10 Incredible Talkdesk Features for CX Success

The top Talkdesk features to boost CX results

10 Incredible Talkdesk Features for CX Success - CX Today News
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Published: November 17, 2023

Rebekah Carter

The number of innovative Talkdesk features introduced to empower customer service teams and strengthen CX results has skyrocketed in the last year. Like many CCaaS leaders, Talkdesk has recognized a growing need for intuitive, advanced, and even intelligent tools in the contact center.

In recent months, Talkdesk has separated itself from the competitors in its field, with an increasing focus on the power of artificial intelligence, particularly generative AI. The company believes AI is crucial to the future of customer service, helping to reduce operating costs, increase efficiency, and deliver more personalized experiences to users.

The question is, which AI-infused and advanced Talkdesk features are most likely to drive your business towards its goals this year? Here are our behind-the-scenes insights.

The Most Impressive Talkdesk Features for CX Teams

On a broad level, Talkdesk offers companies access to a highly customizable and intuitive contact center platform designed to suit the needs of any business. Not only does Talkdesk offer affordable omnichannel solutions for small businesses, but it also offers dedicated systems for specific industries.

For instance, the Talkdesk CX Cloud and Experience Cloud can be tailored to suit the needs of financial, healthcare, and retail companies. There’s also a “FedRAMP” Talkdesk contact center available for those concerned about comprehensive compliance.

Each contact center platform comes with a slew of fantastic features worth exploring. Here are just some of our favorite Talkdesk features for contact center teams.

1. Talkdesk Workspace

Designed to empower employees in the future of work, Talkdesk Workspace is an all-in-one solution for unifying your CX applications into a single pane of glass. It allows companies to create the ideal interface for multiple different employee personas in the business.

Within the Workspace, companies can access CX cloud applications, integrations, and multi-language capabilities. The system combines interactions from multiple channels to empower agents to deliver consistent and contextual omnichannel experiences.

Plus, the workspace is accessible from any device or environment. Users can log in from a browser, install a desktop client, or even use the Talkdesk mobile app.

2. Advanced Routing Capabilities

Intelligent routing ensures customers are directed to the best possible agent for their needs. The better your routing strategy, the more efficient your agents will be, the fewer calls you’ll lose, and the happier your customers will become.

Talkdesk features a range of routing capabilities in its contact center tools, including automatic call distribution systems (ACDs) and forward-to-phone options. You can also route calls to overflow phone numbers when agents aren’t available.

The customizable IVR system on Talkdesk’s platform also gives you comprehensive control over the initial contact experience for everyone who calls your business, with end-to-end mapping options.

3. Call Monitoring and Quality Insights

Adhering to the right quality standards in the contact center isn’t just crucial for preserving your company’s reputation; it’s essential to delivering excellent customer service. Talkdesk features a range of tools designed to empower, support, and improve agent performance.

Supervisors can use built-in call monitoring tools to ensure each employee meets the right expectations. There are also call barging and whisper functions for taking over calls or providing real-time guidance to staff.

The Talkdesk “Live” dashboard also provides a real-time overview of key metrics and what’s happening in your contact center at any time. As part of its generative AI strategy, Talkdesk introduced “QM Assist,” a solution that adds AI and speech analytics tools to quality management.

These tools provide supervisors and business leaders with searchable transcripts, end-to-end automated interaction scoring, sentiment analysis tools, and more.

4. Talkdesk features for in-depth analytics

To constantly optimize customer experiences, companies need access to comprehensive data. Fortunately, Talkdesk combines generative AI and intelligent tools to give businesses an end-to-end view of all the data they need. The Talkdesk Interaction Analytics tools can capture and analyze every conversation across multiple channels, revealing trends, sentiment, and common topics.

Users can then access the insights they collect through Talkdesk features like a real-time customized dashboard and historical reporting tools. The reporting features include flexible tools for filtering, scheduling and customization.

There’s even the option to expand your insights by using built-in tools on Talkdesk to design and share surveys on any channel for insights into the voice of the customer. Plus, supervisors can instantly access updates on potential issues with real-time notifications.

5. Self-service solutions and chatbots

Self-service has become a must-have for virtually every contact center. Consumers are demanding more intuitive, simple, and personalized self-service experiences than ever before, and Talkdesk is paying attention. The company recently expanded its self-service and agent-assist tools with generative AI capabilities to further enhance CX opportunities.

The Talkdesk virtual agent can automatically respond to customer queries, collect insights, and share context with agents when passing calls to a human advisor. The Talkdesk Studio solution allows companies to access a clear view of the customer journey to create more context-driven IVR flows and frictionless self-service interactions.

You can even combine Talkdesk features for chatbot-based service with the Talkdesk Knowledge Management solution. This allows bots to rapidly search through business content and deliver articles, insights, and concise responses to customers.

6. No-code AI training tools

Speaking of self-service, Talkdesk is one of the few contact centers allowing companies to build and customize their generative AI bots without code. Not only does Talkdesk deliver intuitive automation and workspace designer tools, but it also has a bespoke AI trainer solution. This allows non-technical staff to build AI models in seconds.

Using human-in-the-loop strategies, AI Trainer from Talkdesk equips businesses with the necessary resources to build, customize, and enhance bot experiences. There’s even a comprehensive dashboard to offer insights into potential biases and hallucinations.

Users can access templates for bot creation and implement guardrails and rules based on their needs. Plus, there’s the option to customize and adapt the vocabulary of your generative AI agents with data from your company.

7. Talkdesk agent assist

It’s not just customers that benefit from interactions with intelligent bots in today’s CX world. When dealing with ever more complex workflows, agents also need a little help at times. Talkdesk features intuitive agent assist solutions specifically designed to empower your workforce.

Now infused with generative AI capabilities, the agent assist feature can automatically summarize conversations, select dispositions, improve accuracy, and reduce handling times. It can instantly help agents write thoughtful responses to customer queries and surface data.

Plus, Talkdesk Agent Assist comes with clever scripts highlighting action items and crucial topics throughout a conversation. The tool also features next-best-action guidance, real-time call transcription, interaction histories, and more.

8. Talkdesk features for workforce management

Working hand-in-hand with the innovative contact center features from Talkdesk, Talkdesk WFM combines AI and automation with intuitive user experiences. The workforce management solution can help business leaders forecast demand and organize resources accordingly.

It can generate schedule recommendations, track schedule adherence, and even provide comprehensive access to quality management and recording tools. With Talkdesk, companies can create comprehensive agent workspaces, track performance, and even deliver real-time feedback and coaching to staff members.

Plus, the workforce management tools integrate with Talkdesk’s knowledge management systems, so you can ensure all of your employees have access to the correct data.

9. Compliance and security tools

Maintaining compliance with evolving data privacy standards can be complex in today’s omnichannel customer service landscape. Fortunately, Talkdesk features a variety of tools designed to help companies minimize and mitigate risk.

The Talkdesk Guardian, for instance, is a cloud compliance application that uses AI to help contact centers protect their customers and employees. The Guardian learns from historical activity to create a baseline of user behavior and flag unexpected events. It also offers end-to-end visibility to business leaders, allowing them to monitor their remote workforce and create agent profiles.

Talkdesk also offers a fantastic self-service authentication solution designed to combat fraud. This allows companies to verify customer identities quickly and effectively or set up MFA strategies. You can also integrate the system with Talkdesk Studio (the IVR builder).

10. Talkdesk integrations and custom workflows

Finally, like many top contact center companies today, Talkdesk ensures organizations can access the integrations and additional software they need without jumping between apps. There are a range of seamless integration options for tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Shopify.

With Talkdesk’s automated workflow builder, users can connect different apps in a custom workflow that automates repetitive jobs. For instance, you can create a system that automatically updates your CRM profiles with recordings and new customer data.

There’s even the option to set up automated notifications, approval workflows, and ticketing flows throughout the contact center.

Exploring the Top Talkdesk Features for CX Teams

Talkdesk features a host of robust solutions for businesses looking to empower their evolving teams and transform customer service. Now that the company is investing more heavily in innovative technologies, like generative AI, the platform will become more intuitive.

If you plan on updating your CX strategy with intelligent tools, bots, and workflows or simply want to streamline work processes, Talkdesk could be the perfect solution.

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