Most Popular Microsoft Teams Contact Centre Reviews

Popular MS Teams Contact Centre Reviews

Most Popular Microsoft Teams Contact Centre Reviews
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Published: January 10, 2022

Rebekah Carter

As demand for Microsoft Teams continues to grow throughout the communication landscape, the number of CCaaS providers offering Microsoft Teams solutions is evolving.

These days, you can find Microsoft-ready offerings from a host of top CCaaS innovators. While this means companies from all backgrounds have more choice for their contact centre, you might also struggle to find the right solution among the sea of options.

One of the best ways to ensure you’re making the right decision with your Microsoft Teams contact centre, is to check out some handy, behind-the-scenes reviews. We’ve put together this list of some of our most popular Microsoft Teams contact centre overviews, to help you make a more informed choice in the CCaaS space.

1.    8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams

An excellent Microsoft Teams contact centre solution starts with a vendor capable of helping companies leverage the full power of Microsoft Teams, combined with state-of-the-art audio and business phone technology. 8×8 offers an excellent example of how Microsoft’s partner network can help you to make the most of your Teams investment.

The 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams solution supports companies in building the ultimate hybrid environment for contact centre performance. As you’ll discover in our 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams review, the software offers native access to all the features of Microsoft Teams, and the capabilities teams need to stay productive.

8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams combines all the benefits of Teams as a flexible cloud-based solution for communications, with the benefits of a market leading communication provider like 8×8’s CCaaS service. You can check out our full review of 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams, complete with insights into features and benefits, to find out more.

2. Content Guru Storm Cloud

Content Guru’s “storm” CCaaS solution is an omnichannel contact centre offering, built for the future of customer experience. The storm ecosystem comes with all of the cutting-edge technology you’d expect from a cloud-based contact centre. You can intelligently route customer conversations to agents based on their skill level or personality.

A single unified interface also means it’s easy to track conversations with customers, and spot patterns in interactions. Advanced reporting and quality monitoring features also keep businesses from falling behind the competition. Content Guru storm also offers a direct integration with Microsoft Teams, through the storm INTEGRATE service.

The INTEGRATE offering combines Microsoft Teams functionality with all the power of storm for a full end-to-end contact centre experience. You can learn more about the storm contact centre from Content Guru in our complete review here.


NICE InContact offers a host of intelligent contact centre and CX solutions for today’s business leaders. This includes the NICE CXOne omnichannel contact centre, complete with a host of integrations, and unique features to support enhanced customer service.

CXOne has it’s own dedicated Agent integration for Microsoft Teams, which enables company-wide collaboration, and ensures faster service results. The CXOne embedded agent provides full contact centre controls, while synchronising contacts and presence information from Teams into your contact centre. You can also use the technology with CXOne Voice Connectivity for Microsoft 365, which provides carrier-grade, global voice services over a secure internet connection.

NICE CXOne’s Microsoft Teams solution also aligns with other intelligent tools from NICE, such as the AIR and Engage platform, which allows companies to collect valuable information from consumers in contact centre environments. You can read our full review here to see how AIR and Engage enables omnichannel recording across video, voice, chat, mail, and social media.

4. Genesys Cloud Contact Centre

The Genesys Cloud Contact centre is a market-leading solution for cloud-focused customer experience in the industry today. One of the factors making Genesys such a compelling offering for businesses of all sizes, is the flexibility of the platform. The Genesys cloud offers custom AI and CX solutions, a SaaS-based microservices architecture, and endless extensive integrations.

The Genesys Cloud Integration for Microsoft Teams allows Microsoft Teams to place calls in a business environment. You can even use the Microsoft Teams integration to place calls using the leading technology from Genesys.

In our comprehensive Genesys Cloud Contact Centre review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the omnichannel contact centre, including what features you can expect to integrate with your Microsoft Teams client. If you’re thinking of connecting Genesys and Microsoft Teams, start by checking out this review.

5. Enghouse Interactive Contact Centre help desk

Enghouse’s Interactive Contact Centre for helpdesks is a state-of-the-art contact centre solution, designed to integrate with a range of tools, including Microsoft Teams. This means you can access both the benefits of Enghouse’s amazing help desk, and Microsoft Team’s collaboration tools in one convenient location.

Enghouse Interactive’s contact centre helpdesk solution, with its integration for Microsoft Teams, will also provide a link to Microsoft Office, so you can access many of the productivity tools your team members are already using. The interactive helpdesk solution for the contact centre comes with full access to employee tracking tools for managers, queue creation and call distribution, skills-based intelligent routing, and real-time dashboards.

In our comprehensive review of the Enghouse Interactive contact centre for helpdesks offering, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the technology’s wide selection of features, from contact centre tools for call management, to customer journey tracking. We’ll also discuss all the benefits of using Enghouse Interactive’s technology for your business.

Microsoft Teams Contact Centres

With new partners announcing their integrations with the Microsoft Teams ecosystem all the time, from RingCentral to Landis technologies, there will likely be a number of new innovations create for Microsoft Teams in the years to come. Make sure you keep up-to-date with the reviews as they appear on CX Today, to learn more about the most popular environments for building and optimizing your Microsoft Teams strategy.


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