Most Popular CX Automation Reviews 2022

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Most Popular CX Automation Reviews 2022

In an increasingly digital age, automation provides businesses from all backgrounds with the essential tools they need to innovate, improve productivity, and boost efficiency. In the CX world, automated systems can reduce the number of repetitive tasks employees need to focus on each day, giving them more time to concentrate on critical tasks.

Automation solutions can also be the key to running a more effective company, helping you to keep track of your teams, and ensure they’re supported in a hybrid environment. Perhaps most importantly of all, the right tools can significantly enhance the experience of your employees, leading to better engagement and satisfaction. 64% of companies are actively planning on building automations designed to improve the employee experience.

The question is, where do you start with your automation investments? While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, our list of the top CX automation and productivity reviews for 2022 could give you some much-needed inspiration.

Freshworks: Freshsales

Freshworks is one of the better-known companies in the world enabling modern teams to get more done with digital technology. For sales, marketing, and service professionals, Freshworks CRM provides a comprehensive suite of critical tools for tracking customer experiences and enhancing interactions. The Freshsales solution is specially designed for boosting sales interactions.

With Freshsales, companies can automate a host of different processes, from assigning specific opportunities to agents with the right skills, to notifying team members about follow-ups. There’s even access to AI-powered predictive content scoring and complete sales sequences.

In our Freshsales review, we’ll introduce you to how the Freshworks CRM sales cloud can transform your team’s productivity, and give you some handy insights into your target audience too. During the course of our review, we’ll cover all the features you can expect from Freshworks, including custom dashboards and reporting, automatic profile enrichment, and auditing logs.

Salesforce Einstein

There are few people in the CX world today who haven’t heard of Salesforce. The world’s most popular CRM technology, Salesforce helps brands from all environments track their relationships with clients and unlock new opportunities for data analytics. Salesforce Einstein is the custom AI solution for Salesforce customers, created to automate aspects of data analytics.

Einstein automatically collects critical information about sales, prospects, and leads, throughout the customer journey, so team members can make better decisions about next-best actions based on previous conversations. There’s access to custom automations for your sales team’s workflows, and automatic lead scoring.

In our Salesforce Einstein review, we’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at the kind of crucial intelligence you and your team can gather with Salesforce AI. Our Salesforce Einstein review is packed full of information about the benefits and features Salesforce’s intelligent assistant can offer. If you want more intelligent sales, this could be the review for you.

Enghouse Interactive Contact Centre for Helpdesk

The Enghouse Interactive Contact Centre for helpdesk offering is one of the more unique products to hit the CX market in recent years. The technology is specially designed to help managers keep track customer interactions and employee processes in an increasingly hybrid landscape.

With Enghouse technology, business users will be able to create automatic screen pop-ups, to provide agents with valuable information about customers from records whenever they answer a call. You can access employee tracking tools to keep a closer eye on your employees’ performance over time and use automated VIP routing to ensure priority customers reach the right agents.

With our Enghouse Interactive contact centre for helpdesk review, you’ll learn how Enghouse can give you and your team a more immersive and collaborative environment for building amazing customer experiences. We cover all of the features in the Enghouse Interactive environment, designed to give you better insights and a 360-degree view of the customer journey.

Freshdesk Omnichannel Suite

Another innovative solution for CX and automation offered by the Freshworks ecosystem, Freshdesk is committed to providing modern, hybrid teams, with an all-in-one environment. Freshdesk is an ecosystem for omnichannel agents where they can track conversations with customers, manage interactions, and generate incredible outcomes.

The Omnichannel suite from Freshdesk automatically combines a range of conversations from different channels into one shared inbox, so your agents can see discussions from email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other platforms in one space. The technology also comes with knowledgebase access, collaboration tools, and advanced agent routing systems.

During our review of the Freshdesk omnichannel suite, we cover all of the features you can expect to discover with this intelligent technology, including workflow automations which you can customise to suit the unique needs of your employees. You’ll even learn about the contact centre features Freshdesk has to offer, and discover what kind of benefits you can leverage when you have access to a complete omnichannel suite.

NICE Real-Time Speech Analytics

The more information you have to help you understand your target audience, the easier it is to leverage opportunities for conversions and customer loyalty. NICE, with it’s unique Real-time speech analytics technology, helps companies to automatically gather insights with a solution which can read between the lines in your discussions.

The real-time speech analytics technology works alongside post-call analytics to identify trends, categorize calls automatically, and discover the reasons behind various issues. Real-time analytics also provides companies with access to useful information which can help to shape better call outcomes in real-time.

With our NICE Real-time speech analytics review, you can learn all about the features this AI speech solution has to offer, from intelligent real-time decisioning engines to instant alerts for supervisors. The speech analytics solution can even track mistakes made by agents, and potential opportunities where supervisors can step in to fix a problem.


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