Oracle Cloud CX Platform Review: Robust at Low Cost

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Oracle Cloud CX Platform Review: Robust at Low Cost

Oracle, one of the market leaders in cloud technology, offers a host of fantastic tools designed to augment the modern team. Oracle Cloud CX platform is just one of the many tools available for business leaders today. This cloud platform incorporates a selection of market-leading technologies with best-practice guidance, to strengthen customer satisfaction.

Oracle built the Cloud CX platform to be simple enough for any member of staff to manage. However, there are also plenty of features to ensure that the platform remains on the cutting edge as customer expectations evolve.

Let’s explore some of the features and functionality of the Oracle Cloud CX platform.

Oracle Cloud CX Platform Review: Features

The Oracle Cloud CX platform is built on the underlying cloud technology of the Oracle brand. This means that users can expect access to an immersive environment brimming with connected data. The platform offers a behind-the-scenes insight into customer behaviours, transactional trends, and company processes. You can also implement things like AI recommendations for more personalised customer journeys and pave the way for better business decisions.

Features include:

  • Unity customer data platform: The unity customer data platform contains a unified customer profile, customer profile enrichment, real-time smart segmentation, and actionable intelligence. You can also integrate the experience with a range of tools
  • Content management CX: A native cloud CX content management solution with an API-first infrastructure. This tool simplifies the creation, syndication, and distribution of relevant content for omni-channel experiences. There’s even a video creation platform built-in, to help with creating better content
  • Robust integrations: Users can connect all data, process, and applications on a single platform, with the flexibility to connect tools with an API gateway, AI-mapping recommendations, and prebuilt process flows. The point-and-click UI means that even non-developers can automate and enhance various processes
  • Low code development: Visual low code building system so you can configure and design experiences that meet your customer experience needs. The fully-featured CI/CD tools from Oracle mean that you don’t need an in-house developer to create standalone mobile and web experiences, or native extensions for your company
  • Security: Intended to reduce the risk of the customer experience environment, the Oracle security system comes with various modules for identity protection, compliance, predictive analysis, unified single sign-on, and more. Security solutions can also include PII monitoring and continuous behavioural monitoring
  • Analytics: Oracle ensures that you can learn from every conversion with customers, through access to AI and machine learning, data visualization, Oracle adaptive intelligence, and smart-data connectors. You can access best-practice recommendations on how to move forward with customer conversations and build in-depth views of your target audience
  • Digital Assistants: Enhance your team with a digital assistant that supports the next generation of conversational customer service. Digital assistants come with pre-built skills, natural language processing, and even intent detection. You can build your own assistant or chatbot, make it multi-lingual, and expose it to various testing and analysis processes

Oracle Cloud CX Platform Review: Benefits

The Oracle Cloud CX Platform is built to drive a new level of customer service, through a connected, data-rich experience. The data-first platform ensures that you can see the entire end-to-end journey of your customers through each sale and service interaction. Connected content further ensures that it’s easier to get accurate insights into business operations.

Some of the biggest benefits of Oracle Cloud CX include:

  • User-friendliness: Every part of the Cloud CX environment is designed to be user-friendly, even for people who have never used code. The customer data platform comes with an intuitive interface where you can check customer profiles, or search through actionable intelligence recommendations. Analytics are available in a visual format that’s easy to consume and share. You can even build your own automations and CX workflows in a no-code environment
  • Excellent security: Managing exceptional customer experiences also means being able to offer fantastic security and privacy. Oracle’s Cloud CX is built on the Generation 2 Cloud security platform, which offers a comprehensive range of identity, compliance, and threat detection features. There’s AI-based predictive analysis, continuous behaviour monitoring, and security features like SSO and multifactor authentication
  • Flexibility: Connecting all of the components of your CX system ensures that you can get a complete and accurate view of the customer journey. Oracle is all about connectivity at various points of the CX cycle. In the Cloud CX environment, you can connect applications, processes, and data on a single platform with pre-built process flows to help you, API gateways, and integration insights for business users
  • AI assistance: As companies become increasingly reliant on digital tools to enhance their human agents, Oracle is on the cutting edge of the marketplace. The digital assistant module within the Cloud CX environment allows businesses to build chatbots and conversational AI solutions with existing templates. There’s intent detection and crowdsource training utterances to access and conversational design workshops and rich documentation
  • Consistency: Oracle aims to deliver a comprehensive environment where you can manage all of your customer data and CX content in a shared environment. For companies that need to build a more reliable way of managing marketing assets, content, company files, videos, images, and marketing assets, Oracle Cloud AI has it all. There’s even collaboration and workflow support for the entire team

Oracle Cloud CX Platform Review: Verdict

Built on a powerful cloud environment, Oracle Cloud CX is a state-of-the-art CX system that connects various customer journeys. Giving you the power you need to make better business decisions, the CX environment is packed full of connectivity and integration options, no-code workflow opportunities, and automations.

Through Oracle, you can align all of your team members, no matter which group or department they come from. What’s more, a complete overview of customer journeys makes it easier to decide what great customer experiences look like to your audience.

Combine all that with some of the most dependable security around, and it’s easy to see why Oracle is becoming a market leader in CX.



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