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Published: February 9, 2024

Rebekah Carter

If you’re not investing in customer experience analytics tools, you’re missing out. After all, 84% of customers say experiences are more important than the company’s services or products.

Unfortunately, as customer expectations continue to evolve at a breakneck pace, it’s difficult to know whether you’re living up to expectations. You need the right insights to understand your customers better, adapt to their needs, and outperform the competition.

That’s where customer experience analytics tools shine, helping you dive into the data behind customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Here’s your complete guide to the benefits of customer experience analytics tools, how they work, and some top options for 2024.

What are Customer Experience Analytics Tools?

Customer Experience Analytics, or CX Analytics, is gathering and evaluating data from various touchpoints in the customer journey. The information you collect about the customer journey, contact preferences, and loyalty drivers ensures you can implement the right CX strategies within your business.

Customer experience analytics tools help you gather and unify crucial CX data or convert it into meaningful insights for your team. It can include everything from survey and customer feedback tools used to analyze CSAT and NPS scores to contact center analytical tools, customer journey mapping software, and performance management apps.

Many of the best tools for customer analytics can also combine data from different environments, such as a CRM system that integrates with your voice of the customer tools and contact center or a customer data platform. The purpose of these tools is to give companies a convenient way to examine CX data and discover crucial connections.

With the right software and solutions, you can discover how average handling times and first-time resolution rates affect customer churn. You can learn which channels you should pay the most attention to in your omnichannel contact center and what drives customer loyalty.

The Benefits of Customer Experience Analytics Tools

The benefits of customer experience analytics tools stem from their ability to ensure you can get the most value out of your CX data. When you can comprehensively examine each component of your CX strategy and understand the impact it has on your consumers, you can:

  • Make better decisions: Analyzing the customer experience helps you see and understand why customers behave in a certain way when interacting with your company. This paves the way for better decision-making for your future CX strategy.
  • Improve customer retention: The better you serve your customers, the more likely you are to retain loyal buyers. Greater retention rates lead to stronger profits, as well as customer advocacy. You can even reduce your customer acquisition costs by creating referral programs.
  • Personalize experiences: Comprehensive customer experience analytics can help you segment your customers into different groups based on their needs. This allows you to personalize each interaction.
  • Improve employee productivity: When your agents understand your customers, they can deliver service more effectively. You can even use your insights to create step-by-step guides, scripts, and training sessions for agents, which boost the performance of your contact center.
  • Outperform the competition: Since CX is the most essential tool for differentiating your company from the competition, analytics give you the tools you need to stand out. You can improve your chances of capturing new customers, retaining their loyalty, and even driving buyers away from your competitors.
  • Deliver proactive service: The historical data you gather with your customer experience analytics tools is excellent for predicting future customer needs. With the correct information, you can launch your “proactive” service strategy to stay one step ahead of issues.

12 Excellent Customer Experience Analytics Tools for 2024

Customer experience analytics tools can take many forms. They include customer feedback solutions to CRM systems and comprehensive contact center kits. The systems that deliver the best results for your business will depend on several factors, from your target audience to your CX strategy.

However, based on our reviews of leading CX tools, here are some options you can consider in 2024.

1. Userpilot: SaaS customer experience analytics tools

Ideal for SaaS companies, Userpilot is a product growth and adoption platform. It features a range of capabilities that help you monitor customer behavior as they interact with your product. Plus, it allows you to create journey maps based on those insights.

You can create welcome screens to capture customer information and use UI elements like tooltips and checklists for onboarding. You can also segment customers to find your most important VIP clients and create surveys to measure customer satisfaction and feedback data.

There’s also the option to create product analytics dashboards, which give you a comprehensive view of the customer experience within your product at a glance.

2. HubSpot: Voice of the customer insights

HubSpot is more than just a leading CRM solution; the HubSpot Service Hub is packed with resources to help you make better, data-driven decisions. You can deploy CES, CSAT, NPS, and custom surveys, for a complete view of the voice of your customer.

You can also use built-in tools to analyze the performance and productivity of your service teams, looking at things like number of tickets closed, and average time to close. HubSpot makes it simple to see the connection between your employees’ actions and customer satisfaction rates.

The insights you get are fantastic for making granular changes to each customer touchpoint, designed to increase loyalty, conversions, and reduce churn.

3. Zoho Desk: Multichannel issue tracking

While Zoho Desk is primarily a ticketing tool, it’s also a valuable resource for getting insights into your customers and their journey across multiple channels. It includes its dedicated customer experience analytics solution, which helps companies engage with customers more effectively.

You can measure comprehensive customer service metrics, track issues, manage complaints, and even monitor social media conversations about your brand. The reports and customizable dashboards are great for tracking issues and monitoring team performance.

Zoho Desk has intelligent triaging capabilities via Zia, follow-up activity task assignments, workflow automation, and insights into process bottlenecks.

4. Zendesk: Customer experience analytics tools for touchpoints

Zendesk is a CRM and customer service software ideal for measuring customer experience and satisfaction. With customer experience analytics tools like Zendesk, you can monitor every customer support interaction across multiple channels, from email to phone.

The system can combine data from every channel you use to get a holistic view of the customer journey and the changes you need to make to increase loyalty. Zendesk has various features to support customer service teams, including AI assistants and a unified inbox.

There are powerful tools for enabling personalized conversations, and you get an integrated ticketing system with advanced routing capabilities.

5. Adobe Experience Manager: Experience optimization

Adobe Experience Manager is a core component of the Adobe Experience Cloud. It helps companies create, manage, optimize, and deliver personalized content to clients digitally. The system combines digital asset management and content management with artificial intelligence.

Using web analytics and SEO recommendations, the solutions help companies understand which online assets contribute the most value to the customer experience. This helps marketing teams make better content decisions.

The AI and machine learning capabilities also leverage unified customer profiles to help you design unique experiences. The system also integrates fully with the broader range of Adobe Creative Cloud apps for connectivity, creation, and communication.

6. Genesys: Contact center transformation

Leading CCaaS solution provider, Genesys offers companies a variety of tools for communicating with customers across touchpoints and orchestrating and managing customer journeys. The platform’s features give businesses a behind-the-scenes view of every step their customers take in their journey so they can deliver excellent interactions.

There’s built-in analytics software with voice transcription and sentiment analysis. Moreover, businesses can use comprehensive reporting tools to align data from various environments and track customer experience and agent performance.

Genesys even empowers companies to create predictive experiences with their predictive web engagement tools, which take advantage of journey visualization tools and engagement insights.

7. Sprinklr: Customer experience analytics tools with AI

Offering state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, Sprinklr is one of the best customer experience analytics tools for companies looking to enhance their visibility into the customer journey. There are AI-powered tools for sorting through messages and classifying them based on various tags.

AI-powered social listening tools allow organizations to analyze and monitor millions of conversations per day so you can identify potential reputation issues. Plus, an AI agent assistant displays relevant cases and knowledge articles to agents during conversations.

Sprinklr’s intelligent solutions improve your understanding of the customer experience and empower agents to take full advantage of that knowledge during every interaction.

8. Qualtrics: Comprehensive customer intelligence

Qualtrics is another of the top customer experience analytics tools to take full advantage of the power of AI insights. The company offers tools from automating video summarization to predicting potential customer issues.

With the help of powerful machine learning, AI, and natural language processing, Qualtrics can proactively identify areas you need to improve in your CX strategy. The system can also send automated recommendations to the appropriate people in your workforce to drive performance.

A complete set of listening tools for gathering real-time feedback across the digital landscape exists. You can also access various resources for spotting trends and benchmarking CX metrics.

9. Freshdesk: Elevating customer success

Freshdesk is a leading omnichannel support platform with a range of powerful features. It includes the Freddy AI bot for agent assistance, which helps to automate workflows and improve interactions based on intelligent insights. There’s a customer success product that brings data intelligence into your customer support system, calculating customer health scores and churn potential.

Freshdesk also includes custom portals for intuitive self-service and AI solutions to help you assign agent tickets based on their workload or skill set. The analytical tools are fantastic for gaining granular insights into customer satisfaction and journey metrics.

Moreover, Freshdesk can integrate all the components of your omnichannel customer experience strategy, giving you a comprehensive view of critical touchpoints.

10. Hotjar: Digital customer experience analytics tools

Ideal for companies focusing on digital customer experience, Hotjar is a comprehensive insights platform that assists companies in understanding consumer behavior. It comes with heatmaps to visualize customer interactions with your websites and recording tools.

You also get valuable customizable surveys to collect the voice of the customer insights and a feedback widget to encourage customers to share their thoughts. Hotjar allows companies to create comprehensive funnels to visualize conversion and behavior flows.

It also assists companies in recruiting customers for one-on-one interviews, so you can get more granular information about why customers churn or remain loyal to your brand.

11. Talkdesk: Generative AI insights

Talkdesk, another leading CCaaS provider, offers various features to support companies in delivering excellent customer experience. It’s one of the few companies with dedicated customer experience analytics tools powered by generative AI.

Alongside call monitoring and quality insights, you can draw information from customer conversations using natural language processing and sentiment analysis. The generative AI tools can uncover customer pain points with data mining and suggest practical ways of improving your customer service strategy across multiple channels.

With Talkdesk, companies can analyze every interaction to discover intent and sentiment patterns, automate tasks to prevent customer escalations and build no-code bots. Plus, there are voice of the customer tools for deploying surveys and gaining direct feedback.

12. Salesforce: Analytics for communications

Companies can find countless powerful features within the Salesforce Service Cloud to improve and automate customer support processes. AI-powered tools can dive into your customer data and surface essential trends and insights.

Salesforce also has its own customer data platform, which bridges the gaps between data points throughout your ecosystem. This gives you a more holistic view of the customer journey. You can even leverage dedicated communications analytics tools.

The Analytics for Communication app gives customer service reps instant insights into customer sentiment and intent and empowers businesses to route and manage calls more effectively. There’s even the Einstein GPT feature for generative AI insights.

Discover the Power of Customer Experience Analytics Tools

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is mandatory in today’s world. No matter how good your products or services are or how affordable your pricing might be, your CX strategy determines your success. The only way to ensure you’re developing the right approach to ensure customer satisfaction and retention is to gain the right insights.

Customer experience analytics tools help you discover the meaning behind your customers’ behaviors. They give you a comprehensive view of the customer journey, the touchpoints you need to consider, and the strategies you can use to facilitate growth.

If you want to gain an edge in today’s CX landscape, invest in customer experience analytics tools.


What is customer experience analytics?

Customer experience analytics is collecting, analyzing, and understanding customer data. The goal is to ensure you fully understand your customer’s needs. You see their buyer journey and experience with your products, services, and customer support team.

How do you analyze customer experience data?

The easiest way to analyze customer experience data is to use the right tools. Once you’ve identified the critical touchpoints in your customer’s journey, you can use intuitive software to collect data about sentiment, customer experience, and more, then analyze the patterns and trends.

How many types of customer analytics are there?

There are various types of customer analytics. These include customer journey analytics, customer experience analytics, customer lifetime analytics, behavior analytics, and retention analytics. The more insights you have, the more successful your business will be.

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