Most Popular Self-Service Technology Reviews for 2022

Reviews worth checking out for self-service tech

Most Popular Self-Service Technology Reviews for 2022

Last Edited: July 14, 2022

Rebekah Carter

Demand for self-service solutions is on the rise. According to HBR, around 81% of customers say they attempt to address problems and complete tasks themselves before connecting to a human being. This is true across all industries.

As consumers grow more digitally-savvy in the age of technology transformation, they expect companies to give them more support in solving their own issues without human assistance. In fact, 90% of customers say they expect organisations to have a self-service portal.

If you’re thinking of investing in self-service solutions to help your business grow, the following reviews might help you to make some stronger decisions.

Intercom Conversational Support Funnel

The Intercom conversational support funnel is a powerful tool designed to provide companies with a more convenient way of leveraging self-service technology. Delivered with a full starter kit, they system teaches companies how to combine human interactions with proactive and self-service support, through FAQs, knowledgebase technology and more.

You’ll have full access to a range of tools to power your service strategy, including FAQ publishing systems, embedding for apps and integrations, no-code technology for creating your own chatbots and automations, and so much more. There are also tools to help you share documents and information throughout your service team.

In our Intercom Conversational Support funnel review, we look at all of the features of this self-service toolkit, and how it helps companies to deliver more of the streamlined interactions today’s consumers are looking for.

HubSpot Service Hub

More than just a self-service app, the HubSpot Service Hub is part of a versatile selection of “Hub” ecosystems for growing companies. HubSpot’s range of technology tools include everything from service desks for team members, to sales funnels and marketing kits. The Service hub focuses specifically on helping your customers, and generating better customer experiences.

With HubSpot Service Hub, companies can access a wide variety of self-service features, including intelligent chatbots with automated workflows for customer queries, and customer portals, where you can actually give your consumers access to a system for tracking the progress of tickets and issuing support requests.

In our HubSpot Service Hub review, we cover all of the powerful features you can discover within the hub, from self-service innovations like a knowledgebase and FAQ builder, to VoIP calling within the HubSpot app and contextual analytics.

Amazon Connect Voice ID

An interesting insight into one of the various elements of self-service support today’s companies are implementing into their CX strategy, Amazon Connect Voice ID unlocks the power of NLP.

The Amazon Web Service Connect Voice ID application is part of the wider Amazon Connect omnichannel contact centre. This service leverages AI and machine learning tools within AWS to provide real-time authentication for callers.

Connect Voice ID can help to eliminate the need for time-consuming and complex knowledgebase authentication in a customer service environment. You can use the technology to create easy opt-in experiences and verification processes for your customers, minimizing the number of clunky interactions in the contact centre.

Throughout our Amazon Connect Voice ID review, we discuss the various features available from this solution, including AI and machine learning speech attribution tools, as well as how you can use the system to delight your audience.

Zoho Desk

Similar to HubSpot’s Service Hub, Zoho Desk is a comprehensive toolkit full of CX features designed for the modern business. The desk provides companies with an all-in-one ecosystem, where they can develop more meaningful interactions with customers on every channel.

Combining artificial intelligence with workflow automation and agent productivity tools, Zoho Desk can transform your team. The self-service solutions make it easy to support your customers with chatbot technology, knowledgebase access, and more. You can also create user community forums, where people in your ecosystem can help eachother, and build unique automations.

In our Zoho Desk review, we’ll cover all of the features you can expect from this powerful tool, including its wide range of self-service solutions, automation elements, and analytics for tracking customer service. We also discuss some of the major benefits of using Zoho Desk for your team.

ServiceNow Digital Workflow

Self-service solutions in the modern world can support both your customers and your employees. The “Now” platform from ServiceNow helps businesses from all backgrounds to scale and transform their customer service strategies. You can discover new potential in your company with cross-enterprise workflows connecting people, functions, and systems.

Brimming with unique ways to take advantage of the benefits of automation in your workplace, the ServiceNow solution can help customers to help themselves using branded self-service portals, and intelligent bots. There are also tools for setting up self-service environments for your employees too, so they can access more of the information they need to troubleshoot issues.

Our ServiceNow Digital Workflow review covers everything you need to know about the various features of ServiceNow, including its powerful range of analytics and automation tools.

NICE Enlighten XO

Created by the experts at NICE, the Nice Enlighten XO ecosystem is a state-of-the-art platform for customer intelligence and service. This powerful solution makes it possible for companies to create enhanced self-service experiences to their clients through every stage of the customer journey. At the same time, it allows businesses to collect useful insights from each interaction.

Thanks to intelligent bots and machine learning capabilities pre-built for your company, NICE Enlighten XO can help business leaders to achieve amazing results from their CX campaigns at speed. You can create AI models with conversational flows, collect insights and training data from each interaction, and upgrade your self-service approach over time.

This behind-the-scenes NICE Enlighten XO review discusses all the benefits of the ecosystem for powering self-service strategies. We cover everything from the analytical insights you can collect, to the useful workflows business leaders can build.


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