Cisco Webex Contact Centre vs. Avaya OneCloud CCaaS 

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Which CCaaS solution is best for your business? 

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Cisco Webex Contact Centre vs. Avaya OneCloud CCaaS 

The cloud contact centre market is evolving. Set to reach a value of around $10.8 billion by 2028, CCaaS has become an attractive offering for all communication providers. The companies capable of offering the most advanced solutions in the cloud are the ones most likely to succeed in an era of people demanding better customer experience.  

Cisco and Avaya are two of the best-known names in the communication landscape. These competitors both have their own cloud-based solutions to offer for customer service and experience. The question for today’s companies is simply: which is best? 

Today, we’re going to be comparing the features of the Cisco Webex Contact Centre with the Avaya OneCloud CCaaS, to help you make the right choice.  

Cisco Webex Contact Centre: Features 

A comprehensive solution built for the age of cloud-based communications, Cisco’s Webex Contact Centre is a flexible and scalable cloud environment. This all-in-one system for customer experience and service combines everything from state-of-the-art omnichannel communications with AI for intelligent routing and predictive analysis.  

If you’re looking for a contact centre solution capable of transforming the way you connect with customers through things like intelligent routing and powerful reports, Cisco Webex has you covered. The contact centre environment even integrates seamlessly with the rest of the Webex environment, so users can access the benefits of things like Cisco Webex Teams for collaboration. Features of the Webex contact centre include: 

  • Omni-channel communications via SMS, social media, chat, email, and calling 
  • AI virtual agents and self-service solutions with chatbots  
  • Call distribution via skill or availability with intelligent routing 
  • Comprehensive drag-and-drop flow builder for improving agent performance 
  • Customisable agent dashboards with notifications and screen pops
  • Real-time and historical reporting with dashboards 
  • Remote working support and localisation features for numbers 
  • Single sign-on and full access control system 
  • Management portal with performance monitoring 
  • Coaching, whisper, and barge-in features for supervisors 
  • Disposition calls to track the reasons for calls ending 
  • Automatic call back to improve customer satisfaction 
  • Call recording with compliance features 
  • Native cloud scalability with cross-channel analytics 
  • End-to-end encryption and analytics 
  • Access to Webex integrations and Cisco technology 
  • Integrations with CRM, help-desk and other essential tools 
  • API access for extensibility 
  • Outbound calling campaigns for sales 
  • Comprehensive metric management with Analyzer 
  • Flexible migration strategies for all business sizes 
  • Predictive analytics and AI context insights 

Cisco’s Webex Contact Centre clearly goes far beyond the basics of things like music on hold and transferring services. You can access a huge range of different tools for the various channels you need to connect in your cloud contact centre, including intelligent chat services. There’s even access to self-service IVR technology, so you can support your customers in solving their own issues with speed. 

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS: Features 

Part of the OneCloud ecosystem from Avaya, the Cloud CCaaS solution helps companies to create effortless and powerful customer experiences every day. The omnichannel contact centre supports everything from AI systems for agent support and self-service to comprehensive analytics and reporting to help business leaders make better decisions.  

You can build unique dashboards for each member of your team and access real-time reporting features for better workforce engagement. Features also include a host of tools for compliance and security, like HIPAA-ready systems for hospitals. Features of the Avaya CCaaS environment include: 

  • Omni-channel communication on chat, video, email, text, and social media 
  • Self-service with virtual assistants, chatbots, and biometrics 
  • AI and knowledgebase access with the latest in machine learning 
  • Reporting and analytics with both real-time and historical insights 
  • Workforce engagement with task assignments and tracking 
  • Avaya OneCloud access to UCaaS solutions and collaboration tools 
  • Support for mobile customer service and management 
  • Voice-to-text transcriptions for easy compliance and insights 
  • Call recording and storage features, and screen recording functionality 
  • Live monitoring and quality management 
  • Interactive voice response with AI and self-service bots 
  • PCI and HIPAA compliance, along with AES encryption 
  • Employee and supervisor-focused dashboards with customisations 
  • Live coaching, monitoring, and quality management for performance 
  • Unified reporting and forecasting features 
  • Integrations with leading analytics and reporting tools, CRMs, and more 
  • AI knowledgebase management 
  • Global reliability and backups 

Ready to ensure you’re getting the most out of any customer conversation, the Avaya OneCloud CCaaS solution is a customisable service that adapts to your business needs. Companies can use the comprehensive cloud environment to get more from their screen and call recording requirements, reduce after-call work, and boost customer satisfaction levels.  

Choosing Your Contact Centre 

Cisco and Avaya have both invested in the latest technology to deliver the most meaningful experiences to agents and customers alike. The two solutions are built with investments in things like artificial intelligence, consistent data tracking, and more, so companies can always have the information they need to make better business decisions. 

Cisco Webex Contact Centre is an intelligent environment built for companies keen to build more immersive experiences for their clients. You can build the omnichannel environment that suits you, and create custom dashboards for your employees, to help them track their performance in real-time. The Webex environment comes with things like predictive analytics and intelligent routing to keep every conversation on track, and there are various tools to empower agents.  

Avaya’s contact centre environment is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution with global reliability and a range of customisation options. You can easily integrate your contact centre with the tools your agents already use and create immersive screens where agents can access useful information fast. There’s support for data backups and resiliency and call recording features that also include screen capturing options for moments when you’re connecting through chat and video.  

Both Cisco and Avaya also allow today’s business leaders to either purchase their CCaaS solution as a standalone cloud investment or as part of a comprehensive system. You can buy Cisco Webex Contact Centre with other tools from Webex, like Teams and Meetings for collaboration. The CCaaS offering from Avaya is ready to connect with the rest of the OneCloud environment for UCaaS features and various advanced tools.  



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