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Published: March 1, 2024

Rhys Fisher

From copilots and automation to Zoom’s CCaaS boom, here are some extracts from our most popular news stories over the last seven days.

Salesforce Launches Einstein Copilot – Promising Unheralded Data Integration

Salesforce has announced that its Einstein Copilot is now available in beta, with the CRM giant guaranteeing unique data integration for its users.

The Einstein Copilot will be grounded within a company’s data and metadata, providing the virtual assistant with a deep knowledge and understanding of business and customer relationships.

This information is contextualized against “trusted business data” from Salesforce’s Data Cloud, enabling the Einstein Copilot to provide more personalized and informed responses.

The combination of Salesforce and user data will allow the assistant to respond to inquiries, generate and summarize information, create fresh material, understand complex discussions, and automate tasks – all with adherence to strict data governance.

Reflecting on the announcement, Marc Benioff, Chair & CEO of Salesforce, commented:

Our new Einstein Copilot brings together an amazing intuitive interface for interacting with AI, world-class AI models, and, above all, deep integration of the data and metadata needed to benefit from AI.

“Einstein Copilot is the only copilot with the ability to truly understand what is going on with your customer relationships.”

Despite the level of access/use of data enjoyed by the Copilot, Salesforce has made a point of reassuring any companies who may have data protection concerns.

The platform promises “trusted AI interactions” through the inclusion of the Einstein Trust Layer within the Einstein 1 Edition package that houses the Copilot. (Read on…).

Alorica Partners with Automation Anywhere to Boost AI Capabilities

Alorica has partnered with Automation Anywhere to expand and enhance its customer experience offerings with GenAI-powered intelligent automation.

Through the collaboration, Alorica will leverage Automation Anywhere’s Intelligent Automation Platform to build innovations that will improve its response times and deliver more tailored interactions across multiple channels.

The Magic Quadrant leading customer service BPO provider believes that implementing these GenAI solutions will also significantly advance the employee experience.

Such innovation will cross many industries, assisting Alorica employees in numerous tasks, such as improving efficiency, personalization, simplicity, and satisfaction.

Following the announcement, Harry Folloder, Chief Digital Officer at Alorica, commented:

This is a huge step toward advancing our business transformation strategy for clients, enabling brands to win more effectively with their customers with less effort in the long run.

“Our vision is to expand the adoption of our GenAI solutions across the CXM industry to significantly increase CX employee satisfaction while gaining customer trust and loyalty.” (Read on…).

Playvox Launches Its WFM Solution on the Five9 CX Marketplace

Playvox’s full Workforce Management (WFM) solution is now available on the Five9 CX Marketplace.

By adding its WFM solution to the marketplace, businesses across all industries may integrate Playvox’s technology with the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center.

Playvox’s WFM solution uses AI to make forecasting, planning, intraday planning, and employee scheduling “easier, more accurate, and far less time-consuming”.

Daniel Pagel, CEO of Playvox, commented on the new partnership with Five9, stating:

Playvox is proud to align with Five9 to bring its full suite of solutions, including its award-winning Workforce Management (WFM) solution to its shared and new customers.

“Companies like Chime, Rothy’s, and the Pan Foundation are already taking advantage of our innovative technologies. Now, this partnership allows them to access these solutions from the Five9 integrated marketplace.”

The Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center is a Gartner Magic Quadrant CCaaS platform that offers customers native workforce engagement management (WEM) capabilities.

However, some customers may still choose to leverage a solution such as Playvox for WFM for various reasons. For instance, a global enterprise may leverage different CCaaS platforms and wish to centralize staff management. A third-party solution, like Playvox, will allow them to do so. (Read on…).

Zoom Contact Center Licenses Triple as Its CCaaS Business Surges

Zoom experienced a CCaaS boom last quarter, with contact center licenses growing by 300 percent.

Sharing the news during an earnings call, Kelly Steckelberg, CFO at Zoom, said:

In Q4, we saw traction in our emerging products, including a nearly 3x increase in Zoom Contact Center licenses as we not only added a significant number of new customers but also expanded average deal size.

Zoom gave several examples of those deal expansions, including large enterprises such as Broadcom, a global infrastructure tech leader, and the Community Financial Credit Union, a full-service financial cooperative.

Alongside CCaaS, the former also lifted the Zoom Virtual Agent while the financial institution has embraced Zoom’s single enterprise communications platform concept.

Eric Yuan, Founder and CEO of Zoom, credited such expansions into CCaaS with the success of Zoom Phone – which has over seven million users.

“We’re training all those Zoom Phone specialists to also become Zoom Contact Center specialists, furthering our internal net sales capacity,” he said. (Read on…).


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