Big CX Updates 2024: Insights from Leading Customer Experience Innovators

Learn from customer experience tech leaders and visionaries as they share their ambitions, objectives, and roadmaps

Big CX Updates 2024 Insights from Leading Customer Experience Innovators
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Published: July 1, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

From CCaaS and CRM to conversational AI and analytics, innovation within the customer experience space is surging.

Advances in various forms of AI – most notably large language models (LLMs) – have proved the catalyst, pushing the market forward.

Stalwarts within each subset of CX, including prominent providers like 8×8, Assembly AI, and Five9, are at the heart of that push.

However, less familiar brands are also proving visionary, using both AI innovation and a keen market understanding to increase their presence within the space.

In CX Today’s CX Updates 2024 series, we interview a mix of these leaders and visionaries to get ahead of the customer experience tech curve.

Here is a taster of what to expect.

2024: The Year of Big Thinking

In 2023, generative AI (GenAI) was the new shiny toy for customer experience vendors to play with.

As they played, these providers replaced many NLP-based tools with GenAI-powered apps to make existing AI use cases more accessible and cost-efficient.

For instance, CCaaS vendors leveraged the tech to build new apps to track customer intent, measure customer sentiment, and automate contact summarizations.

Yet, now the long-hanging fruit has been picked, tech providers are starting to think bigger while re-engineering many of those initial use cases to optimize the results.

Five9 CTO Jonathan Rosenberg tells this story and shares how Five9 is “thinking bigger” while ensuring customers are following the best path for them. (Watch the video!).

Meanwhile, evaluagent showcases its vision by introducing a Predictive Net Promoter Score (xNPS), a novel GenAI use case that challenges conventional, often-flawed NPS surveys. (Watch the video!).

However, not all the videos focus on AI. For instance, AudioCodes shares how it has developed an omnichannel contact center on Microsoft Teams. (Watch the video!).

In addition, Avaya discusses how it hopes to help its customers innovate without disruption by renaming its hallmark contact center platforms. (Watch the video!).

From there, many more fascinating stories emerge, including how Assembly AI is delivering “next-gen” speech AI models and how ULAP is saving businesses from expenditure on unused SaaS apps.

These are, however, just some examples from the CX Updates series that shed light on how the participating tech providers strive to shake up the customer experience space.

Watch All Our Big CX Updates Now!

Follow the link for our full CX Updates 2024 series and skim a selection of videos from some of the best and brightest brands in customer experience tech.

A flood of C-suite execs feature, with each excited to talk about what they have available to customers, what’s on their roadmap, and why you should be interested.

Moreover, by flicking through the sessions, you can keep up with the latest CX innovations, spot trends, and — perhaps most significantly — isolate customer experience enhancement opportunities.

So, there’s no time like the present to check out our videos, learn from CX visionaries, and open the door to the customer experiences of tomorrow.

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