Most Popular CCaaS Platform Reviews for 2022

Rebekah Carter

Don’t miss these helpful CCaaS platform reviews

Most Popular CCaaS Platform Reviews for 2022

CCaaS, or Contact Centre as a Service platforms, provide business leaders with an all-in-one environment for communicating with, and supporting customers in the cloud. Perfect for an unpredictable, agile, and ever-changing age of customer experience, CCaaS platforms deliver a combination of flexibility and peace of mind for modern brands.

With CCaaS, you can continue to serve your audience, even when your employees are distributed around the world. CCaaS also provides quick access to scalable tools and functionality, ranging from AI innovations to automation.

If you’re thinking of investing in your own CCaaS strategy in 2022, the best way to get started is to learn more about some of the leading services in the current marketplace. Here are some of our top CCaaS reviews to get you on the right track.

Avaya OneCloud

Offering an omnichannel, cloud-based environment for customer experience management, Avaya OneCloud is a leading contact centre solution from an innovative communications brand. Flexible and scalable to suit the needs of various companies, OneCloud can adapt to your team, and audience.

OneCloud’s CCaaS environment is also perfectly suited to the world of hybrid work, making it easier for your employees to access all the information they need to deliver exceptional customer service in one unified space. The contact centre comes with access to innovative tools like virtual assistants, and analytics infused with machine learning.

In our Avaya OneCloud review, we cover everything you need to know about this powerful contact centre, from its call recording features, to live monitoring and quality management, so you can always keep your teams on the right track. You can even integrate your Avaya OneCloud environment with a UCaaS service from Avaya too.

HubSpot Service Hub

Created by the market-leading marketing experts at HubSpot, the HubSpot Service Hub is a fantastic tool for customer engagement and support. This unique solution provides businesses with all of the standard tools you would expect for a contact centre, like VoIP calling and automated service flows, as well as a host of added extras.

HubSpot combines your contact centre environment with contextual insights enabled by an inbuilt CRM solution, as well as an extensive knowledgebase, helpdesk environment, and ticketing for your customer service agents. The HubSpot Service Hub can also integrate with various other tools in the HubSpot ecosystem for marketing and sales.

In our HubSpot Service Hub review, we’ll look at how this all-in-one solution could be the perfect digital alternative to the basic contact centre. We cover everything from the most popular features of the Service Hub to the unique benefits like intelligent self-service functionality for your more technology-savvy customers.

Content Guru Storm

The Contact Guru Storm cloud contact centre is a fantastic CCaaS solution for business leaders looking to bring their customer service strategy into the cloud. Flexible and scalable, Content Guru’s contact centre integrates with a host of third-party tools, so you can add various parts of your existing infrastructure into your contact centre mix. There’s even access to a range of intelligent routing options, to ensure the right conversations reach the correct agents.

Designed to take omnichannel customer service to the next level, Content Guru Storm comes with a variety of advanced features you might not find in other tools, such as AI agent assistants and bots, and access to workforce optimization integrations. You’ll also have a built-in CRM environment where you can collect information about your target audience.

Our Content Guru Storm review looks at all the incredible features of this powerful tool, from its easy-to-use reporting features, to its ability to integrate with secure payment systems. We also discuss how you can build on the functionality of the Storm environment by taking advantage of its flexible infrastructure.

Noble Cloud Contact Centre

Produced by Noble Systems, the Noble Contact Centre (Noble CC) is a flexible cloud-based hub for customer service, engagement, and sales. The environment comes packed with useful features ideal for the modern contact centre, including intelligent IVR solutions with touch-tone and voice command capabilities.

With Noble’s cloud contact centre, you can create a customisable environment for your flexible contact centre agents, leveraging an easy-to-use interface with an intuitive management desktop for tracking important metrics. There are even included tools for tracking real-time and historical performance data in the contact centre.

In our review of the Noble Cloud Contact Centre we look at the various features that make this service stand out from the crowd, including the in-built recording tools which digitally collect and file important calls, and extensive compliance solutions for peace of mind.

Freshdesk Omnichannel Suite

Similar to HubSpot, Freshdesk offers a digital-first approach to customer service and support in the new age of “Contact Centre as a Service”. Freshdesk’s technology helps business leaders to stay ahead of customer expectations, by creating a contact centre environment that covers everything from social media interactions to SMS.

The omnichannel suite provides access to a range of tools for aligning your internal team, and helping you to reach your target audience. For instance, you’ll have access to the Freshdesk support desk for agent routing and workflow automation, as well as the full Freshdesk contact centre, which comes with BYOC scalability in over 90 countries, AI capabilities and assistants, and end-ot-end reporting.

In our review of the Freshdesk omnichannel suite, we take a deep-dive look at one of the innovators in the IT market making their way into the new world of CCaaS. We’ll discuss features including everything from call lifecycle tracking, to live dashboards and post-call transcripts.

Twilio Flex vs Zendesk Sunshine

Struggling to choose the contact centre you want from two leading providers? Twilio Flex and Zendesk Sunshine are two extremely powerful and adaptable contact centre tools available for the modern market. These tools allow companies to not only access the basic features they need for customer support, but a range of integrations and add-ons too.

With Twilio Flex, companies get an adaptable contact centre environment capable of covering a multitude of popular communication channels. The programmable environment comes with access to automated workflows, routing rules, and a range of other unique features.

Zendesk Sunshine, on the other hand, provides a comprehensive environment for managing customer experiences, matched with a landscape where your team members can collaborate and communicate effectively over client problems. Check out our comparison guide here.


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