Alvaria Builds a Workforce Engagement Management Innovation Lab

The lab aims to “redefine the future of work”

Alvaria Horizons – The WEM Innovation Lab
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Published: April 29, 2024

Rhys Fisher

Alvaria has announced the launch of the company’s first dedicated workforce engagement management (WEM) innovation lab: Alvaria Horizons.

With a focus on researching and crafting cutting-edge technologies, Alvaria believes that its creative hub will allow the organization to build a “brighter future of work.”

The specialist in contact center infrastructure and workforce engagement software has confirmed that the Alvaria Horizons team will consist of industry veterans, strategic leaders, and design thinkers.

These professionals will combine to create new tools and solutions aimed at enhancing and sophisticating the way humans and technology collaborate.

Describing the current work culture as “living in a new reality of work, stuck with workforce tools built for yesterday,” Alvaria stops short of providing specifics about the projects that the team will be working on to modernize workforce technology.

However, the company does confirm that it is currently looking at ways to maximize the potential of customer data.

With the goal of providing a solution that allows data to be used for any “business model, need, or objective,” Alvaria outlines the importance of a unified data vision, providing businesses with the tools to transform and personalize their data, and how a more intelligent and personalized dataset could be used to empower and inform employees.

Commenting on the launch of Alvaria Horizons, Darryl Kelly – Chief Strategy Officer at Alvaria – was notably excited and optimistic about the potential of the company’s new innovation team:

“I am honored to announce the launch of Alvaria Horizons, a physical space, team, and mindset dedicated to pursuing the unimaginable, unrealistic, and undefined while rapidly bringing the best ideas that redefine the future of work to fruition.

Removing limits, thinking experimentally, and coloring outside the lines to build new technology will create the change we need to accommodate the ever-shifting workplace environment.

Aside from exploring ways to more effectively leverage data, the organization also listed the following visions and values that the Alvaria Horizons team will be striving toward:

  • People-centric
  • Curiosity and exploration
  • Continuous evolution
  • Empowering transparency
  • Responsible innovation
  • Bold leadership

But what exactly is an innovation lab, and what can we expect from Alvaria’s offering?

Innovation Labs – A Brief History

At the most basic level, an innovation lab is a dedicated space/team that is encouraged to use their creativity to come up with unconventional ideas and solutions using new technologies.

By creating an environment that is separate from and different to a professional’s usual workspace, organizations hope to cultivate an ecosystem where people aren’t afraid to fail or give unusual suggestions – all in the name of pushing boundaries and achieving technological advancements.

Having first been used in the 1940s, today, innovation labs are common practice across many of the world’s most prestigious and successful companies.

While it may be some time before any potential successes or benefits from the Alvaria Horizons program are felt, Rob Nicewicz – Partner at Abry and an Alvaria Investor – is impressed with the company’s approach to innovation:

This type of dedication to innovation is hard to come by in this industry and we’re beyond excited to watch Alvaria embark on this journey with Horizons.

“The leadership and creative solutions that will come from experimental thinking have the power to create work experiences where every employee feels recognized, connected, and equipped to navigate the challenges of the modern workplace.”

More About Alvaria

Alvaria is known as one of the top workforce engagement management software (WEM) vendors in the contact center space.

The tech firm provides global businesses with a range of WEM and scheduling optimization solutions, which include advanced features such as cross-location shift management, dynamic scheduling, and simulations for testing forecasting models.

Automated assistance solutions are also available to empower teams with effective strategies for improved customer service.

Additionally, Alvaria offers real-time and historical analytics dashboards along with reporting tools, as well as integrated solutions aimed at motivating agents and ensuring they have access to data, feedback, and coaching.

For more information about Alvaria and some of the other top WEM vendors in the sector, check out CX Today’s Top Workforce Engagement Management Software Vendors in 2024.


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