9 Impressive Dialpad AI Contact Center Features for CX

The Top Dialpad AI Contact Center Features to Explore

9 Impressive Dialpad AI Contact Center Features for CX - CX Today News
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Published: November 10, 2023

Rebekah Carter

The Dialpad AI contact center is one of the most innovative CCaaS solutions. As artificial intelligence transforms CX workflows, countless vendors have begun implementing machine learning, generative AI, and LLMs into their platforms.

However, Dialpad is one of the few companies to place AI directly at the heart of its CCaaS platform. Promising the world’s most advanced AI engagement platform, combined with AI sales tools and self-service solutions, Dialpad is empowering true contact center transformation.

If you’re wondering what the most exciting features of the Dialpad AI contact center are for 2023 and beyond, you’re in the right place. Here’s your guide to the intelligent Dialpad capabilities every business should consider exploring this year.

The Top Dialpad AI Contact Center Features

Though many modern CCaaS vendors offer omnichannel cloud contact center platforms infused with AI, Dialpad delivers something different. Every aspect of the Dialpad contact center has been enhanced by the latest innovations in AI and machine learning.

These tools give companies the resources to deliver more personalized and unique customer experiences. However, they’re also designed to enhance your contact center agents’ performance, productivity, and engagement levels.

Here are some of the most innovative Dialpad AI features you should consider implementing for your team.

1. Dialpad AI Transcriptions and Sentiment Analysis

The Dialpad AI contact center makes surfacing valuable insights from conversations easier than ever. The industry-leading transcription engine built into the contact center offers unparalleled accuracy. Plus, it can transcribe conversations in real time.

Aside from improving compliance and call clarity, Dialpad’s AI-driven transcription engine can also deliver call summaries to agents after every conversation. These summaries include action items, key topics covered, and even insights into sentiment.

Built-in sentiment analysis technology even allows the Dialpad toolkit to notify supervisors and agents when a customer’s attitude begins to shift so they can jump in and help agents. Plus, machine learning makes the system more advanced and accurate over time.

2. Dialpad Self-Service Tools

While self-service tools like chatbots and IVR systems might not be new to the contact center, they’re growing more advanced. The Dialpad AI contact center self-service tools make it easier for companies to automate everyday conversations, with built-in conversational AI call deflection.

When building custom chatbots within the Dialpad ecosystem, companies can integrate knowledge sources like CRMs, ticketing systems, and websites for personalized discussions. Plus, you can design entire workflows with a drag-and-drop editor (no coding required). Ongoing machine learning ensures you can consistently improve the customer experience based on data and discoveries.

Plus, Dialpad can even help companies identify missing knowledge sources for FAQs and websites based on frequently asked by customers. There’s even a deep semantic search feature that allows bots to examine all of your content to deliver valuable answers to customers.

3. Dialpad AI Contact Center Intelligent Routing

Upgrading your routing strategy is one of the best ways to improve CX metrics and customer satisfaction. The Dialpad AI contact center supports omnichannel routing for traditional and digital channels. You can connect with customers through phone, web chat, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more.

Plus, since you can integrate data from your CRM and customer intelligence tools, the Dialpad system is excellent at routing calls based on customer histories and preferences. The system can even deflect calls to conversational AI agents when certain conditions are met.

Unlike other contact center routing solutions, Dialpad offers advanced built-in relationship analysis tools. This means agents can reference an entire conversation history with a customer during a conversation for enhanced personalization.

4. Dialpad AI Employee Coaching

Dialpad knows employee experience and customer experiences are closely connected. As such, it’s one of the few companies to implement live coaching into the entire employee workflow. Supervisors and managers can use AI tools to find coachable moments at a glance. Dashboards and analytics demonstrate where employees struggle so business leaders can jump in.

Plus, the AI agent assist technology ensures supervisors don’t always have to be available to offer employee support. AI solutions deliver automatically triggered pop-ups on their screens with notes on responding to queries and concerns.

The Agent Assist tool can scan through all connected knowledge sources, from PDFs to past customer calls, to provide agents with in-depth information whenever needed.

5. Dialpad Quality Assurance and Insights

Speaking of Dialpad AI contact center features that enhance employee performance, the analytics and reporting tools built into the platform are incredible. Not only does Dialpad automatically transcribe and summarize calls for you, but it can also highlight relationships and contextual insights.

Dialpad also offers automated and AI-driven quality assurance solutions. With these QA tools, companies can reduce compliance risks, improve agent adherence, and track critical metrics.

The AI system automatically acknowledges when QA Scorecard criteria have been met and draws attention to coaching opportunities.

6. AI CSAT Scoring

The Dialpad AI contact center is one of the first solutions on the market to take a new approach to monitoring customer satisfaction scores. Dialpad recognized companies were getting a restricted view of customer satisfaction ratings due to an inability to collect insights from every conversation.

To address this issue, the company created an AI CSAT tool that automatically scores every call, allowing companies to access more robust insights. Dialpad’s predictive analytics mean companies can immediately understand customer satisfaction levels and access optimization opportunities.

Plus, companies can use automation to send out automatic SMS surveys, combined with AI CSAT solutions, for an even more comprehensive view of customer experience.

7. DialpadGPT

Generative AI technologies are taking the contact center landscape by storm. Many of the world’s top contact center vendors already invest in open-source LLMs to build their solutions. DialpadGPT, integrated with the Dialpad AI contact center, is one of the most exciting innovations in this landscape.

The uniquely specialized large language model solution gives companies rapid access to precise, scalable, and customizable generative AI features. Agents can access instant call summaries, in-the-moment coaching, and more for all use cases.

Since DialpadGPT is trained in business conversations, it’s excellent at extracting action items and customer satisfaction scores from discussions. Dialpad also allows companies to configure the solution to their specific needs with first-party business data.

8. Dialpad Customer Intelligence Platform

Dialpad’s customer intelligence platform, integrated with the Dialpad AI contact center solution, allows companies to unify various data sources for more robust insights. The solution can gather detailed customers from different environments using powerful integrations.

Then, the Dialpad AI and machine learning algorithms analyze the insights to deliver actionable insights to business leaders. This unified customer intelligence platform helps companies make intelligent decisions on personalizing and enhancing customer experience.

Plus, since Dialpad complies with a range of industry regulations and guidelines, companies can rest assured that their unified data will remain safe and secure.

9. AI Collaboration Tools

Finally, the Dialpad AI contact center ensures companies in today’s flexible workforce can unify and align their employees as effectively as possible. With built-in collaboration features for video and audio meetings enhanced by intelligence, agents can accomplish more.

Every agent gains access to a unified ecosystem where they can access support from other subject matter experts during customer conversations. Teams can communicate via messaging and share videos, photos, and files with team members.

This intelligent environment gives employees more freedom to work effectively together when solving complex consumer challenges.

The Innovative Dialpad AI Contact Center

Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming a must-have component of any contact center. However, the Dialpad AI contact center approaches the concept of CX intelligence, unlike any other platform on the market. By infusing AI and machine learning into every aspect of the digital contact center experience, Dialpad unlocks new opportunities for both customer and employee engagement.

As the company continues to innovate, investing in LLMs, generative AI, and more advanced algorithms, Dialpad’s AI contact center is poised to disrupt the customer service landscape.

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