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Exploring the Benefits of Talkdesk CX Cloud 

Talkdesk Contact Centre Review Talkdesk CX Cloud
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Published: September 5, 2019

Rebekah Carter

Driven by rising demand for exceptional customer experiences, today’s companies are searching for ever-more advanced CX solutions. Today’s contact centre can’t just be a room full of ringing phones, it needs to be an omni-channel environment, equipped to handle all kinds of demands. 

Fortunately, market leaders like Talkdesk offer state-of-the-art solutions built specifically for CX innovation. The Talkdesk CX Cloud is an end-to-end solution for customer experience designed to help businesses compete more effectively in an evolving world.  

The CX cloud combines enterprise scalability with simplicity in an environment ready to adapt to your business needs. Let’s take a closer look at the features of the CX Cloud. 

Talkdesk CX Cloud Review: Features 

Named a leader in the 2020 CCaaS Magic Quadrant, Talkdesk’s cloud call centre software powers innovative enterprises worldwide, with a customisable, integration-ready environment. The innovative Talkdesk contact centre doesn’t just provide access to the essential global calling functionality you need. This system is also packed with innovations like AI enhancements for intelligent routing and sentiment analysis.  

The flexible contact centre from Talkdesk is endlessly adaptable, so it suits companies of different shapes and sizes. To make the system even more appealing, the Talkdesk brand is constantly investing in new features to make the CCaaS environment more compelling, like dedicated solutions for specific verticals, (such as Talkdesk shopping), and native integrations. Features include: 

  • Extensive enterprise app store with native integrations for your contact centre 
  • Hundreds of APIs and connections to extend your contact centre functionality 
  • Call centre click-to-call, voicemail, and notifications 
  • Automatic call distributor and interactive voice response system 
  • Forward to phone and no-answer call forwarding 
  • Bespoke automated workflows with CRM connections 
  • Ticket tracking, cases and events with Talkdesk 
  • Call monitoring and real-time barging 
  • Talkdesk live reporting features with custom KPIs 
  • Local caller ID 
  • Industry-focused contact centre tools for retail, healthcare, government, and more 
  • Outbound call centre support for stronger sales solutions 
  • Infinite scalability with instant upgrades and enhancements 
  • APIs and SDKs for personalised customisation 
  • Workforce engagement management and quality management 
  • Call recording and AI-enhanced speech analytics 
  • Omni-channel connectivity for email, messaging and chat 
  • Benchmarks and “explore” analytics for business insights 
  • Agent, supervisor, and customer assistance 

Designed to bring everything you need for sensational customer service into one unified environment, the Talkdesk CX Cloud contact centre solution comes packed with functionality. You can add the features you need whenever you choose, and scale your contact centre ecosystem to suit changing business needs, all with premium service and support. 

Talkdesk CX Cloud Review: Benefit 

Created on the cloud with flexibility and scalability in mind, the Talkdesk CX Cloud is a fantastic all-in-one solution for customer service and support. Within the easy-to-use ecosystem, you’ll find tools for things like workforce engagement and quality management matched with call-recording and AI analytics with sentiment analysis.  

The highly secure contact centre environment comes with a range of advanced compliance systems built-in, and there are specialist solutions for companies in areas like finance or health. Talkdesk promises constant innovations, with new features emerging in the platform all the time, and high-quality guidance for teams who need help updating their contact centre strategy. Benefits of the CX Cloud solution include: 

  • Omni-channel engagement: Talkdesk’s Omni-channel solution allows contact centres to identify customer needs and route them to the right agent on any channel. You can easily access platforms for SMS, email, social media, live chat and more while giving your agents a single-pane-of-glass environment. Access to contextual information across every channel supports a more streamlined service experience
  • AI innovations: Talkdesk is committed to staying on the cutting edge of the intelligent technology marketplace. The AI and knowledge solutions from Talkdesk CX include everything from virtual agents, agent assistants, and knowledgebase guides to support self-service. On top of that, you can access intelligent insights into operations and the customer journey to determine what kind of changes you need to make to enhance your company
  • Workforce engagement management: More than just a tool for managing and tracking customer conversations, Talkdesk also features in-built Workforce Engagement Management. The WEM suite ensures every agent can become a top performer, with exceptional quality management tools, agent assistant systems, and automated scheduling. You can even track mobile agents and create custom agent workspaces
  • Flexibility: The Talkdesk CX Cloud contact centre solution adapts to suit your business needs. You can access a range of cloud options, and move to the cloud at your own pace, with minimal infrastructure investments. You’ll also be able to unlock a range of upgrades through APIs, SDKs and integrations. Talkdesk has a comprehensive app marketplace packed with tools to make your CX environment more impressive
  • Immersive analytics: Talkdesk ensures you can unlock the power of data with features like Talkdesk Explore – a business intelligence tool for data visualisation. You can collect voice analytics and use AI insights to detect intent and sentiment. Talkdesk Live also allows for convenient real-time dashboards where you can track the quality of every conversation instant. Talkdesk Speech Analytics even give you insights into customer trends

Who Needs Talkdesk CX Cloud? 

The CX Cloud from Talkdesk is one of the most versatile and intelligent cloud contact centres available. Beyond just basic contact centre functionality, you’ll also get instant access to some of the most impressive disruptive technology around, like AI speech analytics and sentiment analysis. Q 

The Talkdesk Global Communications network minimises latency and ensures excellent call distribution for clear and reliable conversations. You’ll also get the unmatched 100% SLA for uptime from Talkdesk, which is incredible for peace of mind. On top of that, because Talkdesk serves so many disparate companies from different industries, it’s great at protecting data with compliance certifications for things like CSA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and GDPR 

Talkdesk CX Cloud Review: Verdict 

A modern and adaptable contact centre environment built for the future of customer service, Talkdesk CX cloud makes creating amazing experiences easier than ever. The sensational environment is easy to use and scalable, with tons of fantastic features and integrations to explore. Any company committed to putting customer service first will benefit from this platform.  



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