Talkdesk is Helping Bring Water to the Desert

The Las Vegas Valley Water District is looking to Talkdesk to modernize and improve its CX offerings.

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Published: March 21, 2024

Rhys Fisher

The Las Vegas Valley Water District has chosen Talkdesk’s AI-powered solutions to help enhance its customer service channels.

The not-for-profit provides water for approximately 1.7 million residents in Southern Nevada, and is targeting AI and automation innovations to ensure agents can deliver faster, seamless customer support.

The Vegas-based organization is looking to deploy a significant number of Talkdesk solutions in its bid to modernize its current contact center systems.

These solutions include Talkdesk CX Cloud, Talkdesk Copilot, and Talkdesk Customer Experience Analytics – all of which will assist the Las Vegas Valley Water District in its remit to provide its staff and customers with access to “forward-thinking customer experience technology.”

In discussing the news, Doa Ross – Deputy General Manager of Las Vegas Valley Water District – was enthusiastic about the partnership with Talkdesk:

“We are committed to delivering an outstanding customer experience that meets or surpasses our customers’ evolving expectations.”

Innovative companies like Talkdesk provide leading-edge technology that maximizes value for all customers and keeps us ahead of the curve in satisfying their needs. We look forward to launching these enhanced features this year.

But how will adopting these new solutions impact the water utility provider’s CX offerings? Let’s take a closer look at exactly what these innovations can deliver.

Talkdesk’s Trio of Tech Triumphs

The idea of providing water in a desert landscape like Las Vegas certainly has powerful connotations, whether it be biblical references, or – for anyone who has watched the recent blockbuster, Dune 2 – images of terrifying gigantic sand worms.

However, as the provider of an essential utility to almost two million people, for the Las Vegas Valley Water District it is the far more straightforward proposition of ensuring it is delivering the best customer experience that it can.

In order to achieve this, the organization has leveraged the following three Talkdesk solutions:

Talkdesk CX Cloud

As the name suggests, the Talkdesk CX Cloud is a cloud-based contact center platform.

The CX-specific solution is tailored to assist businesses in competing more efficiently in a dynamic landscape, through the implmentation of AI-powered applications.

This cloud platform integrates enterprise-level scalability with user-friendly simplicity, capable of flexibly adjusting to your business requirements and helping agents provide more efficient, accurate, and insightful customer support.

Talkdesk Customer Experience Analytics

This solution provides dedicated CX analytics tools driven by generative AI, allowing businesses to extract insights from customer conversations through natural language processing and sentiment analysis.

These tools will allow the Las Vegas Valley Water District to identify customer pain points, improve customer service strategies through data-driven suggestions, and analyze interaction patterns for intent and sentiment.

This will enable agents to resolve issues and complaints more efficiently – reducing average handling time and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Talkdesk Copilot

The copilot utilizes AI capabilities to support customer service agents by providing access to and recommendations for resources that will help the agent deal with queries more quickly and easily.

Speaking about the capacity of Talkdesk’s tools at the announcement, Tiago Paiva – Chief Executive Officer and Founder – said:

Talkdesk is proud to add Las Vegas Valley Water District to its growing roster of utility companies and non-profits using the company’s AI-powered contact center technology to modernize the customer and agent experience.

More Talkdesk Talk

Interestingly, Talkdesk has also recently launched a new GenAI-powered autopilot that is designed to specifically support certain industries.

As well as AI, the virtual agent also has prebuilt flows, and tailored conversations for retail and financial services sectors.

The CCaaS provider claims that the tool is designed to handle complex use cases, understand customer journeys, and provide intelligent responses autonomously.

Dubbed by Talkdesk as the “first industry-specific, GenAI-driven virtual agent” of its kind, the tool is pre-trained in real-life scenarios based on banking, credit union, and retail experiences.

The company anticipates that Autopilot will enhance contact center efficiency, thereby boosting revenue opportunities and agent productivity.

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