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Published: December 1, 2023

Rebekah Carter

In August 2023, Dialpad introduced “DialpadGPT” – a powerful new LLM solution designed for business users.

The domain-specific LLM is just one in a vast collection of AI innovations that Dialpad introduced last year. It forms part of the company’s “Twelve months of AI” initiative, created to position Dialpad as an industry leader in enterprise intelligence.

As companies continue to invest in LLMs and generative AI solutions to enhance customer experiences, Dialpad is searching for ways to tailor these technologies to enterprise users. Unlike other somewhat problematic tools like ChatGPT, DialpadGPT is built to focus on security, accuracy, and user empowerment.

But what is DialpadGPT, and how exactly does it work?

What Is DialpadGPT? The Basics

DialpadGPT is a domain-specific large language model (LLM) designed to power features that automate tasks for enterprises and contact center teams. According to Dialpad, the solution took approximately five years to build, forming a crucial part of the company’s “AI-focused” journey.

In an interview with UC Today, Dialpad’s co-founder and CTO, Brian Peterson, said Dialpad knew, from day one, that AI would be crucial to business communications. Five years ago, the company started investing in an intelligent roadmap, beginning with the acquisition of TalkIQ.

Since then, Dialpad has been working on a large language model that distinguishes itself from other generic tools. The LLM offers real-time generative AI, drawing on five billion minutes of proprietary conversational data. It’s specially designed to automate tasks and improve customer service, sales, and recruitment performance.

The solution is an extension of Dialpad’s broader AI technology stack. Already, Dialpad has established itself as a leader in the AI CX environment, offering tools for natural language processing, real-time speech recognition, and semantic search. The company announced its “twelve months of AI” initiative at the start of this year. According to the company, DialpadGPT enhances or enables the various features and capabilities offered in this roadmap.

Why Did Dialpad Create DialpadGPT?

Large Language Models (LLMs) and generative AI bots are becoming increasingly commonplace in the enterprise and contact center landscapes. Tools like ChatGPT and proprietary solutions built by CCaaS vendors appear in virtually every landscape.

While Dialpad believes LLMs like ChatGPT are a powerful solution for businesses, it also acknowledges these technologies have problems. For instance, ChatGPT regularly suffers from AI hallucinations, which means it can often answer prompts with incorrect data.

At the same time, many companies embracing generative AI have encountered problems with privacy and security. Protecting and preserving data in the contact center is becoming increasingly crucial as regulations tighten. However, many generic LLMs don’t include security features tailored to enterprise use cases.

Dialpad created DialpadGPT to address these problems. The solution, designed for scalability, aims to make secure AI innovation more accessible to enterprises. It deals with security and data privacy while giving companies a tailor-made solution for business operations.

How Does DialpadGPT Work?

DialpadGPT is the first LLM to specifically target the needs of the contact center and enterprise landscape. The real-time generative AI is powered by data drawn from billions of business conversations. According to Dialpad, it will deliver a more accurate, reliable, and secure experience to businesses investing in next-gen technology.

The technology leverages Dialpad’s existing AI innovations and enhances various features in the Dialpad communications and contact center platforms. Over the years, Dialpad has developed an AI infrastructure designed to address complex and demanding use cases.

For instance, the company was the first CCaaS vendor to create an AI engine that automatically calculates CSAT scores. Dialpad also embeds a comprehensive customer intelligence platform into its contact center, allowing companies to leverage in-depth insights into sentiment and behavior.

Using Dialpad’s proprietary technology, the DialpadGPT LLM aims to help companies harness the power of AI automation and assistance at an unprecedented scale without compromising accuracy, security, or productivity.

The Features of DialpadGPT: What Can It Do?

Built specifically for business use cases, DialpadGPT offers companies out-of-the-box LLM functionality without any programming or coding knowledge requirement. The solution is designed to “speak the language” of any business and provides a host of options for customization.

Though DialpadGPT is already trained in business conversations, it offers a configurable solution to suit any industry or business model. You can infuse the technology with your business data, making delivering branded, personalized customer service easier.

Unlike other open-source solutions intended to cut business costs, DialpadGPT’s specific training minimizes the risk of inaccuracies and hallucinations.

Moreover, because it’s designed for instant scale, DialpadGPT can support every role, use case, and industry segment, according to the vendor.

Some of the core features powered by the technology include:

  • AI Recap: Intelligent summaries for every contact center and internal conversation, accompanied by AI-recommended action items.
  • AI Assist: In-the-moment live coaching with personalized context during customer calls for sales reps and service agents.
  • AI Playbooks: Easily track every employee’s adherence to scripts during sales calls with AI-powered playbooks.
  • AI CSAT: Predict accurate CSAT scores for 100% of business interactions without waiting for survey results.
  • AI Coaching hub: Rapidly track scores across different teams and create leaderboards for motivation and gamification.
  • AI Scorecards: Generate scorecards automatically for every employee following customer conversations.

The Unique Benefits of Dialpad’s LLM

Dialpad’s unique approach to AI-driven CCaaS has long helped to distinguish the company from its competitors. DialpadGPT is just another example of how the company is transforming the customer service landscape. Dialpad created the enterprise-specific solution to give companies access to a growing toolkit of AI features without common restrictions.

DialpadGPT eliminates problems like rate limits, demands for massive computing power, and high development costs. One of its core selling points is its enterprise security and privacy approach.

As contact center security and privacy regulations grow more complex, companies have already encountered significant issues with tools like ChatGPT, causing data leaks. Dialpad created its solution to minimize security issues. The solution is subject to the same security practices applied across Dialpad’s entire tech stack.

This means Dialpad ensures all of your data remains within the Dialpad network. Additionally, Dialpad maintains compliance with ISO, CSA, GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC2 standards. The system follows all compliance rules, completely anonymizes content, and even offers automatic opt-out.

Plus, companies can leverage full retention policy customization features. Moreover, since DialpadGPT was built in-house, it helps prevent confidential data from leaking across ecosystems.

Aside from contributing to exceptional security, building DialpadGPT in-house means the company can offer a smaller, more efficient, and more affordable solution to companies. The technology is included in various Dialpad packages or offered for a relatively small add-on price, such as $10 per seat. This is a lot less than users have to pay for solutions like Microsoft Copilot.

Another central selling point of DialpadGPT is its ability to offer real-time performance features with exceptional accuracy. It delivers live sentiment analysis, coaching, and script adherence, something you can’t get with ChatGPT. More importantly, Dialpad’s robust LLM data backbone helps minimize inaccuracies, hallucinations, and potential information mishaps.

What’s Next in Dialpad’s AI Journey?

DialpadGPT is the next step on the company’s journey towards a more advanced and comprehensive AI technology stack for business leaders. It can boost employee productivity, enhance customer experience, and transform workplace results.

This technology enhances, optimizes, and even empowers a slew of valuable tools in Dialpad’s toolkit, and the organization is planning to continue innovating in the years ahead. Solutions like AI Recap, AI Scorecards, and Dialpad’s Coaching Hub help distinguish Dialpad from existing vendors in the CCaaS space.

The company plans to continue experimenting with new add-ons and functionalities powered by its LLM. For instance, Dialpad is experimenting with the ability to generate follow-up emails for customers automatically based on self-service conversations. DialpadGPT could detect a call’s intent and purpose and follow up with customized email or text messages.

Since the company owns the technology, it can experiment with as many unique innovations and tools as it likes.

Is DialpadGPT Worthwhile?

So, is DialpadGPT something companies should be investing in? For those interested in LLMs, the technology is valuable. While many companies recognize generative AI’s ability to reshape business communications and customer service, adopting these tools has been complex.

Many organizations are still struggling with hurdles like limited computational power, lack of access to crucial skills, and issues with privacy and security. DialpadGPT will make the latest AI innovations readily available to enterprises and their specific needs.

There’s no coding knowledge required to leverage the technology, and businesses don’t have to worry about the hallucinations and inaccuracies common among other tools. According to Dialpad, the next wave of AI products for enterprises will be tailored, compliant, and more accurate than ever.

Dialpad has cracked the code for the development of LLMs specially suited to positively influence how customers and companies interact. DialpadGPT is now generally available to all customers (as of October 2023) and can be accessed via the Dialpad website.

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