8×8 Launches New XCaaS Contact Center Capabilities

The updates include AI-powered self-service, improved agent visibility, and new integrations

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Published: April 28, 2023

James Stephen

8×8 has updated its XCaaS contact center to include AI-powered self-service, improved agent visibility, and new integrations.

The Software as a Service provider is also launching updates to its unified communications platform with mobile administration enhancements, audit history in the admin console, messaging improvements, and certifications.

XCaaS (Experience Communications as a Service) is a cloud communications deployment model which combines Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS). Launched in 2021, the solution is designed to enhance hybrid agent experiences.

Hunter Middleton, Chief Product Officer at 8×8, said: “Organizations are constantly evolving, so it’s imperative that their technology vendors anticipate and prepare for those changes by evolving themselves.

We are continuing to innovate and advance our 8×8 XCaaS cloud contact center and communications platform to ensure that our customers always have the tools and resources they need to guarantee exceptional employee and customer engagement.

8×8 Contact Center Updates

Earlier this month, 8×8 announced that its contact center would be gaining a string of AI updates, including 8×8 Intelligent Customer Assistant.

8×8 Intelligent Customer Assistant is a conversational AI solution that allows organizations to create automated self-service interactions over digital channels.

The benefits of this AI technology include quicker first contact resolution via end-to-end automation, reduced agent workload through performing repetitive tasks, and personalized customer interactions using pre-built integrations.

The AI customer assistant also improves decision-making with analytics tools for managers.

8×8 Agent Workspace, which was launched around a year ago, has now been updated.

The dashboard offers users a single view of agents and queues plus, in one click, see the availability of co-workers and service demand levels.

Third-party integrations can also help to bolster agent productivity and customer experience, according to 8×8.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration, for example, has a Customer Service module, which improves agent productivity by adding a communications center feature into critical workflows. It also enhances customer engagement by allowing agents to personalize interactions.

A further integration with Salesforce Sales Engagement enables agents to deal with interactions more quickly by providing access to customer records across all channels, thereby improving the experience for customers.

8×8 Unified Communications Improvements

Using the 8×8 Work for Mobile app, the 8×8 Mobile Admin reveals critical configurations, metrics, and parameters, improving the efficiency of 8×8 services.

The new capability lets system administrators execute daily tasks from their mobile devices, as well as offering visibility into incidents and updates, such as activity metrics for call volumes.

Administrators can also access historical configuration details via the 8×8 Admin Console to gain total audit visibility, including details of any changes made.

US and Canadian organizations can comply with the latest SMS requirements and improve the deliverability of messages through SMS 10DLC Application-to-Person (A2P) Registration.

New phones and accessories compatible with 8×8 have been certified, such as the Poly Edge E series desk phones, Poly and EPOS headsets, Yealink T5 series desk phones, and SYNC’s USB accessories.

8×8 XCaaS is a single-vendor solution consisting of a cloud contact center, video calling, business phone, team chat, and SMS. It is built on the company’s secure and compliant 8×8 eXperience Communications Platform.

Walt Weisner, 8×8 Chief Customer Officer, spoke to CX Today recently about the value of 8×8, as well as providing four reasons why 8×8 will lead with its CCaaS arm.

First, Weisner believes the CCaaS market is less saturated. Second, it is less mature. Third, the switch provides a greater justification for XCaaS and, finally, analysts score 8×8 highly for CCaaS.



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