they need to focus their attention to stay on par with business benchmarks. This improves motivation and reduces the risk of procrastination. However, the analytics can also inform supervisors when employees are having issues with call connections, technology, or difficult customers. This means it’s easier to step in, rectify the problem, and repair productivity levels
  • Omni-channel integrations: Jumping between multiple tabs and tools to manage different customer conversations is a drain on time. WFO solutions can provide an aligned backend where employees can track all of their tasks and projects with minimal confusion. This saves time, but it also reduces the risk of lost information. Many tools also allow for integration with other tools, like service desk software and CRMs
  • Automation: Automated reporting solutions mean that companies can gather information about their employees, processes, and customers automatically. This reduces the need for manual data entry from team members. Fewer repetitive tasks mean more time spent focusing on the interactions that matter most
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI bots and virtual assistants can instantly collect and surface valuable information for users in a business environment. For your agents, this could mean giving them instant access to valuable data on a client so that they can deliver more personalized experiences, faster

Even something as simple as real-time scheduling can assist your workforce in remaining productive. When employees can quickly swap shifts and get time off approved, there’s less back-and-forth administration to worry about.

Creating an Empowered Workforce

Workforce optimization and management tools are ideal for improving employee and team productivity in more ways than one. Aside from giving business leaders a better way to manage their staff, the right solutions can also help employees with managing and optimising their time. Whether through AI assistants or automated tools, WFO solutions streamline the work experience for the modern agent. What’s more, they can deliver the same benefits wherever that agent is, making them perfect for the hybrid era.



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