Most Popular Helpdesk Reviews to Read in 2022

Helpdesk technology to explore in 2022

Most Popular Helpdesk Reviews to Read in 2022
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Published: August 11, 2022

Rebekah Carter

Helpdesk technology provides companies with the tools they need to organise customer communications, streamline service, and deliver exceptional support. The right helpdesk technology not only delivers quick results to customers, but it can also make your employees more efficient too.

A good helpdesk solution can bring countless interactions across different channels into a shared interview, improving the flow of information for service agents. What’s more, it helps you to keep on top of service requests, so customer needs are never overlooked.

The trouble is, with so many helpdesk offerings on the market today, it can be difficult to determine which solution is best for your needs. Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the most popular helpdesk and helpdesk related reviews from CX Today, to help guide your purchasing decisions.

1. Zoho Desk

An omnichannel solution for customer support, Zoho Desk promises a convenient environment where team members can track discussions with customers, and manage exceptional customer service. This all-in-one ecosystem is perfect for not only upgrading your customer support strategy, but also empowering employees with valuable knowledgebase guidance and FAQs.

The Zoho Desk solution combines artificial intelligence with agent productivity tools and workflow automation, so you can get the most out of your workforce, even in the hybrid world. The system integrates with existing tools like Microsoft Teams and Trello, and collects information from website, chat, email, and phone conversations.

In our Zoho Desk review, you can learn everything you need to know about one of the most popular context-aware helpdesks on the market. We also cover some of the biggest benefits of this powerful tool.

2. HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot is a little different to some of the helpdesk solutions you might find on the market today. The company offers a range of “Hub” solutions for your technology stack, which focus on areas like sales, marketing, and service. With the Service hub, you’ll be able to access a range of valuable tools for upgrading customer service, including helpdesk technology.

The HubSpot service hub is packed full of useful capabilities, from the ability to build an advanced knowledgebase with its own search function, to live chat tools. There’s a team email inbox, and team management tools for keeping productivity levels high. You can also collect useful information from customers through surveys and polls.

With this HubSpot Service review, you’ll discover all of the most powerful features of the Service Hub, from agent organization to reporting dashboards. Keep in mind, you’ll also get access to HubSpot’s CRM technology for free.

3. Genesys DX

While Genesys DX may not brand itself as an official helpdesk solution, many of the features offered by the “digital experience” solution are the same as you’d expect from any leading helpdesk. The solution provides an always-on environment where team members can track all forms of communication in the same place, from SMS to live chat and email.

There’s a comprehensive knowledgebase, where you can access centralised insights for your agents, and deliver self-service support to customers. AI assistants are included to provide reps with guidance and support when dealing with customer service strategies, and you can even set up plans for predictive and proactive outreach.

In our Genesys DX review, you’ll learn how you can use this powerful omnichannel platform for a range of helpdesk requirements. There’s even AI solutions for automatic translation, extensive reporting tools, and chat/voice bots with conversational understanding capabilities.

4. Zendesk Service

Zendesk Service is another example of a helpdesk and customer support tool blended into one environment. Zendesk is one of the better-known companies in the customer experience landscape, and it’s “Service” product aims to assist both employees and customers at the same time. The ecosystem comes with all the tools you’d expect from a leading helpdesk.

There’s a unified inbox, with omnichannel customer service tracking, and access to a comprehensive knowledgebase, for finding solutions to common problems. You can manage and respond to customer conversations in the same place, and use collaboration tools to bring teams closer together. There’s also built-in intelligence systems and routing options.

This Zendesk Service review will tell you everything you need to know about using the technology to empower your helpdesk strategy. You can even align insights into your target audience to create in-depth profiles, and unlock amazing reporting features.

5. Intercom Conversational Support

The Intercom Conversational Support funnel is a valuable addition to the wider Intercom environment of helpdesk functionality and customer service tools. The ecosystem makes it easier to create a powerful, intelligent environment where team members can share information, create chatbots for self-service, and even access guidance on how to support clients.

Intercom’s full starter kit will give you access to a range of tools ideal for the helpdesk environment too. You can access FAQ publishing tools and no-code technology frameworks for efficient automated workflows. There are content showcase integrations, and instant document sharing too.

In our Intercom Conversational Support review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about bringing conversational tools into the helpdesk environment to improve both customer and agent experience. The technology is efficient, easy to use, and ideal for cutting-edge companies.

6. Freshworks FreshSales

Freshworks is one of the market leaders in the CRM environment today, and a powerful provider of CX solutions, including helpdesk technology. The Freshworks FreshSales product is generally advertised as a CRM solution for sales professionals, but it can act as a helpdesk too, with multiple features found in other helpdesk environments.

For instance, Freshworks FreshSales mobile has a comprehensive task management environment, and a unified inbox for tracking important customer service conversations and tickets. There are push notifications and reminders to keep team members on the right track, and key metric tracking tools.

With our Freshworks FreshSales mobile review, you’ll get an insight into how you can use your Freshworks technology to provide your team members with more helpdesk and CRM solutions when they’re on the move.



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