Call Recording Vendors in Focus 2019

Rebekah Carter

Key call recording vendors in 2019

Call Recording Vendors in Focus 2019

Choosing a call recording tool in 2019 isn’t as simple as it once was.

In the early days of call recording, all you needed to do was implement some new software and find a place to store your data.

Now, we demand more from the technology that helps us to unlock the power of voice. The rise of privacy regulations like PCI DSS and GDPR means that organisations need to think more carefully about what they record, and how they manage that collected information.

The competitive marketplace means that we need to find ways of leveraging everyday calls and conversations to deliver better customer experiences and more compelling services.

So, how do you choose the right Call Recording solution in this new environment?

Assessing some of the market leaders will give you a good headstart.

We’ve assessed some of the vendors making the most noise in the call recording conversation this year. Here’s what each of the top competitors has to offer.

1.     Red Box

With more than 3 decades of heritage in the voice software space, Red Box knows their way around audio data sets. The company is a world leading specialist in voice, and they’re capable of capturing voice across SMEs, and global enterprises, as well as new and legacy systems.

The Red Box next-generation voice platform secures and captures millions of calls every day and claims to be suitable for businesses of any size. What’s more, the system is so simple to set up, that you can have it up and running in as little as 1-2 days.

Red Box call recording captures information from legacy and modern UC applications and telephony systems, to ensure that you have a comprehensive overview of your conversations.

Availability: Cloud, hybrid or on-premises available for businesses of any size.


With Red Box, you get more than just a flexible call recording system; you also receive a solution offering full data sovereignty, ideal for the age of privacy and security. Red Box allows you to choose how you leverage your voice information. Unlock insights your way, whether it’s through integration with a wide range of apps, through the “Quantify” application suite, or new services through open APIs. Features include:

  • Capture and transcribe spoken voice in 75 languages
  • 999% uptime and availability
  • Support for more than 55 UC systems
  • Manage your data directly in Salesforce, with conversation mapping
  • Leverage structured voice set information
  • Integrate seamlessly with your favourite applications
  • Access open and REST APIs to extend your applications
  • Reduce operational costs by enabling auditors to view calls easily

Additionally, all of the information you capture through Red Box is easy to export. You can send audio files and transcriptions into either an analytics engine or data warehouse, according to your individual needs.

2.     Tollring

Tollring is one of the most respected market leaders in telecommunications software development, data visualisation, and business intelligence. For years, the company has been helping organisations of all sizes understand, manage, and control the information that they access through day-to-day conversations.

Tollring has offices throughout the world, delivering applications and support for call recording, communications analytics, and fraud detection. Now that call recording and analytics is more crucial than ever, Tollring ensures that their end-users can access an entirely intuitive solution, through a white-label system delivered to their global network of partners.

For Tollring, the call recording feature is an excellent way to add value to a reseller’s portfolio and help them to stand out in this competitive communication marketplace.

Availability: Cloud, hybrid or on-premises, designed for Tollring’s global network of partners.


Call recording from Tollring is part of the iCall suite, a complete collection of telecommunications and analytics tools designed for the global partner network that Tollring supports. You can use the solution either in conjunction with Tollring’s rich analytics solutions or on its own. Available features include:

  • Call wait time analytics – Find out exactly how long it took for a call to be answered, managed, and resolved.
  • Return missed calls – Ensure that you never miss an opportunity with quick call-back solutions.
  • Call resolution – Calculate call resolution time and implement strategies to improve customer service
  • Streamline processes – Analyse call volume to reveal historical trends
  • Analyse call handling – Listen to call recordings to train staff and identify top performers
  • Integrate call recordings directly with your CRM data
  • Record on ISDN, SIP or analogue
  • Multi-site or single site call recording
  • Support for complete compliance with PCI DSS, GDPR, and MiFID II

There’s also the option to extend your call recording service as part of the iCall suite of applications. With support from the iCall suite, you can ensure that you maintain complete compliance with PCI DSS, GDPR, and MiFID II, make it easy to store and find information, and flag, tag or score calls. There’s also the option to gamify your workplace by displaying call recording results on a wallboard.

3.     Dubber

Dubber is a market leader in not just call recording, but also voice-based artificial intelligence systems too. The company specialises in “Platform as a Service” or PaaS solutions that leverage state-of-the-art machine learning, and the BroadCloud recording platform.

With Dubber, companies can enjoy the simplicity and efficiency of having a recording system with no on-premise equipment required and no up-front costs. Dubber offers businesses the next-generation of analytics and call recording. What’s more, the service is highly scalable, with a service that deploys in minutes, and API that provides plenty of integration opportunities too.

Availability: Cloud-based call recording available either in on-demand, or always-on format. It’s possible to connect Dubber through your existing PBX carrier. Customers of all sizes can connect to Dubber through major telecommunication providers around the world.


Dubber offer a compliant native cloud call recording and voice AI solution for mobile and fixed telephony. The Dubber solution is designed for business of all sizes, from individual users to large enterprises and contact centres.

By offering highly secure and scalable cloud storage, the Dubber solution grows alongside a business with no concerns about running out of storage space. The Dubber native cloud platform is quick and easy to deploy across an entire user base. With their Dubber Connect model, customers can sign up directly in minutes: enabling call recording and voice AI across an entire business in a matter of minutes.

Dubber is available through a web browser application, mobile app, and through third-party integrations via an open API: allowing customers to sync their data and build automated workflows with their existing business tools, such as a CRM system. Service providers can also offer Dubber’s products as a fully white labelled service.

Features include:

  • Multi-site or single site call recording & voice AI
  • Compliance with PCI DSS, GDPR, MIFID II and more
  • Secure and encrypted storage
  • Zoe voice AI: transcription, sentiment analysis, and workflow automations
  • Secure sharing
  • Deploy in minutes
  • Highly scalable and cost effective
  • Full white labelling
  • Cloud-based
  • Fully scalable and resilient solution

Dubber offers Zoe voice AI, which transcribes everyday phone calls into valuable data assets for both businesses and individuals. Facilitated by Dubber’s cloud-based call recording, once only affordable for large businesses, voice AI is now available to businesses of all sizes. Zoe unlocks previously untapped insights from recorded calls: improving business efficiency and customer experience, and reducing churn.

  • Voice-to-text transcription
  • Sentiment and keyword alerts
  • Search by keyword spoken, customer, agent and more
  • Automate workflows for efficiency

4.     Oak Innovation

Oak is a leading communications management provider, committed to offering state-of-the-art call recording features, innovative technology, and incredible customer care. The business has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, helping companies of all sizes to improve their communications network.

Oak offers three different levels of call recording, depending on the kind of support that you need. The options break down into Clarify, nLighten, and RecordX.

Availability: Oak allows users to record on-premise, or through the cloud, so you can choose the tech that fits with your existing roadmap. There’s also the option for users to deploy their unified recording solution across multiple sites too!


RecordX is Oak’s original solution for call recording, providing a comprehensive data management and insight system. The service makes it easy to improve compliance with MiFID II and PCI DSS guidelines, as well as other regulations, by improving the way you monitor and handle call recordings. RecordX integrates with your existing phone system, and connects to popular CRMs too, features include:

  • Agent and team monitoring
  • Match recordings to certain extensions
  • Call playback
  • Tamperproof evidence for business compliance
  • Enhanced data protection services
  • Record from SIP, analogue trunks, VoIP and more

Oak also offers the newer “Clarify” option, which comes with a state-of-the-art user interface, multi-site capabilities, and integrations with both Mitel MiVoice Connect and Avaya IP Office. Clarify allows users to capture, process and store information according to the latest regulations. You can set recording rules to suit industry guidelines and customise where your recordings are stored. Features include:

  • Intelligent searching to find the information you need
  • Call sharing through email and limited playback
  • Quality measurement features
  • Screen recording
  • Stereo playback
  • Customisable reports

Finally, nLighten is the last fully-featured cloud call recording platform from Oak, which is available to access in North America. It offers simplified search and playback, a quick set-up process, and easy cloud-based data management. Features include:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Speech analytics
  • Support for latest regulations
  • Access recordings anywhere
  • Share extracts of calls with specific people

5.     CallCabinet

CallCabinet is an extensive call recording solution that concentrates on providing high-quality insights from all of your communication channels. With Call Cabinet, global enterprises and carriers alike can access state-of-the-art call recording, analytics, quality assurance, and even artificial intelligence too.

The core of the CallCabinet call recording solution is their “Atmos” platform, designed for the cloud and implemented with more than 100 years of collective expertise. The service is both secure and compliant, intended to work with any platform or carrier.

Atmos is delivered through the high-speed network of Microsoft Azure data centres, to give you a quick and reliable cloud experience.

Availability: CallCabinet’s Atmos recording service is available on the cloud, in both a single-tenant or multi-tenant solution. It’s completely platform and telephone system agnostic.


CallCabinet created their Atmos call recording service because they wanted to ensure that everyone could get an insight into their communications – no matter their budget. The solution delivers AI, analytics, quality assurance and call recording in the same package. What’s more, it’s all created with compliance and security in mind. All calls are stored in the 256-bit encrypted format, which helps you adhere to the latest regulations.

Additionally, CallCabinet is entirely platform and telephone agnostic, so it can work alongside the solutions you’re already using. Whether you have a nationwide infrastructure or just a handful of extensions, you’ll be able to securely capture useful voice information, and store your insights on CallCabinet’s exclusive cloud servers. Features include:

  • Complete scalability and efficiency
  • Analytics delivered through reporting dashboards
  • Stay compliant with the latest industry standards
  • Artificial intelligence offers predictive insights for speech patterns and sentiment
  • Global presence to ensure data sovereignty requirements are met around the world
  • Multi-platform interoperability
  • Call quality analytics features

The self-managing subscription plan offered by CallCabinet also makes it easier for companies to manage their storage plan and licensing according to industry regulations. You can add extra features like PCI DSS masking, Quality Assurance, and in-depth Voice Analytics whenever you need them, and only pay for the tools you use.

6.     Vidicode

Vidicode has been a thriving part of the telecommunications industry for more than 30 years, delivering digital audio recorders, network fax servers and more to over 35 countries. The appeal of the Vidicode brand is in their close connections with their distributors and resellers. This is a business that’s constantly working to deliver innovations and solutions to a vast selection of customers.

Vidicode delivers call recording through their Apresa service, a system that provides a combination of screen recording, call recording, agent evaluation and call statistics in the same secure environment.

Availability: Available both on-premises and in the cloud, the Apreasa call recording system comes in both “compact and “standard” options for different sizes of on-premises business. There’s also a “software only” version for OEM and virtualized environments.


Apreasa by Vidicode is designed to deliver extensive compliance and recording solutions for businesses of all sizes. It comes with screen recording and agent evaluation, as well as 4 modes to make it more PCI compliant, including payment pay detection and DTMF. The Apresa system is compliant with all major phone systems, including solutions from Cisco, Shoretel, Panasonic and many more.

Aside from recording calls with Apreasa on your SIP and VoIP protocols, you can also add “Audio Signal detect” mode, or “VOX mode to the list – ideal for security and finance sectors. Apreasa can detect audio levels to automatically start and terminate calls, and it’s possible to record mobile phones, trunks, and extensions with Apreasa too.

Apreasa is loaded with a host of impressive recording and compliance features, including:

  • Screen and call recording
  • Easy installation and set up
  • PCI DSS compliance
  • Audit trail management
  • Authenticated user rights
  • Call commenting
  • Store on-demand services for audio and screen
  • Multi-level access solutions
  • Statistics for analytics
  • User-assignable search restrictions
  • High-level encryption and fingerprinting
  • Recording for a vast range of communications (SIP, VoIP, ISDN, Analogue and more)
  • Automatic backup to NAS
  • Agent evaluation

7.     Xarios

Xarios Technologies is a vendor in the software space, specialising in communication applications for mid-range and SME companies. Since launching in 2007, the business has designed, developed and delivered a range of high-level telephony applications to transform the capabilities of communication platforms and enhance performance.

Now that call recording is a must-have solution for any organisation, Xarios strives to ensure that you can manage your content quickly and easily. The solution is easy-to-use and secure, working for analogue, ISDN, and SIP communications.

Availability: Xarios was specifically created for SME and mid-range enterprise companies. Call recording is available through the cloud. Xarios call recording specifically offers support to MiVoice Business communications platforms and the MiVoice Office 250.


The Xarios call recording system offers everything you need to manage your audio data, whether you’re looking to improve quality management and training or support regulatory compliance. There’s event the option to access special features for opt-in call recording to help you manage GDPR compliance too.

Ideal for dispute resolution, protecting your staff and improving the relationships that you can build with your target audience, Xarios makes call recording quick, simple and secure. Features include:

  • Fully segmented calls that can be restricted to prevent unnecessary access
  • Call history playback to help users double-check information
  • Active directory integration
  • Compliant rules-based recording
  • Listen to calls live -directly through the recorder’s website
  • Web Service API to tag calls with specific user information

You can also upgrade your Xarios experience by investing in other associated applications from the company, including CRM integrations, call analytics with live stats and reports, and desktop UC management.

Ready to Start Recording?

Call recording isn’t just “nice to have” in most business environments today, it’s essential.

Whether it’s to improve your customer service through immersive training solutions or make sure you’re compliant with industry standards, you need a way to manage your voice data. The solutions above all have unique benefits to consider.

Which call recording service seems right for your organisation? Is there a tool that we’ve missed above that you think we should cover? Let us know in the commnets below.

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