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Published: March 27, 2023

Rebekah Carter

At a time when companies are competing almost exclusively on the basis of excellent customer experience, few things are more important than listening to the voice of the customer. While analytical and reporting tools can provide crucial insights into metrics like customer satisfaction score and net promoter score, they don’t always provide the qualitative information brands need to facilitate change. 

To better understand which factors influence customer sentiment and behavior, companies need a way of managing, collecting, and analyzing feedback. Reviews, testimonials, and survey responses can deliver exceptional value to any CX strategy. But leveraging these resources means first investing in the right technology: feedback management software. 

As the market for feedback software continues to accelerate, growing at a rate of 11.2% CAGR, it’s time for business leaders to evaluate which vendors can help them better understand their customers. Here are some of the top vendors offering feedback management software in the market today.  

  • Medallia
  • Qualtrics
  • InMoment
  • Concentrix
  • NICE
  • Verint
  • Forsta
  • Alida
  • SMG
  • Avaya
  • Enghouse Interactive
  • NiceReply
  • HubSpot
  • UserTesting
  • UserVoice
  • Chattermill
  • Sprinklr
  • Usersnap
  • Listen360
  • Sogolytics
  • Simplesat
  • Apptentive
  • Outgrow
  • HappyOrNot
  • AskNicely
  • SurveyMonkey
  • TypeForm
  • SurveySparrow
  • Zonka Feedback
  • Survicate


Following its acquisitions of Thunderhead and Decibel, Medallia offers one of the most complete portfolios in the voice of the customer space.

Yet, the vendor offers not only breadth but depth, as summarized by its tagline: “Enterprise-Grade Everything”.

Indeed, this is apparent in its new callback software. Unlike conventional technologies of this ilk, the software provides an exact time – on-the-spot – when the agent will contact them. As such, the customer does not have to hang around all day waiting for the phone to ring.

In addition to its software, the vendor has also built out its global consulting services – as its 2022 acquisition of CXTeam underlines.

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Focusing on complete customer experience management, Qualtrics builds a number of tools into its “XM” platform. Companies can use the collection of software solutions to track everything from brand awareness to employee engagement and customer satisfaction scores. Each tool in the Qualtrics platform serves a different use case, from DesignXM for user experience insights to Customer XM for tracking reasons for churn.  

With Qualtrics, businesses can automatically create surveys and send them to customers, track metrics like CSAT and NPS, and create custom reports to share with stakeholders. The platform integrates with various existing software tools and systems, and there are even dedicated online survey, NPS, and market research software options built in.  

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Focusing on the connection between employee and customer experience, InMoment is a platform designed to provide businesses with the tools they need to thrive in a competitive landscape. With the platform, companies can track the voices of potential and existing customers, as well as employees throughout every stage of the consumer journey, with integrated insights and recommendations.  

The integrated AI-powered solution for collecting and managing feedback helps organizations to connect with team members and customers to collect crucial insights. There’s a survey builder kit, an engagement engine for connecting with customers in real-time, and a range of other tools available from InMoment to ensure businesses can listen clearly to their audience.   

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The Concentrix customer feedback platform, otherwise known as the “Voice of the Customer” toolkit, helps businesses design, build, and run customer feedback programs. Concentrix offers businesses a combination of convenient cloud-based technologies and expert assistance, to ensure they can collect feedback from their target audience and use it to make intelligent business decisions.  

Within the Concentrix platform, organizations will find the tools they need to automate various aspects of the customer journey, including the collection of qualitative and quantitative data. Companies can use efficient tools for tracking metrics across the customer journey, and even build their own experience platforms from scratch. Plus, Concentrix offers a range of revenue growth services and technical support to teams too.  

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Offered as part of the NICE CXOne toolkit, the NICE Feedback management solution provides companies with in-depth analytics and benchmarking capabilities. Companies can access resources to create surveys and collect detailed feedback from customers, with a focus on critical metrics and KPIs. The NICE Platform comes with real-time dashboards for monitoring NPS and CSAT scores, as well as the option to track customer journeys across multiple platforms.  

With NICE Feedback management, business leaders can find and reward the agents in their team who receive the highest levels of positive feedback, and leverage engagement tools to increase responses to surveys. Additionally, there are numerous automation tools in place to help businesses unify data across different CX environments.  

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CX and contact center innovator Verint offers a comprehensive toolkit to businesses in search of feedback management solutions. The platform supports multichannel surveying, to help businesses capture input across a range of platforms. Businesses can develop multi-modal campaigns, and utilize conditional logic to boost the chances of receiving relevant insights.  

Additionally, Verint’s solution integrates fully with the Verint Workforce Optimization toolkit, so organizations can combine customer feedback with employee insights. Verint’s toolkit makes it simple to create branded surveys and emails with templates and themes, track engagement levels, and even segment customers based on their sentiment, experience, and perception of the business.  

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Forsta is a software company committed to helping organizations access and leverage the voice of the customer. The digital feedback platform allows brands to use their website and company apps to build real-time views of digital customer journeys. Forsta’s variety of feedback management tools include always-on, real-time listening technology, sentiment analysis, and custom reporting.  

Businesses can use Forsta to keep track of customer reviews and testimonials across a variety of channels, and even receive instant notifications when their brand is mentioned on common platforms. Plus, brands can leverage data-driven insights to determine how their reputation is evolving over time. Companies can utilize both historical detailed reports, and real-time dashboards to respond quickly to customer insights.  

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VOC company Alida specializes in total experience management, giving businesses the tools they need to collect insights from both employees and customers at the same time. The all-in-one toolkit comes with access to survey creation tools, allowing businesses to build branded surveys which focus on collecting data about specific KPIs and CX metrics.  

After collecting feedback from both staff and customers, Alida customers can use in-built analytical and reporting tools to unlock behind-the-scenes insights into opportunities for growth. Alida’s comprehensive portfolio of products covers everything from product experience and brand experience insights, to employee engagement and customer sentiment.  

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Experiment management platform provider, SMG gives brands the tools they need to track customer experiences, and map buyer journeys. The platform offers insights into everything from customer sentiment to pain points, ratings, and reviews across a variety of channels. Businesses can manage and measure interactions, with insights into customer perceptions of things like agent friendliness, knowledgeability, and more.  

The SMG platform comes with a comprehensive reporting and analytics kit too, marrying CX data with business intelligence, benchmarking, and AI-native text analytics. Companies can utilize role-based reporting tools, sort through data using API-centric open architecture, and even leverage real-time views of metrics with a mobile reporting app.  

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Avaya Customer Feedback is a solution that sits inside its WFO suite, which businesses can use to gather customer insights after every contact center conversation.

To do so, they can build surveys or use templates, which then pass on to particular customers based on rules that the contact center sets. Such rules ensure that customers only receive surveys relevant to their experience.

The results of these surveys filter into a real-time dashboard, allowing supervisors to track agent performance trends in real-time and take action.

Another nifty feature of the solution is that it links each score to the relevant call recording,  supporting quality management initiatives.

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Enghouse Interactive

Enghouse provides its customers with a platform that they can harness to design, build, and send surveys to targeted customers online, across digital channels, and through the IVR.

From there, it combines this data with that from other sources for analysis, surfacing new customer insights.

Yet, this is only one part of Enghouse’s feedback management offering. It also offers a voice of the customer (VoC) tool that aims to take customer listening to the next level.

The solution – named “Vecko” – tracks customer contact reasons, monitors emotions, and predicts the customer’s future intent and risk.

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Customer experience and satisfaction software vendors, NiceReply promise brands a simple way to collect, manage and understand customer feedback. The company’s platform offers access to a range of survey templates designed to assist organizations in tracking customer satisfaction scores, NPS, and more. Business leaders can use NiceReply to send post-resolution, and in-signature email surveys, survey links, and other requests for feedback to clients in various channels.  

Plus, the NiceReply ecosystem integrates with many of the tools employees already use in the CX landscape, such as Freshdesk, Zendesk, LiveAgent, and HelpScout. With built-in analytics, brands can even derive more value from each survey.  

→ Explore NiceReply


Software as a service company HubSpot produces various flexible solutions for marketing, sales and service teams. As part of the organization’s comprehensive Service Hub, business leaders can access simple customer feedback software. The solution includes tools for creating customer feedback surveys and sending them to clients across numerous channels, such as web links and email.  

With HubSpot’s technology, brands can tailor their surveys with a range of different question types and branded elements. Plus, feedback responses and accompanying reports can easily be shared with team members throughout the business. There are even special reports available for tracking NPS, CES, CSAT, and other crucial metrics.  

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Focusing on the user experience landscape, UserTesting helps businesses to discover frictions and pain points in the customer journey. The core platform offered by UserTesting features a range of capabilities for targeting specific customers, asking crucial questions, and collecting feedback. Business leaders can use the platform to create tests for applications, or simply automate the collection of crucial customer reviews and testimonials. 

The CXN Audience Management platform provided by User Testing even includes features for audience recruitment, profile management, and ambassador creation. Brands looking to take advantage of live interviews, usability testing, and more will benefit from UserTesting’s AI-enhanced and data-driven technology.  

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Committed to serving the B2B and SaaS landscapes, UserVoice supports companies in collecting feedback through surveys and automated workflows. Companies can use the platform to quickly and effectively collect feedback from customers across numerous channels. What’s more, the platform integrates with tools CX leaders already use, such as Zendesk and Salesforce.  

With UserVoice, companies can collect and organize feedback from chat, voice, and email environments. Plus, there’s the option to build a branded feedback portal where customers can vote on products and share their thoughts. Companies can even leverage an in-app feedback widget for their existing SaaS solutions. Built-in analytics capabilities make converting raw data into actionable insights easier too.

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CX platform provider Chattermill creates products to help organizations unify and align their approach to excellent customer service. The company focuses heavily on the power of analytics, offering solutions for customer support, product and customer insights, as well as social CX analytics. Plus, Chattermill’s technology can integrate with various software solutions and messaging tools.  

Using built-in artificial intelligence, Chattermill’s platform can pull various customer comments and survey responses into one environment. The machine learning models categorize feedback automatically and provide suggestions based on insights. Plus, companies can leverage built-in translation features and intelligent filters to help them sort through data.  

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Sprinklr pulls together data from customer interactions across 30+ social channels, blogs, forums, and various media publications.

From there, its industry-specific AI models deliver a more holistic view of the customer experience, uncovering local, regional, and global perspectives.

As such, Sprinklr has a roster full of multinational corporations, from Microsoft to Mcdonald’s.

Sprinklr customers can bring this together with data from service, sales, and marketing teams by implementing Sprinklr’s Unified CXM suite.

→ Explore Sprinklr


Usersnap is a specialist feedback management software solution provider focused on helping businesses make better decisions for growth. The platform includes a host of tools for collecting valuable customer information, including micro surveys, feature request boards, and in-app screen-capturing capabilities.  

Within the platform, organizations can monitor and analyze all feedback from customers in one place, keep track of feature requests, and even measure CX and satisfaction levels with built-in reporting and analytics tools. There’s also the option to integrate the Usersnap platform with various other tools to create a more complete picture of the customer journey and user experience.  

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Customer engagement software vendors, Listen360 support brands in capturing actionable feedback from consumers throughout the customer journey. The flagship platform combines numerous sources of data into a single dashboard, where teams can calculate net promoter scores, view valuable metrics, and track real-time risks and opportunities.  

The platform not only assists with capturing feedback but also provides companies with tools to help them follow up with customers and generate stronger client relationships. What’s more, brands can capture feedback from multiple different environments too, including IVR systems, phone calls, web portals, emails, and more. There’s even the option to expand to include employee feedback.  

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Software vendors Sogolytics design a host of tools for companies across various industries, from government groups to financial services. To help organizations take advantage of the benefits the voice of the customer can offer, Sogolytics embeds a range of feedback management capabilities into its platform. Brands can use the technology to collect customer feedback across multiple channels and then automate responses for quick follow-up and resolution.  

The Sogolytics platform also has built-in ticket management functionality to help professionals pinpoint which customer conversations they need to follow up with faster. Plus, analytics and reporting tools are available to assist business leaders in tracking trends.  

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Built to help companies track, monitor, and improve their customer satisfaction scores, Simplesat is a software solution for feedback management. This straightforward platform offers business leaders a convenient way to create and share customer surveys with templates and pre-built forms. There are also options for monitoring testimonials and reviews across a range of channels.  

Ready to integrate with the apps and services business users already leverage to serve their customers, Simplesat ensures every company can access a customizable solution for listening to the voice of the customer. Simplesat surveys can even be embedded into just about any CRM, helpdesk, or email service provider environment and automatically monitor CSAT and NPS metrics. 

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Concentrating on the evolving area of mobile customer service, Apptentive by Alchemer ensures businesses can collect insights from customers wherever they are. The platform supports brands in capturing messages from customers across various mobile channels. Moreover, precise targeting solutions ensure businesses can determine precisely which customers they need to hear from. 

With Apptentive, organizations can assess the sentiment and satisfaction scores of their clients in different customer segments and route feedback to different members of staff for follow-ups. The comprehensive reporting and analytical tools built into the ecosystem also make it easy to convert raw data into actionable steps for CX improvement.  

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The interactive marketing toolkit created by software company, Outgrow supports brands in connecting with their audience throughout the purchasing journey. The entire portfolio of products features everything from chatbot-building tools to poll, quiz, and calculator creators, and more. Companies investing in feedback management will likely benefit from the platform’s forms and surveys solution for building custom surveys for clients. 

Not only can brands use Outgrow to build branded surveys and questionnaires, but they can also leverage native integrations to embed their surveys wherever they choose. With a unified environment for tracking customer responses, business leaders can also track useful CX metrics in one place. 

→ Explore Outgrow


SaaS solution providers HappyOrNot help operational managers turn customer insights into new revenue opportunities. With the platform, companies can build requests for feedback, surveys, and questionnaires in various communication environments. After collecting and unifying customer responses within the platform, brands can leverage analytical tools to find patterns.  

HappyOrNot transforms data into visual graphs and reports, which users can easily share with members of their team. The platform also supports a variety of use cases, allowing brands to embed feedback functionality into apps and websites, touchscreen displays, and terminals or kiosks. Real-time notifications and alerts even help to keep staff members on the same page.  

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CX Software vendors AskNicely have built a customer experience platform designed to capture more insights from every interaction. Companies can use instant and automated requests for feedback in chat and messenger apps to improve their marketing opportunities and increase sales. There’s even a dedicated app available for frontline workers to help them monitor their own performance.  

With tools to engage employees already built-in, AskNicely helps organizations to strengthen both their CX and EX strategies at the same time. Moreover, the flexible platform can connect with more than 50 leading tools, such as Microsoft Dynamics and Freshdesk. Ask Nicely even offers brands access to a convenient NPS calculator so that they can keep track of customer sentiment in more ways. 

→ Explore AskNicely


Focused on the area of survey software, SurveyMonkey supports businesses in asking more relevant questions of their target audience. The platform aims to streamline the quest for customer feedback by allowing teams to build surveys faster and more efficiently, using convenient templates with pre-written questions. Depending on the package the business chooses, SurveyMonkey’s technology can also include access to collaboration tools for teams. 

Within all plans, the SurveyMonkey service helps brands to manage multiple users, gain insight into customer sentiment, and preserve confidential data. Additionally, automation systems, APIs, and powerful integrations help to align crucial customer data in one easy-to-follow workflow.  

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Specializing in data analytics and business automation, Typeform creates tools that ensure businesses can listen to and understand their audiences. The core feature of the company’s platform is its customizable form and survey builder, which allows businesses to ask questions with beautiful videos, imagery, and more.  

Forms and surveys created on the platform can be embedded into websites, launched in emails, or shared via custom links. Whenever customers fill out a form, businesses can track their unified responses in a simple back-end environment. There are also tools for generating shareable reports and exporting data to CRM and analytical tools.  

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Supporting companies in building more human, conversational relationships with customers, SurveySparrow is an omnichannel experience management platform. The solution comes with a built-in Business Intelligence system where teams can track KPIs and metrics related to core goals and campaigns. Plus, users can also leverage case management tools in the same place.  

With solutions for automating customer interactions across a variety of channels, SurveySparrow supports companies in better understanding their audience’s journey. Plus, with a convenient survey builder, teams can rapidly design forms for clients to fill in minutes without the need for any coding or design knowledge.  

→ Explore SurveySparrow

Zonka Feedback 

Omnichannel survey software vendor Zonka Feedback prioritizes helping companies to improve customer satisfaction scores. The organization currently supports more than 2000 businesses across 100 countries, with tools for building engaging surveys, and automating customer experience. Users can leverage Zonka feedback to collect customer comments across email, web channels, SMS, and even in the offline environment.  

Built-in analytical tools help brands track crucial metrics like CSAT, CES, and NPS. Plus, the straightforward platform also allows staff to export and share data easily. Zonka Feedback also helps businesses with listening to the voice of the employee, with employee feedback monitoring and surveys for tracking eNPS.  

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Survey and NPS software vendor Survicate provides businesses the tools they need to create custom surveys and learn more about their target audience. There are no survey limits or time limits on any of the plans offered by the company, ensuring teams can get a comprehensive view of customer sentiment and perception.  

Users can also leverage Survicate to ask for feedback at every step in the customer journey, with the option to share forms via websites, in product apps, through email, or by link. Survicate’s open and flexible platform also allows for quick integrations with tools like Google Analytics, Klaviyo, Slack, Zapier, and many others.  

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