Zoom Reveals New Contact Center Agent & Supervisor Innovations at Enterprise Connect

The CCaaS disruptor has also launched new channels, secure customer payments, and a new GenAI quality management feature

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Published: March 25, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

Zoom has seized the spotlight at Enterprise Connect 2024 and launched several new features for its CCaaS platform: the Zoom Contact Center.

Perhaps most notably, Zoom has bolstered the platform’s native virtual assistant – the AI Companion – to support contact center supervisors in addition to agents.

As a result, supervisors can quickly interact with their Companions to gather insights into agent performance, customer sentiment, and contact resolutions.

All the data will also funnel into a helpful dashboard for real-time monitoring, from which supervisors may make various performance-boosting actions.

As Michelle Couture, Global Lead of Customer Experience Product Marketing at Zoom, stated:

Listen, whisper, or barge an engagement directly from the supervisor dashboard to help guide agents to positive resolutions.

Moreover, Zoom has bolstered its quality assurance (QA) solution within its workforce engagement management (WEM) suite, released late last year.

The QA solution auto-scores 100 percent of customer-agent interactions and now also shares auto-generated comments to justify the score.

Yet, that not only benefits supervisors in informing their contact monitoring strategies but also agents who receive continuous feedback.

Alongside this feedback firehouse, there are additional innovations in agent experience.

For instance, Zoom now offers the ability to funnel insights from custom and third-party data sources into the agent desktop.

“This means less toggling between apps, more personalization, and faster resolutions,” added Couture.

In addition, Zoom has integrated its CCaaS platform with the new Zoom Workspace – which unifies the vendor’s collaborations, productivity, and engagement tools into a single space. The image below showcases this.

Zoom Workspace

Via the integration, agents can “seamlessly” transfer interactions – with AI-engagement summaries – to the back office via the Zoom Phone Power Pack.

As such, the person picking up the contact understands the full context of the call as soon as they take charge of the conversation – without the agent needing to brief them.

What Else Has Zoom Launched at Enterprise Connect?

In addition to agent- and supervisor-centric innovation, Zoom has embedded email and WhatsApp into its CCaaS platform, allowing customers to bolster their digital channel mix.

The absence of those channels had proven a blaring gap within the platform, yet the move highlights how Zoom is quickly placing those bricks in the wall and building an all-in-one SaaS solution.

As does its new PCI Pal integration that enables the secure capture of payment data in the contact center and Zoom Phone.

Finally, from a CCaaS perspective, Zoom Contact Center customers now have the ability to store their data locally in Zoom’s EU data center, designed specifically to meet the data storage needs of EU-based customers.

Alongside all these contact center innovations, Zoom has launched additional features for its unified platform – including the Zoom Workspace.

For instance, the AI Companion now integrates with Zoom Phone, adding to its existing connection to Zoom Meetings, Chat, Mail, Whiteboard, Events, Revenue Accelerator, and Rooms.

“Since launching AI companion in September 2023, we’ve seen incredible adoption,” added Mahesh Ram, Head of AI Products & Revenue Accelerator at Zoom.

It has been used by over half a million customers. and usage has been growing substantially.

“And we’ve introduced and increased our language support for meeting summaries and meeting questions to 36 languages in Preview.”

In addition, Zoom has released an auto language detection tool for Meetings that detects the primary spoken language to ensure valuable meeting summaries.

Elsewhere, Zoom unveiled a slew of features across its new Workspace, including a new personalized interface, workflow automation, and AI-generated backgrounds and visual effects for video.

To get into the weeds of all these Workspace innovations, check out the coverage from our sister publication, UC Today.


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