Most Popular CX Reviews with Video Solutions in 2022

Video CX solutions to check out this year

Most Popular CX Reviews with Video Solutions in 2022
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Published: April 25, 2022

Rebekah Carter

In the age of omnichannel communications, video is quickly emerging as one of the most important tools for connecting with your target audience. More immersive, authentic, and contextual than voice or text, video can take customer experience strategies to the next level. What’s more, video can also play a part in virtually all aspects of the customer journey.

Today’s business leaders know if they want to stay ahead of the curve with their CX strategy, they need to invest in a comprehensive range of ways to engage with their audience. This also means finding the right opportunities to add video to your business landscape.

To help you discover some of the best opportunities for video in the modern contact centre space, we’ve put together a list of some of our most popular reviews of CX solution with video components. Let’s dive in.

Avaya OneCloud

A comprehensive approach to the omnichannel CCaaS environment, Avaya OneCloud is a state-of-the-art ecosystem for connecting with your target audience. Avaya has a long-standing reputation as one of the leading companies for offering reliable, consistent, and innovative communication support. These characteristics definitely shine through in Avaya OneCloud.

The Avaya OneCloud CCaaS environment is specifically designed for the age of remote and hybrid work, bringing teams together wherever they are with a tool of synergized tools for voice, video, and text. The OneCloud ecosystem embraces video as a natural part of the customer service technology stack, so companies can leverage it for everything from customer success to support.

In our Avaya OneCloud review, we’ll take you on a behind-the-scenes journey through the benefits of this comprehensive CCaaS solution, offering insights into features like live monitoring and quality management, AI self-service, and in-depth reporting and analytics. Avaya OneCloud can even integrate with UCaaS tools from Avaya for an all-in-one communication system.


Rapidly gaining attention in the customer experience landscape, Thryv is a software company with a range of tools designed to help companies enhance service, sell more products, and enhance small business operations. The company caters to more than 40,000 companies in the US alone.

For businesses making the transition into a new age of customer service, Thryv offers a range of valuable tools, from customer relationship management to payment solutions. You can also access a host of omnichannel tools for communicating with customers, including web, email and video conferencing.

In our Thryv review, we look at how this software innovator can help modern brands to connect with their target audience throughout all stages of the customer journey, from the initial marketing environment, to customer education and service. You can use Thryv to create everything from onboarding and learning videos for your customers, to immersive video experiences when clients need help solving common problems. It’s a great insight into the versatility of video.

HubSpot Service Hub Review

Probably one of the better-known brands for customer relationship management, sales and marketing today, HubSpot offers companies an all-in-one ecosystem of solutions to engage and delight their audience. The HubSpot service hub is particularly valuable for companies focusing on customer experience and client support.

With HubSpot’s service hub, you can create automated customer service journeys, with intelligent, and automated workflows to suit your team needs. There’s support for branded customer portals for self-service, live chat functionality, and of course, video conferencing functionality too.

HubSpot empowers companies to use video alongside a range of other omnichannel communication options, including voice and live chat. In our HubSpot Service Hub review, we’ll look at how you can leverage the 1:1 video features to improve your relationships with customers, build powerful self-service tools, and even tap into meaningful insights with the comprehensive reporting environment.

NICE AIR and Engage

As companies continue to search for new ways to compete based on exceptional customer service, in-depth insights into your target audience have never been more important. NICE ensures you can make the most of your video and omnichannel communications with clients, collecting valuable data points to drive better interactions in the future.

NICE Engage and AIR (Advanced Interaction Recorder) work together to provide a comprehensive contact centre environment recording solution, to improve business compliance, give companies a better insight into the customer journey and more. You can access all the benefits of end-to-end encryption and automation in your recording strategy and collect more information from every channel.

In our NICE Engage and AIR review, we take a closer look at how companies can take their existing strategy for engaging customers with video to the next level, with behind-the-scenes insights into their interactions. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the features of this convenient toolkit, and how it can benefit your business.

Verint Unified Voice

Another excellent example of a company giving companies more potential to engage their customers with video, Verint provides the compelling “Unified Voice of the Customer” solution. Today’s business leaders know if they want to drive the best outcomes from their CX strategies, they need an effective way of listening to and understanding their customer.

With Verint Unified VOC, business leaders can combine insights gleaned from voice conversations in the contact centre, with information from video, SMS, and chat discussions too. By allowing you to bring video into your end-to-end view of your target audience, Verint ensures business leaders can learn more about what customers really want from service interactions.

The omnichannel insights solution makes it quick and simply to collect indirect and inferred speech feedback from cross-channel insights too. In our Verint Unified VOC review, we look at how end-to-end insights can help you to run a more effective business, and drive better satisfaction scores.



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