The 7 Most Exciting RingCX Features to Explore Today

The best features of RingCentral’s RingCX platform

The 7 Most Exciting RingCX Features to Explore Today - CX Today News
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Published: December 1, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Now generally available to RingCentral customers worldwide, RingCX is the new AI-driven, omnichannel CCaaS solution designed to elevate customer interactions.

The offering combines RingSense AI technology with RingCentral MVP for Unified Communications to deliver a disruptive solution to growing companies. RingCX plugs a crucial gap in RingCentral’s enterprise communication suite, which previously covered telephony, CPaaS, and UCaaS.

Though the company offered contact center solutions through a collaboration with NICE, RingCX allows RingCentral to expand with its proprietary solution. According to the company, the “Total Experience” toolkit features over 1000 capabilities and streamlines everything users need into a single communications hub.

So, which features make RingCX stand out in the contact center landscape? Here are some of the most exciting components worth exploring.

What is RingCX? A Quick Introduction

RingCX is a unified CCaaS and UCaaS platform, combining contact center capabilities with tools for team productivity and collaboration. Despite being advertised as a “radically simple” solution for contact centers, RingCX offers a diverse range of features tailored to the needs of various employees.

It includes voice functionality, video, messaging powered by RingCentral MPV, more than 20 digital channels, AI summaries, unlimited domestic inbound and outbound minutes, and more. The offering is attractively priced at only $65 per agent per month.

Like many of the most innovative CCaaS platforms introduced this year, RingCX is an AI-first platform. This means intelligent features like real-time coaching and automated communication scoring are built into the entire ecosystem.

However, RingCentral has also prioritized user experience with its offering. The easy-to-use system eliminates unnecessary workflows with a unified interface that’s easy to deploy and customize. It even supports comprehensive omnichannel interactions with full context into the customer journey.

X Impressive RingCX Features to Explore

Though the name “RingCX” may indicate this contact center solution is focused primarily on customer experience, the feature set is broader than you’d think. RingCX combines agent, user, and customer experience tools into an all-in-one solution for the experience economy.

Here are some of the most impressive RingCX features worth exploring right now.

1. AI Solutions for the Full Customer Journey

While AI in the contact center is growing increasingly common, many solution providers focus on different tools for different parts of the customer journey. You might use a generative AI tool to prepare an agenda for a meeting or create a pitch deck. You may rely on a different bot for coaching and insights throughout the discussion.

RingCX takes a different approach. The solution is built with RingSense AI, giving agents and supervisors an all-in-one solution for AI optimization.

Agents receive valuable insights into prior customer conversations before the conversation to help them prepare and deliver a more personalized experience. Real-time AI summaries allow agents to track their performance during the interaction and proactively enhance discussions.

After each discussion, the AI system automatically generates post-call transcriptions and summaries, complete with follow-up guidance and action items.

2. Native, Integrated Omnichannel

Many business leaders today recognize the need to create an authentic “omnichannel experience” for consumers. However, aligning communication channels is becoming increasingly complex as consumers find new ways to connect with brands.

RingCX goes beyond the basics of most omnichannel platforms by combining email, SMS, and voice chat with a range of digital messaging applications and other platforms. There are more than 20 digital channels, and they all feature distribution via skills-based routing.

RingCX also supports progressive, predictive, and preview modes for outbound calling, empowering companies to connect with clients dynamically.

3. Unified Business Intelligence for Supervisors

RingCX doesn’t just empower agents to make better decisions before, during, and after customer conversations.

It also provides supervisors and managers with the tools to elevate business performance. Supervisors get a complete view of all channel activities in real-time, allowing them to make data-driven decisions related to script compliance and call quality.

Administrators and supervisors can also gain a birds-eye view into crucial business metrics with more than 250 pre-built reports and custom report creation tools. There are more than 350 different metrics you can monitor on the platform, which combine data from every channel.

4. Virtual Agents and AI Assistance

AI solutions built into RingCX do a lot more than simply unify data. For instance, intelligent Virtual Agents powered by Google Dialogflow allow companies to create voice and digital channel bots that deliver comprehensive customer support 24/7.

AI bots can also take over repetitive tasks for employees, making notes and highlighting action items while professionals focus on ensuring empathetic interactions. Users can automatically upload these notes and transcripts to their CRM system for streamlined data management and analysis.

Plus, supervisors can provide every agent with their own AI coach, capable of generating automated call scorecards, feedback modules, keyword tracking insights, and coaching tips.

5. Collaboration Powered by RingCentral MVP

As mentioned above, RingCX comes with RingCentral’s UCaaS solution, MVP, already built in. This provides employees with a single pane of glass environment for customer experience and collaboration. With an all-in-one ecosystem, companies can host meetings, send messages to colleagues, and check the presence status of team members.

There are also built-in tools for file sharing, task management, and workflow creation designed to align and empower workers. Like all RingCentral solutions, these collaboration tools come infused with robust security and access controls.

Plus, the collaboration features and the contact center capabilities are accessible on any device, from desk phones and laptops to tablets and smartphones.

6. Workforce Engagement Management

Supervisors and decision makers using RingCX can access built-in Quality Management capabilities through RingSense AI. This ensures business leaders can constantly track call scores, performance metrics, and potential call quality issues in real time.

At the same time, there’s an option to connect your RingCX solution with advanced workforce management and engagement products. RingCX’s Calabrio integration, for instance, provides access to powerful tools for agent scheduling, forecasting, and more.

RingCentral also offers a range of APIs to ensure companies can integrate their business systems for scheduling, forecasting, and employee engagement with the contact center tools.

7. The RingCX Partner Ecosystem

Although hundreds of RingCX features exist to explore natively in the CCaaS platform, RingCentral also allows companies to adapt their solution to their needs. The Open API ecosystem and robust RingCentral partner network facilitates synergy between workflows and minimizes data silos. Companies can connect RingCX with Salesforce, Zendesk, and other CRM tools.

They can also build on the interactive virtual agent tools in the platform, with integrations for Cognigy, Yellow.AI, and Balto. Plus, are add-ons available for collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Google Workspace.

Companies can even leverage advanced tools specifically designed for their industry, such as apps for healthcare, legal, and financial services brands. RingCentral will continue to build on its partner ecosystem and app gallery in the future.

Exploring the Amazing Features of RingCX

RingCX promises companies one of the most straightforward yet powerful solutions for the modern contact center. The easy-to-deploy system can be administered and managed from a single interface with convenient pre-packaged deployment options.

Moreover, it ensures companies can optimize and customize their ecosystems with native integration with RingCentral MVP and a range of add-on opportunities. With RingCX, companies get an intuitive omnichannel contact center enhanced by AI and elevated by affordable pricing.

As customer journeys and workplaces become more complex, RingCX strives to simplify the transition into an era of exceptional “total experience” technologies. It will be interesting to see how this platform positions RingCentral in the evolving CCaaS market.

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